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  1. I downloaded the files to print, and am so glad there's instructions up. Now I have to find a schematic/parts list for the electronics, if anyone has these or something similar, I'd appreciate it.
  2. I just got one of these, too. I love having a lock on it.
  3. Just got my operating number, I'm now TB9349. I'm getting started on my ANH trooper armor now, so be prepared for many frquent & foolish question. Can't wait to start trooping! Nine year old's fantasies now being realized, decades later. Better late than never!
  4. I have the TK boots, but want the CA just for the shiny.
  5. I used pieces of an old web belt I riveted in for strength, then I can glue the plastic bridge in front and leave it floating in back as well.
  6. That's the same kit I just got. I've been working all day yesterday and today, but it doesn't look like I got much done. I started with the biceps. I figured I could line the bottoms up, and wouldn't worry about the top not lining up as it's under the shoulder bell. The forearms I lined up at the wrist, but it's way off at the top. For the front/back seam at the shoulder, I cut my old Army BDU belt and riveted it in so it's strong. I'll cover the rivets with the plastic piece and leave it floating in the back. I like how all the strapping was pre-cut and velcro sewn on already. I got an SC Biker Scout kit almost done, and sewing all the straps wasn't my favorite part of the build. I don't like that the straps are sewn with the fuzzy side of the velcro, though. All the armor inside will have the rough stuff facing in, not the ideal way to do it, IMHO (with all my weeks of armor building experience. ). All the cool kids are using snaps, I'll probably do that later, for now I just want to get er done. In other news, can someone point me to any FX helmet building threads? I've searched but haven't found anything yet. My full kit came with it, and I'm having issues with the front/back fitting. The ear pieces have huge gaps I'm hoping I can fix with ABS cement at the bottom, but getting the front/back pieces trimmed to line up smooth is proving to be a challenge.
  7. Mole


    Just ordered armor, waiting for the disco shoes to be in stock in my size, just need gloves/undersuit. Also mostly finished with my bikerscout, waiting on the undersuit & helmet, need to finish the boots. I'm having a hard time using the website, was looking for the tutorials but I only get the outline, there's no content/links. Is it just me? I tried sending a "help" email to the webmaster, but that doesn't work either. Are there armor tutorials anywhere else for the ANH armor build?
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