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Let's Learn Aurebesh!


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I started posting these on the FISD Discord server and thought I might share them here on the forum as well. Discord makes sharing images really easy since you don't need to host them, but I can just throw these on imgur about as easy.  But I digress.




Lesson 1: a phrase most are likely familiar with.


L, O, and N are very easy in Aurebesh, since they're so similar to English. L and N are backwards and O is a round triangle.


G is laying on it's side.


V is a Y in Aurebesh.


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Another phrase that should be familiar, as we see it fairly often in Legion. We also see "FISD" in Aurebesh somewhat often.  The bottom word is only one letter off.


T is upside down in Aurebesh. It's a down arrow basically.


I is a 1.


S is used often. It's an arrow pointing down to the right.


F is upside down and slightly stylized.




More tomorrow. :salute:

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Okay, that's a huge point in Garmin's favor. I've been on the fence for which smartwatch to get... I'm a big G-shock fan.


anyways, today's stuff!




This one is both super easy and also has a little substance. E is the star of the show today, along with MY PERSONAL BLASTER. Yeah, it's the CRL blaster and I'm very proud. :laugh1: 


If you know the company that makes this blaster, you can easily read the logo lettering. It shows the B and H. B is super close to the English version and H just has the side pipes pointed the wrong way.


We got the I as a 1 again. And the down-right-arrow S a few times.



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One more today. A short word but a fun one.


We got the B above. Next to it is a U which looks a lot like both itself and the aurebesh G.  P is a pain (and not present above) because it's a backwards aurebesh U.


C has the 3 lines. That's one I just memorized. You see it often enough and it's a very unique letter in the aurebesh.

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This one should be pretty easy. C is for....


3 lines next to each other are an H if they're the same length. Offset like this is a C.


The two Ms together sorta look like an English M.

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