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Wombats Rogue One Build Thread

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So after been inspired by many build Threads BigJasonis and Klamorr decided to take the plunge for a Printed R1 ST....


Never used Fusion 360 before - so thought I would start with R1 Thermal Detonator. A steep learning curve, a number of hours...many YT videos, and completed my first fusion 360 design. Now off to print.....

Matts Thermal Detonator.jpg

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Nice work for only just learning.


Just for accuracy's sake, the raised ridges look a touch narrow on the control panel.


Inner curve is a little large on the control panel, but those are being really picky ;) 

comparison image



Wish I could design that well, keep up the great work

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9 hours ago, Wombat said:

Updated.. now to print...


Great work on the updates, and very timely too :D 






Looking forward to seeing the print complete


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After following BigJasoni R1 build thread - i did end up buying the R1 Akira design. However, was not happy with the TD, hence the redesign. I also saw the comments regarding the bulbous look of the Greaves. So decided to learn a bit more and start from scratch designing them in fusion 360 from the ref photos. Still need to do the back of the boot, but happy with the progress so far.

Greave Small.jpg

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Just note as I found recently the coverstrips on the rear are not centered, not in the CRL as yet but may be in the future. Shin coverstrp is hard up against the outer ridge. Thigh there is a small gap between coverstrip and thigh lower ridge ;) 





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