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  1. Requesting 501st access TK-88881 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17594
  2. Hi Ron, first off don't panic bud! They seem fitted perfectly, no worries on the right one its minimal... If you are not happy you could always re-do it... Thanks to E-6000 I would love to see a picture a little bit further to get an overall look, and the back as well. Personally mine were doing the same thing when i fit tested them, but for some reason now they are just fine... So i would suggest to continue with the build, if you feel they are too tight in the bottom you could always make larger cover strip in the back to give you more space inside. (For your info mines are tight but not too much) If it still does that after, you could use some foam inside to prevent them to twist, usually people seem to put the foam at the top of the shin. As for the shin poping out, im not sure why they are doing this, too loose or too tight? I've seen some using a snap on both "pullers" of the boot (those little black loop in the front and back of the boot) and the other part of the snap inside the shin. Hope that helps... Martin Edit: Looking good on the shoulders and biceps, but try to take a look in the Expert Infantry and Centurion request pictures and try to post pictures that resemble those, it will make easier for us to see how they are fitting.
  3. Valentine's day is near guys, don't forget that day because even when women say she doesn't care it totally means the opposite! Well, my wife is into Star Wars as much as i do so i thought of an original gift this year (i'm not the type to offer flowers and chocolate). What i did is i bought some cheap earings at dollorama and remove the hooks out of them, drilled a small hole with dremel tool into those Lego Stormtrooper heads and put the hooks in and bingo! I'm pretty sure she will be surprised and very happy with those! Hurry up 3 days to go!
  4. Trooper not done yet... But here's my sons Jawa progress
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the nice comments! Its coming along nicely, i am almost done, a few tweaks here and there on the fitting, i should be done in a few days, i'm doing a Jawa costume for my son at the same time
  6. That's some very nice and clean work Peter! Good luck with your approval! You don't need any luck here, that's a check in the box already but i'm just being polite! haha!
  7. Here is the link for Pandatrooper ATA helmet build, and good luck! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/14806-how-to-assembling-ata-abs-helmet-1
  8. If you are very skinny, thighs and biceps might be the biggest challenge, I suggest buying another helmet though... The one that come with this kit is in 3 pieces, the ears are a big problem as well... Check out my build http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25853-big-brown-box-has-arrived/ I am 5'10" 180 pds... Just keep in mind it is a big kit that will need a lot of fitting... Other than that I highly recommend it, it's nice and very glossy and cheap... Good luck
  9. What Locitus said! For the button plates, this is how they should look like: I am a bit concerned about your shins, if you are aiming for Centurion or EI, the back must be constructed using the butt joint and cover strip method, overlap is not allowed... And they seem to be closing more to the right than the middle? Yours: What it should look like: (make sure they close facing inside) Right leg: (Closing facing inside) <--- Hope that helps...
  10. Already saw them on IG, very nice, inspiring!
  11. Welcome aboard, what kind of armor is that?
  12. Thanks Eric! Just finished the paint on my helmet. My biggest advice to newcomers that are reading this, if you want to use trooperbay's template or any other template, fine, but make sure it is properly stuck to the surface with no air bubbles and then use a good amount of paint, not too much but enough that you just have to do one pass, as soon as your done, remove the sticker immediately, don't let it dry! Otherwise get ready to do some cleaning around the design... Here's the results: Make sure to give it a white coat first: Front view: Right Side: Left side: Rear view:
  13. Yup! haha! So here's the final result of the neckseal, again thanks for the idea and detailed photos on your build Peter! At first i wanted to make it velcro closing but zipper is way better Finally received my rivets from Echo so i fixed the knee ammo pack: I've started to cut some 1,5 x 1,5 inch square for the snaps but i paused that... Really considering doing a harness like Pandatrooper... I'll sleep on that so more to follow tomorrow... And like i said in a previous post, i re-used an inside liner of an old atv helmet to put inside this one. I've stick some velcro on top of the liner and inside the helmet so it doesn't move and put two pieces of foam on both side to make it more tight inside so i don't look like a bobblehead when i move my head. It works like a charm, really comfy, i love it, on the plus side, it can be removed and washed in a washing machine! (a picture is worth a thousand words)
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