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  1. I'm sorry..... That is what I get for skimming the post. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22748
  2. Tye Gehring 31 Monticello, KY TK-57130 Hello everyone! So glad to get my approval from the 501st last night. I can't wait to meet and troop with some of you. It's very exciting stuff... I am sure most of you already know that feeling. Is there any way I could get my profile updated to see the rest of the forum?
  3. Please add me for 501st access. Tk-57130 Tye Gehring Midsouth Garrison Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I work for a school system. As you know, school starts soon (tomorrow for us). Being in the IT Dept. we have been crazy busy. draggonhammer, I saw your message on facebook but was way tired, thought my response my have been really out there. I plan on hitting you up though, I would love to see how yours is coming along. Hopefully in the near future I will get some time to update this.
  5. Yeah, I want to just make a mold to vacuum form with. Not making the actual chest piece... just the mold.
  6. Just some updates. The armor that it is compared to is an FX recast, it has already had some cutting done. For instance, the neck has been cut lower to allow movement. The sides on my mold seem a bit longer. In the comparable pictures my piece looks like it was made for someone 100lbs. I have since spread it out and am in the process of fiberglassing it in place.
  7. I will check it out. I used Dung0beetles because I saw many comments about how great the scaling was. I was want to brace the mold so the curves are close before I add a second and maybe even a 3rd coat of fiberglass. I want these molds to be as correct as possible, and also last a while. I am super excited though, so far it's looking good.
  8. I am just looking for something to give a reference on the curve. Not so much the size, but if there is a tape measure showing, I can photoshop the curve a bit better, make that piece out of cardboard, then fiberglass.
  9. Okay, i have this baby fiberglassed. Now what I need to do is see some certain proportions. What I need: The Chest Plate facing up. Lay down on a table or whatever. With pictures, a tape measure measuring the bottom from point to point. I need pictures directly from the bottom of the piece, where the "holes" for the shoulders are, and where the "neck hole" would be. This will help me determine the curve of the chest plate. If anyone has a link they could share with reference? Or, maybe some pictures helping me out. This would be very greatly appreciated. Most of the reference pictures I have found show the plate on the Storm Troopers themselves. Since I am making these molds, I want to make sure the curve is very correct. Thanks in advance.
  10. touche.. I guess I was just thinking along the lines of keeping it once piece as the finished product. Was trying to keep any lines down that wouldn't normally be there
  11. Cross my fingers, but so far everything fits really well. Once I get the back plate fiberglassed (tonight) I may cut the round piece out and the boxes out. Make my own out of something perfectly round and square. then fiberglass them into place. Seems like it will be a tough spot to get those looking good otherwise. Any ideas?
  12. Yeah it did, I went ahead and started fiberglassing the chest last night with the mat. Much more stiff now. When I get the fiberglass work done I will update my progress. Hopefully tomorrow there will be picks up? Thanks for the response walt.
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