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  1. I completely disagree. The ability to cancel my order before it shipped was the main factor in deciding to order. This armor is unknown. Quality wise and accuracy wise. I would much rather have the ability to cancel before it's shipped to me than have to go through the hassle of trying to sell it on my own. if it's crap, then selling it will be an issue for sure. Changing the policy this late in the game is not right in any way. That being said, I don't expect this armor to be crap but there is always that possibility. I ordered late Tier one to have the chance to see peoples reaction and have time to cancel. so yeah, I'm a little put out by this but not enough to cancel now.
  2. I received a shipping notice from Anovos today. but it is NOT for the TK kit. it's for the standard line FO TK Helmet. Verified via order number. I would imagine this other guy has one of these on order as well.
  3. Since I haven't received a shipping notification for my FO bucket, I'm guessing I am unlucky as far as a pre Christmas delivery is concerned. That's ok. really looking forward to it. I have a pending move so I just hope my OT TK kit and FO bucket get to me before mid January!
  4. I would think it's not pre attached. too many differences in waist size to be sure it would be centered on the trooper
  5. I think it would be fantastic if they change it on the next run and every run going forward. or just not build it. But wouldn't be a hugh deal if they did not.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has an Anovos Discount code that they aren't planning on using and wouldn't mind me using it. Please PM me if you do. thanks!
  7. perfect sense. I have mine velcroed where the spat comes together and if seems pretty good. I havent attaced the "latch" yet. wasn't sure if I should add more velcro on the "latch" where it meets the spat.
  8. so how was it attached before you added the snap? is the latch greeble glued to one side of the spat opening?
  9. anyone familiar with armor from Asahi Costumes?
  10. I;m on your initial boot run. Please add in a pair of small gloves. thanks!
  11. Think this glue will work on the Anovos stock gaskets?
  12. I think the first one I used was around 1200psi then I moved up to a 3500 one which has held fast for going on two years now.
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