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  1. lol so this E11 is basically just a mess. thats ok, it was a bargain. and I can easily upgrade it.
  2. That post is a load of help. Thanks Tom.
  3. Alright, thanks everyone. I'll look into fixing it up, and replacing the holster eventually too.
  4. I bought a finished TD this week for a great price, and I want to know more about it. being a bit of a noob, I can't readily identify the armor on my own. I know I have some of the stuff on wrong here, I am still working out how the previous owner had things positioned.
  5. I'm working on an ESB TK, and recently had a the amazing luck of picking up a finished TD which looks very nice. It came with an E11 and holster (odd, because TD's didn't have holsters) and I think they will work for TK, which would be great. Does this look right?
  6. I will third that! As noob, I will proudly paint low ranks and upgrade as the forum decides fit. Tell me who to pester about a ranking system! I was hoping there would already be one in place, it would be really great.
  7. What are the different ranks determined on the ear of the helmet and how do you decide which you are? It would seem a little presumptuous of a noobie like me to go and paint on some high rank, but I had never heard of the rank on the ear until reading the helmet threads. How should I determine my own?
  8. My friend is looking into a Darth Vader costume from AR and I wasn't sure if there costumes are 501st acceptable. He wants the Deluxe Vader, and the pictue looks nice but I don't personall know. Anyone have an idea? :vader1:
  9. Looks like novus is the way to go once I'm finished! Thanks alot guys, tons of help!
  10. I noticed in some of the build threads that some guys polish there armor before putting it all together. Is this recommendable? Also, when it does come time to get things nice and polished up, what are the more preferable polishes? And while on the subject, my friend just got his new gunner helmet. since we are both working together on this, I'll go ahead ask: Is the better polish for my AP armor equally good for his helmet? don't see the point in both of us spending on polish one of us can buy and share. Thanks! John
  11. I can't wait to order these myself!
  12. Love this thread! I am just beginning my first armor kit, so I haven't any pics to post, but I have seen what happens when you get overweight troops going around. Rebels every where see them getting slack, and there's a riot before you can say "Death Star". I'm at healthy weight but the whole 'muscle to fat' ratio is in need of some hard work, so I'll keep supporting you guys and working on myself too!
  13. Hey there, it was brought to my attention that an accurate ESB trooper is gonna need silk gloves as opposed to the ANH rubber gloves. Any opinions on where and what to buy would be great, just looking for the community's thoughts, since I haven't seen anything about that before.
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