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  1. hi guys, is been a while.. i have been busy with my pirate world any way.. i finished the blaster today// there you go: I found some capacitors in a shop in London i grab 9 of them ( expensive though ) thanks for all the help! cheers
  2. i do believe they cut them and they are really short.. probably is holding no more than 6 blanks i think that picture of the exibition is probably NOT an SUblaster but is a great repro, probably they got acces to the original and took the measures from that one an by the way have you ever noticed this?: i just saw it today .. Where is the Scope? ill cut mine .. short. pictures soon. ta
  3. thanks I did read that blog ... just i want to have more options before ill do the cutting.. cheers guys.
  4. any help guys, how to cut a magazine to the proper size? i need to cut mine 34rds cheers !
  5. thanks. I havent decided yet which version ill make.. ive got a M38 and a m40 so ,i cant make the "han version" as hes using the m19 this is fun !.. i always wanted a E11, and I`ve got the "resin plastic tube version pvc ".. yesterday on the RPF somebody was selling a sterling, and i thought..OK is time to get one ! i bought one here in UK , is gonna arrive tomorrow ( wait ,, is tuesday here ) .. i mean today! after some search i found 4 scopes around the world ( 2 in uk ) even i found this moring a M19, but sold for $250 , i thought mmm the m19 looks better in han/luke blasters..so i didnt buy it - which -im -regretting- that -so much !! any way.. ill post some picture of the gun, and then all the progress ( ill take my time , slow slow is the way to get screen accurate things.) cheers !
  6. i think looks like they removed the 2 capacitors and left just the top one "in"
  7. Hi everybody, im new here ( few members from the RPF push me to join you ) i just bought a real esterling and im on the process to mod it. i spent almost all day reading all this info, and id like to say thanks so much!! amazing research guys.well done i learned so much. cheers !
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