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Reconstructed Newsletters from archival threads


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All missing Newsletters we could find have been reconstructed and reside in the one thread



Content extracted from old planning thread in 2010


Greetings Troops!


There is quite a lot going on in FISD!


Costume Reference Library

The 501st Legion CRL project is almost complete for the ANH costumes, and we're just waiting on the final word from the LMO to take them live. Once that it done, the ESB and Heavy Weapons Trooper CRL's should be live about a week after that, and we anticipate the ROTJ Stormtrooper CRL being live before the end of August. With only the Stormtrooper Commander and Incinerator Trooper costumes left, we're on track to get all of our CRL's done this quarter. A huge thanks to the Imperial Propaganda Machine who has been hard at work getting these together.



There are also a bunch of polls for detachment members to vote on this month:


1) OPEN BINDING POLL: Lightsabers and TK's



2) OPEN BINDING POLL: SE-14R on which costumes






4) OPEN BINDING POLL : Splitting the ANH EIB criteria in two



We should also note that via unanimous vote, the EIB requirements for Heavy Weapons Troopers no longer the E-11 as a qualifying weapon.



EIB Program

We've only added two Expert Infantryman since last month. If you are close to achieving this standard, please feel free to ask for any help in getting the final details completed. While EIB status doesn't entitle you to additional privileges in the Legion, it does entitle you to the purchase an EIB-only gold coin and rocker tabs. Alas not a cure for 'armor bites', but at least they're good ways to show a little pride in your accomplishment. Let's face it - our kit gets banged up a bit over time. As long as you're repairing it, why not hit EIB along the way? The standards are surprisingly easy to get - check it out!




Celebration News

Brian (tkrestonva) and Dan (Debater2nd) have been hard at work creating the white armor costume panel for C5. I'm also working on having an FISD photo shoot at the convention as well, and anticipate more details soon.


There will also be an official FISD photo shoot at C5 immediately following the Legion photograph - more details of which will appear in the next issue so watch this space if you are going to C5.



With unquestioned loyalty,


Paul "Daetrin"





Patches Galore!

As of today, all FISD patches are once again available for ordering: FISD standard patches, EIB rocker tabs, and beret flashes. This is the last chance to get them before con season and once closed they'll not be offered again until the fall.



As a reminder - FISD decals are also available as well.



As are the final 24 EIB only Gold Challenge Coins


Edited by Daetrin


Alright troops, FISD trading cards are a go.


The FISD is proud to announce that ordering is currently underway for FISD trading cards. These cards are open to all Legion approved stormtroopers and the FISD propaganda team will do all the photo editing work for you to make your card look spectacular. Legion stormtroopers can find the trading card area here: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showforum=60, for all the non Legion stormtroopers access is restricted.


Prices are as follows and does not include shipping and fees:

1000 cards - $31.00

2500 cards - $52.00

5000 cards - $67.50


And to preview the FISD trading cards check out the links.




There is time to get your cards delivered before Dragon Con and CV, but don't wait order now.


I’m happy to report that there have been no serious cases of misbehavior on the boards over the past couple of months – thank you! That’s not to say we haven’t had a few vigorous debates – the AP vs TM thread comes to mind - but we are as a group are both knowledgeable and passionate about stormtroopers, and such debate is healthy and to be encouraged. As the DL said in that very thread, it allows new facts to come to light. As long as we remain respectful of the forum and each other, we can only profit from such debates. I’ve also noticed a drop in the number of WTB armor/helmet threads on the open forums – again, thank you. You make my job boring – and as any combat soldier, beat cop, EMT, etc. who has seen plenty of action will tell you, boring is good.


On a different note, I’m very much looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Celebration 5 next month in Orlando. The Communications Officer and I are working on an FISD armor presentation that will showcase what you all have done, and how good your costumes really are. I’d love to see as many white armor-wearing FISD members present as possible – the only thing more impressive than a stormtrooper is lots of stormtroopers. The more, the better!


Again, thank you for being the great bunch you are, and making my job not only easy, but a pleasure.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Brian "tkrestonva"




For Imperial Eyes Only


Intelligence Officer status report


Greetings troopers, looks like it's been a busy month on the FISD! On the intelligence front, several areas have been updated on the FISD Academy site. For those that haven't visited yet, the Academy site the is a great reference and resource area, and is a key starting point for the FISD Detachment especially for those that are new to the detachment, 501st Legion and specifically interested in Stormtrooper costuming, armor and assembly.


The FISD Academy site is located here

White Armor Academy site


Newly updated this month is the "Leg" section tutorials (thighs and shins). This article covers the various assembly methods for the thighs, as well as techniques and tips for attaching the battery packs to the right thigh, and knee plate to the left shin.

Leg Assembly overview


I've also been continuously working on the E-11 Blaster pages. Newly updated this month are articles on replica blasters (which covers resin cast, Sci-Fire / Hyperfirm, and Master Replicas blasters)

Replica Blasters


Also updated is an article on deactivated Sterling conversions.

