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  1. As chaskass just said, I've been in the planning of builging one with a "cheapo" dollar store "trooper-styled" blaster, and add components to it to look like a custom DLT-19. I got most of the parts, but needed an attachment method and greeblies. This topic will help me out a lot. I own a 3D printer myself as well.
  2. Just an amazing built, and I have the very same 3D files since I'm building one myself out of a PVC tutorial, hoping these files helps me out in a way. "Following this thread with great interest", as Palpatine would quote in Episode 1. ;-) Where did you get the files for the F-11 (First Order Trooper blaster) file from? Please PM me if necessary. Looks really nice.
  3. Great video. Thanks for making this, as a refresher for a lot of members like me, that we've joined for a reason, and we did in a similar fashion. Now, where's the "LIKE" button for this post here..?
  4. I'm looking for accurate T-Tracks for the ribbing on my PVC E-11 blaster I'm about to start, and also to replace some ribs on my Hyperfirm Fett ROTJ blaster. Any info will be really appreciated.
  5. Holy smokes! This is starting to look great, and it's just a few parts done so far.
  6. Hey guys, what's Tony's situation so far? I was looking around the forum, and I ran accross this old topic, which is sad and sorry to hear. Tony, my best wishes for a good recovery. I hope you're doing OK by now.
  7. Busy with so many projects.

  8. Nice collection of lids. Thanks for the photos.


  9. Thanks for the great reply. Right now, I've done just a quick walk from one room to the living room with just the calf armor and the boots on... and believe me, I didn't like the way it was feeling like (cutting/scraping the back of my knees... OUCH! ). I will go and cut probably the back of the calf AND the thighs for better comfort and able to walk around.
  10. Awesome job there, Panda. Now I have a question... did you made the cuts on the back of both the shin and thigh armor so they don't pinch you behind the knees? Any pics showing how are yours done (if you did)? I've already started my AM armor assembly, actually almost done and trying to have it ANH "almost" screen accurate... but I didn't see this thread before starting..... DAMN! Now to start all over again. <_<
  11. has not set his status

  12. Well....when I've meant about HAWAII/Honolulu....I was talking and meaning....about....well.......(accomplishment)..... YOU. COUGH-COUGH!....Ahum....eEEAAghhgh-ahum.....sorry, something got in my throat....ahem.... . . . . . . . . . . And outside the funny and silly comments,... I actually mean that; to have a nice body by next Labor Day Weekend. I promise.
  13. As I replied to you in another forum, my brother: AUGIRI, e BUON NUOVO ANNO, mio fratello italiano.....AUGURI TUTTI! (Translation: "Congratulations -in the Italian culture-, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, my italian brother.....CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!".) What will be my resolution(s) for the next year? Hmm, let's see.... Start getting in shape before D*C (just see the "300" guys for example, I'll be doing the same process and methods as they do)....bottom line and hint...."BEACH BODY"! Complete ON TIME the projects I have pending and in progress: Italian SNOWTROOPER costume build; complete my Boba Fett v.3; and the Robocop's "OCP POLICE" costume GROUP project (helmet and vest ready for a RUN before Dragon*Con). Save $$$ for ALL the events that are coming THIS year (SW-WMMI Huntsville, AL; CELEBRATION V; Dragon*Con '10). Upgrade my SCOUT costume and have it ready for CV Now, what is/are your resolution(s)??? In an outside note, and BTW after reading the previous post....I wish I was in HAWAII.
  14. Wonderful work, Brian. Please add me to the list for an authographed book. Thanks for doing this. PM sent.
  15. Hi guys, Robert here, mostly known as "DarthVader1" in most of the SW and 501st forums around. Mostly Boba Fett, but my TK armor was my very SECOND costume, giving me opportunities Ive never got before. Just got out of the military, and currently living in Phenix City, Alabama, but just a jump away from the border with Georgia (Columbus). Not so new to the forums, and much less to the 501st. I am joining in, since my TK armor has no alterations of any kind, and it's PURE WHITE (which I prefer to keep it that way). Also looking forward for tips and hints of altering the assembling method and make some adjustments to my armor. Someday, I will be using it for a parade....maybe. -Robert
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