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ATT all full detachment memebrs. TLJ/TroS CRL amendments and Polls are live


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Hi all


Please head on over to the Detachment only general discussions section of our forums where we have set up a series of TLJ/Tros CRL additions and changes to our current CRL.

With each poll is a brief to explain what the addition or change is, but there is also a thread where 2 years of discussion took place getting us to the point we are now at.

Of course with some of the new proposed additions there will be a need to update some images in the CRL and possibly even the main CRL model which will come under discussion after the Polls close in 2 weeks.


You can find the original discussion thread which contains images and research HERE



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An update has been made to these Polls, the addition on Poll 7. to include the correct clip greeblies across Biceps, Thighs, Shins and Spats.

We already have the inclusion of the correct TLJ greeblies in the Helmet poll so I have simply set up one additional poll to cover the greeblies across the rest of the parts.

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