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TIP: Boots poppin out of the shin pieces-my fix


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Well I had my first troop in my fantastic new troopersupplies TK boots, with one unforeseen issue.

Unlike my Caboots, my new TK boots had a little problem. If i bent my knee forward enough, the back of the boot would force the shin pieces to ride up until **POP** out the back they came. Once that happened the shin piece was impossible to shove down and back over the boot tops.


So...I devised this easy fix and it works like a charm. Onto the existing pull loops on the boot, I attached small D-rings. Attached to the d-rings I placed a short length of 1" elastic with a snap. Then I simply attached a snap to the inside of the shin in the right spot, and bam, problem solved.


When I place the shin piece around my calf I simply reach in and snap the elastic strap. Now when I bend my knee forward the shin piece is gently held in check and the back of the boot never reaches the bottom edge of the shin piece.


For whatever reason this never happened with my Caboots, probably because the leather is so darn nice and supple on my new boots.


Hope this helps if anyone has the same issue (although I've never heard of this before!)







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