Deactivated Sterling Conversions


Tips of the month


An informative thread on the sizes of various helmet makers

Helmet sizing


Having a hard time identifying which are the left and right arm parts of your "screen lineage armor"? This diagram should help:

Identifying arm armor


How to make your thigh tops have that "ANH style" look with the defined notch.

How to make your thigh tops ANH style


So you've completed your armor, but how should you stand and pose for pictures? Dmian started a great thread on "How to stand like a Stormtrooper"

How to stand like a Stormtrooper


On the Intelligence officer front, I've started another project (even though I have several others still to complete!).


As a loyal member of the FISD, I will always have TK's close to my heart, and I know our Detachment Leader Daetrin has been encouraging us to apply and increase those Expert Infantry (EIB) trooper submissions. But I decided it was time to join the dark side... and help MEPD increase their number of Deployed Troopers. :)


I have always liked the Sandtroopers and their weathered look, so in June I began my TD build! This won't just be a standard TD, I want to replicate the "Stop that Ship!" trooper that appears in Docking Bay 94. Here's the current build thread on the MEPD forums.

Stop that ship!


But don't worry faithful troopers, rest assured that FISD intelligence will remain on the FISD.


Remember: Loose lips sink Star Destroyers!






Ever thought about what makes the FISD different from other online communities – aside from being the home of the stormtrooper fanatic? I think part of it is the organizational culture of the FISD, aptly summed up in last years theme of Troopers Helping Troopers. This years theme, Set For Fun, seeks to bring us back to our roots, namely that this is a hobby and as such, should be enjoyed. As an aside and just in case anyone needs a reminder, Dictionary.com defines the word hobby as œan activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation, and if we're not having fun then why are we here spending unpaid hours on end in front of our computers?


First though, a bit of dry, scholarly thought about organizational culture - bear with me here for a moment please, as it is actually relevant to the topic at hand. Here is a very FISD-applicable definition on organizational culture I found on a U.S. Air Force website “ the U.S. military actually does study these sort of things, as understanding organizational culture is an important enabler of successful leadership:


A set of understandings or meanings shared by a group of people that are largely tacit among members and are clearly relevant and distinctive to the particular group which are also passed on to new members (Louis 1980).


So how does any of this apply to the FISD? We have an organizational culture as well. How many new members have said “This is the most friendly, helpful place forum I’ve been a part of!†or something to that effect? Being open and friendly towards all members, new and old, is part of what sets the FISD apart from other online communities. It’s part of our organizational culture. It doesn't mean we cant have lively debates, but most people know where the line is even if they cant explicitly define it. Call it common courtesy, treating others as you would be treated, etc. Its alive and present here, and personally that's a BIG part of why I consider the FISD my online home. When we get forum members that behave in ways contrary to the FISD culture, it tends to bring unneeded strife - not to mention it just brings everyone down. When that happens, this ceases to become fun, and if that's the case, why even bother?


Take full advantage of the tremendous body of knowledge that exists here, but respect the FISD organizational culture. If everyone does that, not only will be continue to live up to the Troopers Helping Troopers motto of last year, we'll have fun doing it. Isn't that what a hobby is supposed to be about?


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Brian (tkrestonva)

FISD Provost Marshal


I like to live vicariously through ... myself.


Greetings troops!


The first month of 2011 flew by and it looks like February is close behind. Already this month FISD has seen 23 new members join the boards and the great costuming community we have established here. The new members come from the across the U.S. from California to Florida, Canada, France, and even Japan. Vader’s Fist truly has fingers reaching to the far corners of the galaxy. To all members, keep up the good work showing our new recruits the ropes. I am sure you all have seen the swell of EIB recipients lately and I think a lot of new members are looking to work towards EIB-ready suits from the get go. This is made possible by the great wealth of information we have here on FISD and I want to encourage everyone working on their builds to document their progress and add to the collection of how-to's. If you come across something that worked well in a build, post about it! Your tips may be invaluable to others seeking help on their kits. Until next month :salute:


With unquestioned loyalty,


A.C. (novatie)

FISD Membership Officer


TK/BH 5597"...The order branded the Jedi as traitors of the Republic and called for their immediate execution without question. Its issuing by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine marked the formal beginning of the Great Jedi Purge..."



Hello troopers! This month, we have chosen to highlight the AP (Authentic Props) armor kit and helmet.


AP armor and helmet highlight and Review

by Terry / Pandatrooper

FISD Intelligence Officer


AP armor build (Pete / Stukatrooper)




An example of an AP stunt helmet and armor (Jesse / TK4702)





AP has been one of the most popular TK armor makers over the past several years. AP is considered a very reliable and high quality ABS plastic kit, and many people have purchased, assembled and trooped in this highly desired kit.


The ABS plastic used in AP kits is quite durable and a very neutral "white" finish. It's not as "biscuit" colored as some other kits are. Some may consider this a more idealized color, but it's often the color that the general public associates with Stormtroopers. Although the plastic is not as flat as matte finish HIPS, it's not as shiny as TM ABS plastic or AM gloss ABS plastic by comparison. It can be polished using Novus plastic polish or polishing compounds.


