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  1. Man Charles everytime i see pics of yours ugh, can't wait for the Anovos kit to come so i can get working on my Deathtrooper and guess what you are helping
  2. That is an Arsenal Models E-11 full resin kit. Arsenal Models usually has a booth at Dragon*Con, selling all kinds of stuff. Most of their products are nice but as stated all resin, and may be recast i don't know about that. I do have their catalog however which you have to send them an email on their website to get the catalog of all their items. Their E-11 according to their catalog is $75 full resin, but as i said i have no knowledge if its recast or not.
  3. TK 12358 Requesting 501st Access! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16095 Thanks!
  4. LoL i had a friend send me a text asking if i could go do this for her, unfortunately i was already at work and the deadline at that time was in two hours. LoL awesome someone else did this though!
  5. Just as i come to near completion on my Gonk Droid build my TK Kit arrives! Thanks to Zaptrooper! I acquired a Cap-W Kit from him still on a waiting list for ATA, but i really wanted to have this for D*Con this year so I will probably just make the ATA a TD when it comes later this year. His deal seemed to be a great one so i couldn't pass it up. I got the Hasbro blaster will try and have a Droopydoos kit to modify it but for now i felt like painting it and adding a slight weather to it. Have an Aker Voice amp and iComm which are just flat out awesome! I have ordered a black full body unitard with from a discount dance store for $35 after a few discounts thanks to the sister. Neck seal and a white shoulder pauldron from trooperbay, the pauldron is for something special im thinking of doing for this years D*Con but if i dont end up doing it i'll save it for a TD. All i have left to get are some gloves and a holster, but i am thinking of making the holster myself we will see. I may document the build with my cameras not sure yet we will see. Been reading a lot on the forums here and there have been some great advice to other people starting out. I will be using that advice myself!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  7. Hi everyone! After a few years now of Pre-Armor Vader and talking with many members of the 501st at Dragon*Con over the past years, I've decided to finally look into building a Trooper out of my self. Currently I am making a Gonk Power Droid for this years Dragon*Con havn't seen many of them above all i want to be a trooper particularly a desert trooper. And there is a lot of great info here for a beginner trooper can't wait for the adventure to begin! Looking forward to chatting with many of you!
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