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Helotech's SE-14R Build


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Did minor weathering with graphite powder on some raised areas. Basically simulating repeated drawing from a holster and a TK's gloved hands wearing the grip and manipulating the safety.

It is hard to capture the shiny bits in the pictures. I also burnished some internal grooved areas on the right hand side for more visual interest.


Next is a clear coat. I may do it flat rather than satin so I can have the grip panels contrasting the main body. I also just remembered I need to find appropriate screws...











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Happy Friday!


It's amazing. I have very organized hardware storage bins filled with every conceivable kind of screw, nut and bolt. Yet I don't have anything to fit the grips and scope rings.:angry:

So, off to the Home Depot and I found some pretty cool screws. These are nylon "pan-head" screws with common (not Robertson or Phillips) heads. Exactly what I needed.

They are a bit long, but that is the beauty of the nylon material. Easy to snip to size. ;)


Once snipped, I will rough the screw heads with sandpaper, then prime. After they are screwed / glued into place, a quick dab with black paint and you got Uncle Bob.

I'll be gluing and clamping the grip panels down as they are very slightly bowed.






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