AP helmets come as a kit and can also be sometimes purchased assembled. AP armor comes as an untrimmed and unassembled kit, and does not usually contain extra materials for assembly such as elastic, Velcro etc.


AP is considered fairly accurate in terms of resemblance to screen used armor. The lineage comes from the TE line of armor, and the forming bucks and "rights" to replicate the armor were secured. There are ridges formed in the armor, which allows for overlap or butt join construction. There are some components that have some unique qualities.




Helmet: The AP stunt helmet comes with the following components:

- Face

- Cap and back

- Ears

- Brow trim

- neck trim

- green lens material

- mic tips

- hardware (bolts for ears, etc.)

- helmet decals (grey details and tube stripes).


The helmet is assembled like most standard helmets. Rivets can be used to hold the face to the cap and back under the ears, and along the lower edge. Ears are bolted in place using 3 bolts. The lens material supplied is a bit thin, and more like a thick acetate. Some troopers choose to upgrade to green welders visor material. The green of the lens material is also a bit light compared to screen accurate material.


The neck trim supplied has more of a flat profile compared to the screen accurate "S" profile used. The mic tips are common sink faucet aerators. While these can be used for a helmet build, most troopers upgrade their mic tips to screen accurate resin cast tips.


Decals for the helmet details such as traps / vents are included. The tube stripes are cut vinyl from blue material. These have an idealized look compared to the hand painted look, but are completely acceptable for 501st Legion or EIB use.


Ab / ab buttons: the Ab plate has the familiar ab rectangle seen on TD's. A separate button and ridges plate and button strip is supplied. These must be glued into place for TK construction. The buttons themselves are formed on the button plate, and can be completed with painted circles or colored decals.



Belt armor / rivet covers: the belt armor is flat and does not have indentations like some other kits. This is considered accurate, as the kit comes with some button / rivet covers.


Back: The back has a detailed "OII" form and the box has a certain softness to the shape.


Chest: The chest is accurate in size and shape. Some troopers that want to replicate the ANH look sharpen the indentations in the armpit area, but this is not necessary or required.


Shoulder straps / bridges: These have well defined ridges and the "ramps" at the beginning and ends of the bridges.


Shoulder bells: These are fairly accurate, but they are the same for both left and right arms.


Biceps: The biceps have the defined notch and thumb impression seen in some of the screen used armor (most commonly the right bicep). However, both left and right biceps are the same.


Forearms: The forearms are the same for both limbs (both are right side forearms)



Hand plates: the hand plates are of a fairly screen accurate size.


Thighs: The left and right thighs have mismatched halves and do not line up at the top and bottom. This is a departure from other armor makes, where the thigh halves generally line up with one another.




It's unclear as to the reason why they are mismatched, but most troopers try to match up the top or bottom, and hide the mismatch with cover strips. One recommendation is to match up the tops of the right thigh and leave the bottom mismatched and hide the lower edge by covering it with the thigh ammo strip. The left thigh can be matched at the bottom to retain the formed ridge that carries across the lower thigh halves, and trim the tops to match. These inconsistencies can also be fixed via trimming, sanding and use of a heat sealing iron to manipulate the plastic.


Shins: The right side AP shin assembled in a fairly straight forward manner, but they also have some alignment issues. The left inner shin is the same as the right outer shin. This leads to a slightly inconsistent look compared with the screen used armor, and also results in some mismatched seams along the shin top / back. These areas could be trimmed and or manipulated with a heat sealing iron, but they do not line up like other armor makes.





AP continues to be a popular choice for those who want to have a durable ABS kit. They are known for their quality and they often sell "B" grade kits (often with very minor blemishes) at reduced prices. This ensures that their A grade kits are of top quality. The quality of the plastic along with the sharp pulls results in a very nice armor build.


There are only a few small details that may deter some troopers. Those in the pursuit of more accuracy may consider upgrade helmet items such as rubber trim, lens material, accurate mic tips, etc. While these may be small details, these should be factored into the total cost of your build. The matching left right arms may also throw some troopers off as the original suits had specific and asymmetrical arms pieces.


Newcomers to armor building are sometimes at a loss as to how to approach the thighs and shins, due to the various halves not lining up. Some assemble the armor as is, while others take it a step further and manipulate the plastic which can be daunting for the beginner.


In closing, AP is a great choice for an ABS armor build if you are content with some of the unique qualities of the kit, or intend to upgrade / modify certain components for higher levels of accuracy.


Some links to AP kit builds



















From The Detachment Leader


Women in White Armor


FISD "Set for FUN" Arcade


Skytrooper Approved!


Brian Muir Shares his Thought on the Recent AA v Lucas Ruling


Dragon Con Debrief


Troop of the Month - The UKG represents at the Blu Ray Release!


Trooper of the Month


Swag Alert!


Star Wars on Blu Ray!






