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  1. Mario Puyo TK 99901 A4 Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/99901-eib.png 264
  2. Sha sha, DO team and fellow troopers, Thank you very much for all the feedback! It makes me really happy to hear that I was able to obtain this achievement. Also thanks for all the feedback , I will aim for the Centurion status in the near future. once again thanks
  3. Hey Sha Sha, Don't worry, it is your first TKC so it's all good The gloves are actually made of rubber, sorry I didn't post a more in detail pic. If you need anything else let me know thanks!
  4. Good evening, Attached are the images of the TD with no gap between the clips and end caps, also I've shorten the clips in order to adjust the position of the TD with the Belt. If you need any more pictures let me know thanks
  5. Hello! ShaSha Thanks for all the feedback, I am in the process of fixing the TD clips and height. meanwhile here are the other images requested! If you need anything else let me know. Frank thanks for the support Thanks!
  6. Hello! TK99901 Requesting EIB Status, hope all the necessary pics are here if not please let me know thanks Name: Mario PuyoForum Name: IRoSLegion ID: 99901Garrison: Colombia Outpost Link to HighRes Photos: https://imgur.com/a/wzD0URX Mandatory Information Armor = ATA Helmet= ATA Blaster= N/A Lightsaber= Luke Skywalker Force Fx Optional Height = 1.66 cm Weight = 64 kg Boots = Custom made Canvas belt = Custom made Hand Plates = ATA Electronics= Aker Amp + Icom Neck Seal = Custom made Holster = N/A Armor Photos Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Right Full Left Action Photos Helmet Detail Photos Front Side Back Accessory Photos Neckseal Thermal detonator back Lightsaber
  7. it’s not only wearing my amor with pride and honor but also there’s nothing better than spreading happiness to those who need it most
  8. Hey all!~ Might be a silly question but I want to be sure, I'm trying to get EIB Status with a Stormtrooper Commander, The CRL approves the Hasbro Blaster as long as it has the correct number of T tracks, the thing is that the hasbro blaster has part of the ammo counter built in, do I have to remove this? or is it ok to leave it? *I used DoopyDoo's mod kit* For level two certification (if applicable): Folding stock is placed in the closed position. No ammo counter shall be present. D-ring mounted on the rear. Sterling based blasters have the correct M-38 or M-19 style scope. The M-19 scope is preferred. No power cylinders on the magazine housing. Scratch-built, resin cast, Hyperfirm rubber cast blasters shall have a total of 6 T-tracks on blaster (leaving the lowest row on the magazine housing side uncovered). If using the Hasbro E11 toy blaster, it is modified to have the correct number of T-tracks (6 total), with a lower row of open vent holes on the magazine housing side. This is accomplished by covering the pre-existing rows of holes with T-tracks, then grinding off the lower integrated T-track on the magazine housing side, and drilling a new row of holes in its place Any info would be greatly appreciated!! thanks
  9. TK 99901 Requesting Status http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20795
  10. Hey all!! I am trying to make a TK Commander which has a ROTJ Armour and a ANH Bucket. Just wondering if anyone has done a conversion from ANH to ROTJ or what are the main mods for a lvl 1 - 501st approval. After what I've seen, some major differences between the armours: - ABS buttons - No return edge in any body part - U shaped gasket in the borders - Join the kidney plate and back armour (have no idea how) Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks IRoS
  11. Hello!!! I've looked at the thread for the commander and have seen that many people have started this project, but not seeing any final result. Is it possible to do get a lvl 1 - 501st certified Commander with simple conversions? thanks
  12. How is this going? is it possible to get level 1 approval from an ANH armour?
  13. Hey all, just like the post above.. if anyone has the 10% off code please PM to me, I will return favor
  14. Great!! Thanks for all the responses!!! I've been looking around and I still don't know where to cut, I read that the elbow part shouldn't be cut. Just wondering if the image I posted is the right way to cut or should I cut the elbow and wrist and remove the flat ridges?
  15. Hi, this is my first build, I got an ATA kit and I've cut the forearms leaving 8mm on each side for the 16mm cover strip. I don't know if the forearms are supposed to feel this big (and add some padding) or should I trim some more? Any info is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  16. Hey! I ordered the hasbro blaster conversion kit from doopydoos website on october and got an email stating that the package was dispatched, it still hasn't arrived yet, I live in Colombia, south america. I have sent a couple emails to them and have gotten no response. does it take that long for international shipping? or what do you guys suggest I do? Thanks beforehand IRoS
  17. Great! thanks for all the feedback!! will try to square off the teeth... I've been trying to get the humbrol paint, but it's been quite hard to get them here in Colombia, are these and testors the only paints used?? will upload progress pics soon
  18. Hi, I'm trying to open the first outpost in Colombia, I finally got the ATA Helmet kit yesterday! this is what i have so far, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  19. Thanks all for the good advice!!
  20. Hey Everyone!!, I Just joined, and noticed that there isn't a Garrison, Outpost or any signs of life from de 501's here in Colombia (except for a post in the forums in 2008) So I'm thinking of getting something started here. I've looked at the "getting started" threads and got an overall idea of how things work, but I still need some guidance on how to build my first TK. My height is 170cm (5'7) and my wight is aprox 67 Kg (148 lb), I want to start out with a ANH TK and maybe turn into a TD later on. I was thinking of going AP or ATA but I'm not sure if I might be too short for the average TK kits, so any advice on which one would fit me better is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! IRoS
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