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Sell on eBay?


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Hi Everyone, 


I’m looking for assistance on the best outlet / platform to sell a kit that I bought a few years ago. Unfortunately I don’t know the origins of the armor. I bought it from a local member of the 501st with the intentions of turning it into a Sandtrooper. Because of the complexity of this build and little time for this project, I was hoping to sell the kit, boots, and some random accessories I ordered. I considered selling on eBay - the armor for maybe 100$ and the boots (Imperial boots size 7.5) for 50$ (never been worn). Because I’m not a member, I can’t access the trade/sell forum, but what do you guys think as far as platform and price? 

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Hi Carrie you can't access the sales sections until you have a minimum of 5 posts on this forum.


In regards to price, really what ever you can get for it, the armor has discoloured quite a lot, using some Ret0bright may help bring it back to the original color, no guarantees but it worked on my 10 year old helmet that yellowed on the cap. It could also be used for a Death (zombie) trooper as they get a lot of weathering.


You could try advertising it though your local garrison, you can find them here


I hope you have success with the sale



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