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  1. I have made a ESB update with the MR CE.New ears,lenses,black nose and noseholes,new tubesstripes...and I like this helmet:
  2. I would update the nose,too.The original ESB nose looks not like the stock one of the efx helmet.I have build a complete ESB Mod of this helmet:
  3. I used the same grey on my MR CE ESB Mod,too.I think the grey is the same.
  4. Thanks...no,they are not trimmed.I bought a pair of screenaccurate ones and used them for the helmet.
  5. Thats what I´ve done...but I think it´s the maximum now.
  6. I´m 5.91 feet and 242 pounds and in a modded FX.But the legs are a little bit tight...hehe.Any ideas? ------------
  7. Hi guys...here is my MR CE ESB Mod....I know the helmet can never be screenaccurate..hehe...but I like the idealized design..have 2 other more screenaccurte ANH-Trooperhelmets,too.. :wink: : ---------- I updated all the other stuff,too...new ears,tube stripes,new lenses and padded it complete in the inside. I think for a ANH the noseholes are too much wrong,because they are curved to the inside.You can better cover this mistake of the MR CE/EFX with the black nose of the ESB-Look: -----------
  8. Wow....awesome Stuff,Stefan...very accurate.;-)
  9. Awesome..I think the best armor for bodybuilders like me!!! I need one,fast please...
  10. Beastman is making his armor out of orange and red ABS..
  11. Haha..yes..and Skeletor is wearing a black Trooperarmor. Thanks,man.
  12. Thanks guys...yes it was a hard work to put my muscels into the armor. About the details:Yes,the undersuit is not perfekt..its cotton.And about the butt..yes,but my legs are massive..so there is not enough space between my legs.I could cut it or set the armor a little bit higher?
  13. Yes...I´m happy with it. I cutted the FX Chest in a better shape,but the form of the chest is to long.So I changed it complete.
  14. So..here is my ANH-Hero-FX-Armor with weathered Rubiesblaster. I changed some parts and updated some. The Armor has a -new chestplate -new backplate -new Herohelmet all parts made in the exact same ABS like my Armor..you can see it on the flashpics I cutted the legs and the handplates in the right form and updated the Rubiesblaster with the Kit and painted it. I´m a bodybuilder..so the arms and legs are a little bit "pumped"... I hope you like it... And some under flashlight: and my blaster:
  15. hi guys..I got a ´helmetkit today,but I dont know how I can put the parts together.Is there any instruction here or in the net,to look? I´ve nothing found here.Please help.The Kit is a Hero from VT.
  16. @tuskentrooper:Good update...but I think the whitematch is not good.Right?I think you need to paint the complete suit,because the ROTJ helmet and armor are the same white.
  17. Hi Guys.. Content removed, WTB armor and helmet threads are not allowed.
  18. Oh,Stefan..its not hard to find me...hehe...i use the same username all over the world! Great helmet and armor...but my Vader is sweeter than yours!
  19. New ROTJ-helmet,chest not so high,buttons in the right way..: Le voila..a ROTJ-Toursuit: Sorry,I have no photoshop..only paint!
  20. Thanks guys. @Amish Trooper:Muscletrooper..yeahhh..haha..but what do you think about the forearms?I cannot move me perfect in it.
  21. So..now here is my herotrooper.I used an FX-armor but I cutted the chest and the legs in better shape,to make it more screenaccurate.The helmet is a MR LE and the blaster an updated Hasbro..:
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