I went to Dragon*Con this year planning on wearing my Battlestar Galactica costumes for the most part as they seemed pretty popular two years ago. However, costuming can be fickle and what was hot one year is not always the next. I think I had only one person ask for a photo while in my flight suit and no one recognized the tan BDU's at all. So off it went and on went the TK. Funny enough, while walking around with my garrison mate in armor we got tons and tons of photo requests. Two take-aways I learned this year:


1. The Stormtrooper never goes out of style. Unless you are doing something dramatic like a Darth Talon (showing cleavage can't be beat) or a Wookie, pretty much no Star Wars character is as instantly recognizable and in demand as the common Stormtrooper. Nobody ever asked if I was Darth Vader (sorry TI's) or was confused as to what movie I was from. Hanging out at the bar there was no shortage of attention from both female fans (admiring a man in armor) and male fans (admiring armor).


2. The real "Stormtrooper Effect" lies in numbers. The more Troopers, the more the desire for fans to take photos. Walking around by myself gets a few requests for photos. Walking with my garrison mate means we can't go 50' without an ask for a photo op. And the more TK's in the group, the cooler we become.


We should all take pride in the fact that the common white Stormtrooper costume is so iconic that 30 years after it's debut it's lost none of it's original appeal and is instantly recognizable by fans of all ages. And what's better, it truly is one of those rare costumes where the more Troopers are together, the cooler we look. :)


One other item I heard loud and clear at DragonCon was how many of our troopers rely on the newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest stormtrooper news. We understand that not everyone has the time to visit these forums regularly, and the team has pulled out all the stops this month to ensure you have everything you need at your finger tips. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did putting it together.


With unquestioned loyalty,


Paul Hoeffer

TK-8020 "Daetrin"

Detachment Leader






After the August Newsletter was published, Matt (Shooter), who heads up the Newsletter, called out to the FISD Staff for article ideas for the September Newsletter. My first thought was to do an article about the women who donned the traditional White Armor. Most of the time when you think of a female and Stormtrooper armor, the concept of “Femtrooper” comes to mind. For those who don’t know what a Femtrooper is, their armor is worn with high heels and uncovered midriff. I knew there were female TK’s in the Legion, but, after delving into and researching the subject, surprisingly there are quite a few women trooping in Original Trilogy TK armor. In fact there are over 164 active women TK’s in the Legion, with a couple having their Expert Infantry (EI) status. It doesn’t sound like a very large number compared to the 5,471 active Legion members, but if you took the 164 women in OT TK’s and put them into a single Garrison, they would be the 6th largest Garrison in the 501st Legion.


I had the pleasure of interviewing and getting insight from several of the women that are TK enthusiasts, to find out what made them pick the original Stormtrooper armor. While these interviews were going on, the FISD welcomed its first female Centurion, but more on that later . . .


The following ladies were kind enough to respond and help with this article:




Lisa Basham – TK6646, Badlands Garrison, Outer Rim Squadron


Lisa is a Chef and designs commercial kitchens. Her husband is a TX (Stealthtrooper) and her 5 year old son is a big Vader fan and loves wearing his "mini" Vader costume. Their favorite thing to do is Trooping together as a family.




Sarah Brownlee - TK9463, Star Garrison, North Texas Squad


Sarah is an office manager in her own company. She enjoys costuming, building costumes and props and breeding Ball Pythons. She says she sometimes finds time to read, or play her Xbox 360. Sarah’s husband and son are also into costuming. Her husband is a Clone Commander Fox and her son is planning to start his Biker Scout build very soon.




Leisa Knapp – TK2029, Canadian Garrison


Leisa is the GWL for the Canadian Garrison. She works in the IT industry. Lisa told me the following story, and I thought it was remarkable and wanted it to be shared with the readers:


“A year or so ago I was attending a leadership training course at work. The instructor had split us up in to groups for some icebreaking exercises and told us to tell the group one thing about themselves that had nothing to do with family or work. Of course I spoke of the 501st and the work we do for Make a Wish. Well, the lady sitting next to me gasped. Turns out her son had brain cancer and they were about to disembark on a trip to Japan courtesy of Make a Wish. She was so thankful. I'll tell you there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Before that point, I really didn't consider the good that the 501st really does and that brought it home in a big way”.




Crickette - TK4837, Alpine Garrison, Utah


Crickette is a teacher of the deaf and is currently teaching a 5th grade class in a bilingual/bicultural school (ASL/English) program. She says that “being a TK certainly helps with classroom discipline”.


In an effort to find out more about these ladies and what made them pick OT TK armor, I sat down and asked the following questions:



When did you first become interested in Star Wars?


Lisa: I saw "The Star Wars" in theatres when I was eight. I know, I can't possibly be THAT old! I have been hooked on Sci-fi in general and Star Wars specifically since.


Sarah: Oh gosh, I first became interested in Star Wars when the original movie came out. My brother, cousins, and I fell in love with it instantly. We had all the action figures, and one cousin even had the Millennium Falcon. Even back then I was on the side of the Empire, though. I cut off my Han Solo action figure's head, and still played with it.


