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  1. No need I just thought it was funny that you thought the pics were taken somewhere cool like the RS Props workshop when in fact it was my mundane kitchen
  2. Those pictures aren't from RS they were taken in my kitchen LOL
  3. Elastic - Just contact the seller he may still have some left but just hasn't listed it just now. I bought from him twice over the last 3 years. What do you need to know about the nuts and bolts? The sizes should either be in the pictures I gave to Mathias or in my notes. They aren't anything special they are just standard metric nuts and bolts that cost pennies. Looking at my notes they have a 5mm bolt head the bolts are countersunk slotted heads. The bolts are 7mm long (that might be 7mm protruding through the plastic - sorry notes were taken years ago so some of it isn't exactly fresh in my memory) and the nut across the flats is 5.13mm. The bolts are steel. I would think M3 in size but double check yourself before buying. Just check at a local hardware store and you will get what you need.
  4. The helmet straps can be seen in the eFX screen used helmet here -
  5. Hi Mathias, Don't forget the helmet straps 25mm black 14 cord elastic with one side having a size 5 nickel cap and size 4 nickel socket. The other strap has two size 4 stud / eyelet. If you or anyone else has any questions feel free to give me a shout and hopefully I can help out.
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