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  1. Hey! Do you guys use a sealer/finish to protect the paint from scratches etc?
  2. Ok. So I just placed the order for armor and helmet
  3. As it is PVC does it need to be all painted white?
  4. Alright. I've already primed my blaster with a grey primer. And used gloss black on the grip. Gonna mask everything except barrel now and use hammerite on that. Continue with satin black on everything else. And then conntinue with very little drybrushing.
  5. Thanks. So it is "only" Hammerite on the main body "barrel" But should like a Satin black be used before the Hammerite?
  6. Hammerite Hammered Finish Spray Is made for metal to stop rust. But i'm thinking to use it on my Modified Hasbro to get the "Hammered" look on everything except the grip, trigger, t-tracks, hengstler? Dunno if it would work thou, as it is not made of metal. Anyone else know or maybe even tried it?
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to share some pics of my Hasbro conversion. The sound and LED is intact. Left to do: add folding stock and painting. Kit includes: Hasbro E-11 Blaster Doopydoo Hasbro kit Other changes: Grinded original flash cover and added more accurate Added Cocking lever Grinded down original end cap clip and added a more accurate Grinded original rail and added Alu rail Grinded original sight and added a more accurate with pin Grinded original front screws and added real Added real screws on Hengstler on the side and top Grinded down the trigger to make it more accurate Grinded an extra hole on the right barrel side for the flash cover Grinded more holes on left barrel side plus bayonet lug + lots of grinding and putty for misstakes Pics: http://media.spiderpig.se/#!album-6
  8. Hey there, I got a almost complete modified Hasbro E-11 with this kit. My dog thought the Folding Stock was a toy and... well... ain't much left of it. Except for buying the Hasbro kit from DoopyDoo's again. Is there anyone else selling this part standalone? I'm also looking for a Bayonet Lug, End Cap Clip Channel and Cocking Lever. Best regards Andy
  9. Ever dreamed about having the Original "unaltered" trilogi on DVD or HD, with restored picture and audio? Well... check this out! http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/Harmys-STAR-WARS-Despecialized-Edition-HD-REMASTERED-v21-AVCHD-is-now-out/topic/12713/ http://www.geekinheels.com/2012/02/28/cool-tool-tuesdays-harmys-star-wars-despecialized-editions.html Documentary about the project - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHfLX_TMduY
  10. I'm about 134lbs (61kg) and 5.7ft (173cm). Been looking into ATA, AP and TM/C. They all have a reasonable price range. TM and RS is a little over my budget. Then again, the costs might rise if customs take em. As the other three makers are located in NA. Anywho... If you guys take a look at my weight and height. Would you recommend any over the other?
  11. I have the intention buying a complete TK-kit soon. I already have the eFX helmet in my possession thou. And wonder if it's worth modify it? Or buy a complete kit (armor and helmet) from same maker. And sell the eFX helmet?
  12. Been working on this for weeks. I have no rush, not that handy and find new things to change all the time. A pipe kit would be so much easier. But as I got the blaster for free. I'm gonna make my best, till i'm done or it breaks. Changes: Rail removed Scope, cylinder and hengstler removed Sanded down the front sight New trigger T-track removed, and made holes Next big thing is maybe to replace the pipe. I don't know if I dare to do it thou. Probably will Could maybe try extend it, hmm...
  13. Early x-mas eh? How's the build process going along?
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