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  1. Here are photos from DRG's Star Wars Reads Day in Albuquerque.
  2. Sorry I've been gone for a bit. Balloon Fiesta is keeping me super super busy. I'll post pics when it's over. Jenny, the AT-ST Driver goes by Lor. I believe the TK is Joe, but it's hard to tell. *edit* I just checked to see who was there that day. Joe was the only other TK besides me, and I know it's not me so it must be him. It looks like an ESB trooper, but it's hard to tell.
  3. That's great. Lady in White, I never realized wearing your armor too long would do that to you!
  4. So the Goop appears to be doing very well. I tested it out on scraps first and I don't see any detrimental affects to my armor anywhere. It is not completely dry yet but so far it appears to have a very good strong hold. I will warn as from what I've read and how it appears so far, Goop is very very permanent. I'll have to troop with my suit for a while to learn how well it really holds together. This particular part that I'm gluing has come unglued twice so far when using E-6000 so I'll see how the Goop holds up to the stresses that will be placed upon it.
  5. Welcome Michael. I look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  6. If I had the money I would buy one for my fiance' to wear, although I'd want it to say "My Husband is a Stormtrooper" so she could continue wearing it after we get married.
  7. I did not realize I could melt my armor with E6000. I will keep that in mind.
  8. Welcome Gordon, and good luck on your build.
  9. Thank you for all your advice. I've been spending my spare time trying to clean up my suit. I used a Wet Ones wipe on the inside of my suit a little and it worked really well. Is it safe to do so? I don't think it will cause any harm but I figure it is better to ask now than keep using them and find out I've destroyed my suit. I've thought about letting my armor wear and look beat up like the movies, but someone talked about 501st memebers being used in movies or commercials and that they had to have very clean shiny suits so I figured I'd try to make mine film worthy by sacrificing a little accuracy keeping it polished. This question is a little off topic, but is it safe to use Goop to glue ABS armor? Someone in my local garrison said he liked it was better than E6000 but reading the warnings it said not to use it with polystyrene. I looked it up on the Internet and found one instance where someone said Goop melted his armor. I was hoping to get some guidance on this.
  10. How's it going Eric and Aaron? Any updates? Anything I can help you with?
  11. They posted this in the local 501st forum the other day. The event runs from the 6th of October through the 14th. GENERAL INFORMATION · This is a high profile event with lots of photo-ops and media. The AIBF is recognized as the most photographed events in the world. Everybody has a camera and you will be in hundreds of pictures. In addition, local and national media are present. · We will have fair but not unlimited number of entry passes and parking permits. We will issue them for each event and collect them before we leave so we have them for the next event. · We will meet at the west end of the Target parking lot at Paseo del Norte and I-25, consolidate people and bins into as few vehicles as possible and car pool onto the Balloon Fiesta grounds. · As such, space will be at a premium. If you have a smaller travel bin, please bring it instead of your large bin. We usually try to have a variety of vehicles including trucks, etc. so you might not actually be in the same vehicle with your bin. TROOPER INFORMATION · This is a CANON TROOP. 501st Legion or Rebel Legion Approved Costumes ONLY. If you have a Legion costume you want to wear, please apply for approval NOW. · No blasters, guns, etc. Light Sabers for Vader/Jedi are ok. The AIBF is strict about this so TAKE YOUR BLASTERS OUT OF YOUR BINS before you come to the Fiesta. You don't want to accidentally put it on out of habit. (Brotherhalo is attempting to get an okay with weapons, but don't count on it.) · For the morning troops, we will be changing in the Balloon Fiesta parking lot before dawn. Expect it to be cold and dark. Plan on bringing your winter UnderArmor (or two sets of regular weight). A flashlight or camping lantern in your bin might help. · On the other hand, the evening troops can be warm so be ready to be flexible. While we dress while it's still light out, we will be undressing after dark so again the lanterns and flashlights are helpful. · There is an individual trooping thread for signing up to troop and will have details for meeting time and place. · When we are moving from one point to another (like parking lot to the field) we should not stop for pictures. Politely tell them to come to the field. If we stop for one picture, many more will follow. · Vader Trooping: Things change when we have a Vader in the mix . From a bad experience in '08 with David being mobbed and better experience in '09 with Frank, we have a plan. We will need at least two assertive and patient handlers for Vader. Vader will need to stand with his back to the trailer or something else. One handler will stay right with Vader while the other manages the line and cues the next excited fan for a picture. Once the line is established, it goes pretty well. Information for Out of Towners By all means start planning lodging arrangements if you haven't already! If we go with the usual arrangements, Benoit will be here for the entire Fiesta and will participate in all morning events plus the two Special Shape Glodeos (October 6 & 7) and he will inflate for each event weather permitting. By tradition, we want to be there every time he is. So that is ELEVEN EVENTS in nine days (yea!!!) Weather is a factor. Each year events are cancelled or minimized due to wind or rain. Be aware that planning to be there doesn't guarantee something happening, but when it does happen it is usually great. Lodging: There is plenty of lodging in Albuquerque compared to the old days. It's hard to say where to stay because there is so much to choose from but the town isn't that big and traffic is pretty light at 4am so don't feel the need to be right near the fiesta grounds where prices may be premium. There are some parts along Central Avenue from downtown to the fair grounds and maybe even further east where the neighborhood may not feel as safe as elsewhere. If you find a place and want to contact one us 'locals' for an opinion, that would be fine.
  12. Freckles made it to the party!!! Awesome! I'm sure Regina will make it to some troops after Precious gets her helmet fixed.
  13. I've done a lot of studying about how to build my armor, but I was wondering about how to clean it. I've had it for a few months now and it needs a good washing. Any recommendations on how to go about it? I have an ABS plastic ATA suit of armor. Also, I am planning to upgrade this to Centurion level and have made a lot of progress towards it, but as I wear it it of course shows its age and I would like to be able to polish it up to look shiny and new again. This I am not even sure where to start with. If there is previous topic that I failed to locate please feel free to direct me to it instead of trying to re-explain everything to me. Thank you.
  14. Here in New Mexico AIBF is coming up next month. I've never trooped it before but I'm hoping to this year. I hear we get 501st from all over the country, if not internationally, and I was wondering who from FISD was going to attend.
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