Leisa: I think it was back in '77 when I was taken to see the movie. I can remember asking my Grandma to put my hair in buns like Leia's. I was hooked and haven't stopped loving the movies since!


Crickette: In 1977, I saw Star Wars. I ran straight to my grandmother's house to make a Vader costume from whatever I could find. I wore it all summer in the Southern California heat. Sometimes with roller skates. That was the beginning.


How did you find out about and get involved with the 501st?


Lisa: I'm not sure how my husband found out about the 501st but when he gave me my kit he explained the group, its members and its purpose. After a moment's hesitation (was I ready to leap out of the geek closet?), I jumped in with both feet.


Sarah: I first found out about the 501st at local Dallas sci-fi conventions. I didn't want to join until I found out about the charity work the Legion does. And when I saw a woman dressed as a Stormtrooper, I knew I had to do that, too.


Leisa: I discovered the 501st at DragonCon back in 2001. I met some folks from the Canadian Garrison in Atlanta and decided on the spot that I would make a Tie Pilot outfit and join. I then met Spat who sold me my first bucket and chest box kit and the rest is history.


Crickette: I had known about the 501st for years, but I didn't know there was a garrison in Utah until I accidentally found it online. I joined the boards immediately and was at my first armour party a week later.


How long have you been trooping in TK armor?


Lisa: joined the legion the minute my armour was done August 2010.


Sarah: Not very long, about six weeks now.


Leisa: Only for a year now. I started off with a Tie Pilot which I bought parts for from Spat back at DragonCon 2004. I reached out to the 501st CDN Garrison back then, but didn't find the inspiration to finish the costume till 2009. To my great surprise, my Garrison CO remembered me from 2004! It was flattering and welcoming all at once.


Crickette: My first troop in armour was 11/26/10. I've Trooped in armor 18 times in addition to 13 non-armour troops.


What version of the Stormtrooper did you do?


Lisa: ANH Stunt.


Sarah: ANH Stunt.


Leisa: I did the ANH, with hero bucket. I have the grappling hook belt in progress. Let it be known that Luke Skywalker rolled a girl for her belt!


Crickette: ANH Stunt


Are you considering becoming EI, or maybe even going for Centurion in the future?


Lisa: I am planning on working on EIB this winter and hope to have it by next spring. Centurion may be the next winter's project.


Sarah: I will soon be EI, and will probably go for Centurion as well.


Leisa: I haven't really looked at the requirements.


Crickette: I'm definitely considering it.



Was the TK armor your first costume and if not what was?


Lisa: I had never done anything like the TK before. I was so excited about my first troop that I couldn't sleep the night before.


Sarah: TK is my first 501st approved costume. I trooped as a handler and as a Sith Cheerleader while completing my TK build.


Leisa: As stated above, my first was a Tie Pilot. I spent many hours playing X-Wing vs Tie back in the day and I fell in love with flying the Tie Interceptors. When it came to making the costume it all just sort of fit in my head. That started it off.


Crickette: Yes, TK was my first.


What made you consider doing a TK, White Armor costume as opposed to any other 501st costume?


Lisa: The TK was a surprise birthday gift from my husband. I had never heard of the 501st and had no idea that there were bigger Star Wars fans than me (incomprehensible until I met them) out there!


Sarah: I saw a female Stormtrooper at Dragon*Con last year, and loved how she "owned" it. I've loved Stormtroopers since I was a little girl, so I was inspired to give it a try myself.


Leisa: I once borrowed a fellow trooper's gear to troop a wedding. They needed an even team and I was the only one available. I had a blast at the wedding reception and that kind of sealed it for me. From that point in, I knew I wanted my own set of armor.


Crickette: Since 1977, my first love has been Darth Vader and my second TK. At 5'10” and 128 lbs, I don't get to be Vader myself, but I'm engaged to one of our garrison Vaders, so I guess I'll have to settle for that!


If you do have other costumes, which one do you prefer to troop in more?


Lisa: Only the TK right now.


Sarah: I enjoy the TK more than any other costume I own.


Leisa: Well, it really depends on the situation. I have trooped as a Jedi, Slave Leia, TK and believe it or not, Darth Maul. Each costume has it's merits and the Leia certainly gets quite a bit of attention. When I put on my TK though, I'm part of something bigger. I'm there for the kids who need help and to see the adult kids light up when they see characters from a much loved movie from their childhood. Whatever costume is appropriate for the setting I am more than happy to wear.


Crickette: While I was building my armour, I had plans for all sorts of other 501st approved costumes. However, after my first troop as a TK, knew it was the only one for me.


Have you ever surprised anyone, when taking off your helmet, that you are not a guy?


Lisa: Every troop. There are a lot of photos out there that only she and I know I'm a girl. (I always say thank you after a photo.) It's amazing how many women will rest their hand just under my butt plate when posing for a picture!


