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How big do the kits go on average?


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5 minutes ago, TD-4395 said:

Since you can't have any gaps or extra side plates on the middle parts . How roomy is it in the armor? Does it allow for a gut? 

You can have extra side plates (shims) there are quite a few threads on the subject.


AM would fit the larger stomach but you may still need to add side shims ;) Build areas normally have the armor initials in the title


Perhaps read through some of the AM build threads, would give you an idea on sizing  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/80-anh-build-threads/



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Sorry I should have looked at the forum sub menu.


Unfortunately there aren't than many Rebel builds (only 5 approved in the legion) but reading the CRL you should still be able to add shims to the sides.


From some of the builds they do look to fit the bigger guy, although some helmets look a little small like in the CRL image



A nice comparison about the helmet sizes here

You could also reach out to Walt (WTF) on facebook in regards to sizing ;) 

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