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  1. looks great! inventive solution for the hero lenses! paintjob is awesome...
  2. I know how that is... we have the same issues with details on R2-D2 at the R2 Builder's club... details can vary so much from scene to scene and there are many "screen accurate" ways to go on such details!
  3. Looks like the round part of the ears are a bit too thick in my opinion. seems they stick out too far past the black rubber trim and could use some more cutting down to thin them a bit. Otherwise this bucket is amazing!!!! UPDATE: looking at the new hope bucket in the photo reference gallery it looks like your ears may actually be spot on after all. hmmm.)
  4. Fantastic Tantive IV recreation! really fantastic work here... and your new RS bucket is fantastic! Your suit looks like it came right out of the Lucasfilm archives!
  5. Congrats on Approval! Job well done and a great set of Armor!
  6. absolutely stunning! I would have thought your bucket was the real thing! great photography!
  7. great idea on the knee guard! looks like a great fit! will look into that myself!
  8. I agree with everyone else, this helmet looks fantastic! great work!
  9. teeth look really good. I find that painting the frown also changes the look of the teeth a little bit so if you are happy with your cuts then leave it.. you can always take more out later and touchup the painted frown. great job!
  10. Yes, the lopsided asymmetry is what gives the look its character but it also reads better to the human eye since even the human face is not perfectly symmetrical in the sense that each side of the face isnt an exact mirror copy of the other side. So your mind's eye looks at Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and Boba Fett and the helmet is aesthetically pleasing to the eye! It "seems perfect" but its the imperfections that make it look correct to the human eye. That is what went wrong with many of the licensed products in that they cleaned it up too much and made everything perfect and even all the w
  11. cool! thanks for the tip on the motor cycle helmet liner. was thinking about something along those lines or what you find inside a baseball helmet.
  12. The symbols on the side are a representation of the original Hovi mark which is HOVI-MIX Pa2 as for placement someone with more knowledge will need to chime in but I don't believe the alignment matters so much but I would probably put them above or below to hide the mark although its mostly unnoticeable once placed anyway. Great build by the way! thinking about getting on that long waiting list for the ATA myself.
  13. build progress looks great! Your pics and questions will help guide my build! bookmarked and thanks!
  14. bookmarked your build thread. very helpful info and fantastic pics! look forward to following this.
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