Sarah: Oh, everyone is surprised, either when they hear my voice amp or when I remove my helmet. Everyone assumes I am male.


Leisa: Yes and no! I make it a practise not to take my bucket off when Trooping as much as possible. Normally, we're at functions that involve kids and I don't want to ruin the image or mystique they have of Stormtroopers. Some kids have figured it out when I've been quietly talking to handlers though and it's quite a shock to them.


Crickette: I've been told I “stand like a girl”, so most people guess I'm female with my helmet on. I've rarely surprised anyone. The armour does attract a lot of male attention, though.


With the legacy Jes Gistang costume maybe in the works, is that something that you might consider? Between the OT TK and the Jes Gistang, would you consider one as opposed to the other or maybe having both?


Lisa: Jes Gistang is a good looking suit. A legit female stormtrooper is a great thing but my heart belongs to the original trilogy. I love the anonymity of the original trooper.


Sarah: Oh, I would definitely consider having both.


Leisa: I really like the Jes Gistang figure. I keep hinting to a certain TD that it'd make an awesome birthday present! I'm not sure I'd want a set of that armour though; I like my ANH OT TK. I would consider doing a Zam before any form of Fem Trooper.


Crickette: Not interested in the least.


How long did it take you from the time you received your armor kit to the moment that you finished your build?


Lisa: About 30 to 40 hours. My husband and I worked on it together. The fit was the toughest part 'cause I'm very girl-shaped (i.e. small waist, round hip) and we'd never done anything like it before. And are any of us ever really finished with our build? I work on it for every troop.


Sarah: Almost 11 weeks.


Leisa: Three days!


Crickette: I bought another garrison member's armour. It took almost two months of work to modify it enough to fit me. I'm still having trouble. I'd like to get some fresh spanking new armour and start all over again.


What was the hardest part, or were there any problems that happened with your TK build, and what did you do?


Lisa: I think the most challenging part of the build was the fit. We bought a great kit right out of the box but hanging rigid plastic off a human form is tricky at best. The learning curve was pretty steep but once we got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad. We also relied a great deal on all the fantastic people of the FISD and 501st boards who are always ready with some advice. Our next build, my husband's TX (TX-5575), was a breeze once we knew what we were doing.


Sarah: The hardest part for me was painting the helmet. I asked my friend Tim (TK-3121), who is an artist, to paint it for me. He did an excellent job, which will help towards achieving EIB.


Leisa: I'm really lucky that I have such a talented boyfriend as I do in Ken Rice (TD-1125). He helped me trim the armour, paint the boots, and paint the pieces (the styrene had a slight pink hue, I didn't want to be the 'pink' trooper). I did all the fitting, fastener assembling, detail painting, bucket adjusting and assembled and installed fans in the bucket for comfort. Without his guidance I would have done things either the long and/or hard way. I think the hardest part was actually trimming down all the pieces; however, my Dremel tool made very short work of that and sanding the edges. White Armor.net provided the pattern for the E-11 holster, the leather I had kicking around from some other past projects. It was a relatively quick build with two sets of hands working on it.


Crickette: I had trouble with the chest plate popping up. I brought in the waist a bit and added some strapping. It worked pretty well most of the time. I've added a strip of plastic with velcro which connects the chest and waist pieces. It keeps everything in place really well. Thanks to bluehickey for the suggestion.


What has been your most memorable/favorite troop in TK armor?


Lisa: CCEE (Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo) was my first big Con. I spent two and a half days in my kit walking the floor and working our charity photo booth. I was exhausted and my feet hurt and I would not have changed a thing. I can't wait for next year!


Sarah: The troops to children's hospitals are the most memorable. I have been on one as a handler and one as a TK. My favorite would be the one as a TK. I love seeing the looks of surprise and awe on the kid's faces.


Leisa: I would have to say that wedding where I wore borrowed armour. While we were trooping the reception I had two girls sexy-pose with me while my fellow Troopers almost doubled over in laughter! Later that same reception an older lady posed with myself and another Trooper. Just as the photo was being taken she apparently grabbed a handful of our backsides, again my fellow troopers were doubled over in laughter! Later after we got out of our armor, it was suggested that I should have removed my bucket. I distinctly chose not to, in order to preserve the spirit of the wedding. Could you imagine what those women would have felt like if I had? Better for them to remember a good time instead of an embarrassing moment they'd rather forget :)


Crickette: Troops at the school I teach at or troops my students come to. They can pick me out of a line of white armour every time!


Do you have any words that may inspire or advice for women who are considering donning the TK armor in the future?


Lisa: I find freedom stepping out of myself on a troop. Feet apart, authoritative, confident stance, a big ol' weapon in your hands...great fun! Trooping is a chance to play, meet fantastic people and help others. What could be better?...did I mention I get to carry a blaster?


Sarah: My advice is to just go for it. I try to live life without regrets, and I would definitely regret not doing something that brings such joy to myself and others.


