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  1. I work at circuit city. Red Circuit City Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes, Clean Haircuts.
  2. ok, that is a cool find!
  3. Yeah but unlike Jar-Jar, Ziro is probably dead.
  4. I can't stand Jar-Jar, but while watching the movie i can honestly say there isn't a main character, an Important Character or anyone notable enough to have a repeat appearance in this release that is as annoying as Jar Jar.
  5. So, does this mean we're gonna have TK Bike Cops? lets see... Big Funny Helmet - Check. White and Black Padded Bike Shirt - Check. Very Short pair of White and Black Padded Bike Shorts - Check. Standard Issue TK Utility Belt - Check Deathstar Approved Bicycle - Check. Ready for Patrol!
  6. Thats pretty cool, and IMO a cool way to recycle an old Helmet. A While back someone did something like this but with a TB Helmet. Personally I don't think it gets any better than the Tie Fighter Desk/Computer Mod. I've seen a few good ones though, here is the link. http://www.dayofthejedi.com/articles/2008/03/custom.html But i think that helmet would look pretty sweet on this one of a kind Han Solo Carbonite Desk!
  7. It's a good thing you apologized or else Me and my FX armor would have to settle this the American Way. On Jerry Springer, With Little People dressed as Jawas.
  8. I Seriously cannot stand shows like Dr Phil, Maybe it's just me, but the idea of going on television to air my dirty laundry just isn't my kind of thing... Like honestly, and i'm not married btw, but if i was, and my wife said "Honey, you have a problem if we don't go on Dr Phil, I'm leaving you." My exact response would be, "So you think going on a national television show with a live audience to have a tabloid super star tear apart my psyche and actually expect him to help fix our problem as opposed to say, going to someone like Dr. Phil but not on television and in private where confidentiality is secure so we don't have to worry about being talked about behind our backs in public places and get funny looks??" The only thing that separates Dr Phil from Jerry Springer is a Stripper Pole and a bald guy named Steve.
  9. Best Wishes and Thoughts to your wife and yourself.
  10. Sadly i don't think the guy was in on it, looking at the collection he has, and how much time and effort was spent on the display and collection, i'd say he's a guy that knows the value of his goods and totally would not be cool with that.
  11. Ten Things not to mess with and why, Writen by Me. 1. Collectables, be they baseball cards or Star Wars, that pointless cheap looking object could very well buy you that ring, so don't destroy it. 2. The Car, it may look like crap but we'll still insist it's a diamond in the rough. 3. Our Hobbies, if you wreck that we'll make you miserable through sheer boredom. 4. The Computer, yeah we spend a lot of time on it but if you took it away, that "me time" you were planning on having? yeah... kiss it goodbye. 5. The Tools, ok i know i bought the table saw last year and still have not used it yet, but i've got plans! 6. My Stormtrooper Armor, just don't even THINK about it. 7. Our Ratty Looking Clothes, ok so the jeans are starting to wear a hole in the crotch and the image on the shirt is faded and sports holes in places like the arm pit and belly, Throwing that stuff away is like us throwing away your old purse, it looks and smells funny, but damn it's got memories. 8. The TV, because you'll miss oprah and dr. phil too... 9. The Bathroom, i don't know about you, but i don't want to "go" in some place that makes me feel like i'm using Jane Austen's bathroom... and whats with that potpourri doll?!?! 10. Our Friends, ok so their obnoxious, so that one guy always clogs the toilet, so that guy always makes a pass at your friends, you're the one who said i needed to bond more with your father.
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