Leisa: I would say go for it! It's more fun than you can imagine and it's so heartwarming when small kids come running up to you and hugging you. The feeling of family within your garrison and the whole organization is beyond words. My garrison regulars are among my closest friends. The fact that we all do this for charity is like the icing on the cake. Hanging out with amazing people who have 24 karat hearts, having a blast is enough to have me hooked, but to also raise money for children in need at the same time is priceless. Best. Hobby. Ever.


Crickette: I would love to see more females in armour in general, but you can't beat a female TK. And keep in mind armour is not just for the young. Nothing wrong with a middle aged woman trooping!



At the beginning of this article, I mentioned the first female Centurion recipient. Her name is Olga Plaza, TK9061. She is in the Florida Garrison, Everglades Squad. Olga has been a 501st member since August 20, 2011. She, however, has been trooping with the Everglades Squad since 2010. She has also been a part of the Rebel Legion since April of this year and has had her Jedi costume since just before C5, which was her first troop.




Olga was not into Star Wars when she was younger. She first became interested when she was introduced to Star Wars by her boyfriend, Luis, TK-7164 "bobojuice" while making her Jedi costume for C5. She said she really enjoyed watching the Original Trilogy, but has not seen the Prequels yet..


Olga has her eye on many more Star Wars costumes that she would like to make. She is already been working for a while on a Boushh costume. She says the Boushh is a tough costume to make and to get it right, she is taking her time on it. She is planning on doing a Slave Leia costume for C6, and eventually wants to do a Zam Wessell. She has quite a few others in mind that she would like to do, but they have not gotten to the drawing table yet.


Out of the three different versions of the ANH Stormtrooper, Olga liked the look of the ANH Stunt the best and that is the one that she ended up building. But, it is not her first costume. Her first was the Jedi Knight, but she has also done a few non Star Wars costumes, as well.


Olga said she probably would not have gotten into costuming if not for the influence of Luis. She ordered her TK kit at the same time that Luis ordered his ESB TK kit. Olga said the TK was always a thought in her mind, because it was always her favorite costume. She has found her introduction to costuming, to be a lot of fun, whether going to conventions or doing trooping events. She said she definitely liked trooping more in her TK than her Jedi costume, but her favorite costume is her Leeloo Dallas costume (from The Fifth Element).


Olga is a very petite woman at 5’4”, but with her Stormtrooper boots with lifts, she stands at 5’ 7” and has a wait and see attitude as to whether anyone will know if she is a female in the OT TK costume.


Olga says that it took quite a bit of modding, because of here petite frame to make the suit fit right. There was a lot of cutting, heating and bending of parts. They ended up using a new ab and kidney plate because the first ones got trashed. But, all in all, it took less than a month to complete her ANH Stunt.


When asked, do you have any words that may inspire or advice for women who are considering donning the TK armor in the future, Olga replied; make sure to do a lot of research and get as much help as you can. It is not that difficult. Once you see the finished product it is totally worth all the effort.


When asked, how do you feel about being the first female Centurion, she replied; It’s amazing. I feel very thankful that I had Luis to help me with everything, because I really couldn’t have done it without him. It is nice to know there will be only one, first, female Centurion, ever, and it’s me.


So, congratulation to you Olga, for being the very first female Centurion!!! Have fun trooping in your White Armor!!! :salute:



I would like to thank the ladies in the White Armor that participated and provided information, so that I could write this article. After spending some time getting to know some of the ladies that don original Stormtrooper armor, I have to say guys, they seem to have a very good footing with their Positive-grip boots in a galaxy far, far away . . .


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Tom Gardner

TK5940 "RogueTrooper"

Tactical Officer







http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j375/fisd1/Toms arcade banner/banner3.gif



Tom (RogueTrooper) and Mason (Dashrazor) here, saying it’s Time To Get Your Game On!!!!!


It is pleasure to announce that the all new FISD “ Set For Fun Arcade” is up and running. Knowing that TK builds can be somewhat stressful we felt everyone needs a moment to take a break from cutting and gluing your suit together. So, Mason and I were brainstorming ideas for something fun to add to the NCO section of the forum. I mentioned the Arcade that the Clone Trooper Detachment has, and suggested that idea to Mason. So we started cloning an Arcade for the White Armor forum. We both worked on finding a Galaxy of Star Wars games to be linked into the Arcade. The ”Set For Fun Arcade” is jammed packed with some of the best online ”flash” Star Wars game titles like “Rogue Squadron”, “The Kessel Run“, “The Death Star Trench Run”, “Star Wars Trivia”, “Star Wars Puzzles”, “Stormtrooper Dress Up”, and for those people who are not a big fan of Jar Jar, there is even the ”Gun Down the Gungan”. We will be adding more to the “Set For Fun Arcade” as we find games. If you have any comments or suggestions, there is even a place in the Arcade for that. So if you find a game that you would like to see in the Arcade, post it and we will add it to the roster.


In the beginning the FISD “Set For Fun Arcade” was in beta form and only 501st members could enter and play. But, we have recently opened it up to all FISD members. So we hope that you will all find time to stop in and get your game on, when you are not hard at work on your armor.


The following warnings apply when playing in the "Set For Fun Arcade":


If your boss catches you, and you get in trouble at work for playing in the "Set For Fun Arcade", remember the Jedi mind trick may not work on your boss especially if your boss is a Toydarian or a Hutt.


The other thing to remember is, if you are playing against a Wookie, always let the Wookie win!



With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Tom Gardner

TK5940 "RogueTrooper"

Tactical Officer


Mason Carson

TK4603 "Dashrazor"

Deployment Officer






New Legion Approved Costume



Look, up in the sky! Is it Boba Fett? Is it a Tie Pilot? Is it a Stormtrooper? or is it a Clone Trooper? No!, it is the newest Legion approved costume. It's the Sky Trooper!!!


The Sky Trooper is a new Star Wars character that is featured in Disney's newly revamped Star Tours, The Adventures Continue, 3-D attraction ride.


The Sky Trooper has combined elements from a Stormtrooper, Clone trooper, Tie pilot and Boba Fett however is still unique as it's own character.


The Sky Trooper has been Legion approved and is now an official costume, meaning that there is a CRL and GML's can approve it.


This project was no simple task: first I started out with my old Incinerator armor. I did a total re-paint and added all the Sky Trooper markings. This was a very tedious and time consuming task and I had to go back and make corrections. From the very few references that we have of this charcter, I took on the task of building the chest box and jet pack from scratch and tried to use primarily the elements from the screen grabs. I also had to build a DC-15 Clone blaster to finish it up. The next task was to put it forth for approval, but my first submission was denied the first time with elements needing to be tweaked. Finally after fixing the problems it was re-submitted and the Sky Trooper is now approved!!


However approval is not where the work ends. I actually started working on the suit before we had all the reference materials. Now with several variations to pick from I am making small improvements to the entire suit to get it to where I am happy with it. Then the CRL will be ready for action! Be sure to check out the new Sky Trooper section of the forums HERE,


I hope to see more people making this costume in the near future.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Mason Carson

TK-4603 "Dashrazor"

Deployment Officer





FISD Intelligence Officer: Pandatrooper / Terry


My opinion of the finalcourt ruling :- Ainsworth vs Lucasfilm by Brian Muir



My initial thoughts on the court case are that I’m glad it has now finally concluded. Once the judge had labeled the Stormtrooper armour as ‘industrial’ I very much doubted that it could have been overturned.


From my point of view, I’m satisfied that the judge found in his verdict that I sculpted the armour. I’m disappointed that as hard as I fought for Liz Moore, she did not get the credit she deserved for the helmet but at least her name and portfolio of work have now come to the fore.


Although Ainsworth continues to work the media-machine and put his spin on a ‘win,’ the judgement will always be there for all to read which discredits him and his reputation. It’s unfortunate that the media chose the David vs Goliath analogy, as although it may have made for a good eye-catching headline the story behind it is not such an outstanding victory.


Lucas had to bring Ainsworth to task because the licensees, who had paid $2.5 million to make replicas, had complained to them that he was illegally taking their custom. The witnesses for Lucasfilm including: - John Mollo, John Richardson (for Liz Moore) and myself had no choice but to ensure that our contributions towards the creation of the Stormtrooper were recognised and not stolen by Ainsworth.


Thankfully, many true Star Wars fans, who have followed this saga, know the truth but still far too many continue to be deceived. Hopefully, with the aid of the collation of facts and knowledge on great sites like this one, the truth will out'.




Brian Muir





- by "tkrestonva" FISD Provost Marshall


What an incredible experience! This was my third D*Con and by far the best of the bunch! Before I went to my first D*Con in 2009 I was told “the first time you go will blow your mind, the second will be a bit of a disappointment because the expectations are so high, the third and subsequent D*Cons will settle out into just being awesome.” Pretty much sums up my experience so far, although the fact that this year was Dragon*Con’s 25th Anniversary (and the D*Con Parade’s 10th Anniversary) I think added a bit more shine to it. Starting from Thursday:


Thursday, 1 Sept (Day 0):

I arrived at the Marriott Marquis at around 930pm after an exhausting 12 hour drive. As tired as I was, my energy level seemed to spike as soon as I pulled into the hotel driveway. It was clear that although the con wasn’t to officially start until the next morning, the party was in full swing. Checking into the Marriott and unloading my gear was a breeze, I can’t say enough about the level of customer service. Unlike some con hotels I’ve been to, they are genuinely glad to have you as a guest and will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. They are definitely my hotel of choice, and the center of the con action to boot. Picking up my con badge over at the Sheraton (an absolute necessity – security is now such that the days of just “showing up” and hanging out in the common areas are over) was also a breeze, I was in line for all of about 5 minutes. I gave them my proof-of-registration postcard (which they mailed me months ago), they scanned it, had me sign for and handed me my badge, and I was done!


What to do first? Consult the Dragon*Con 2011 Guide – now in the form of a smartphone app! No more fumbling with paper guides and pen & ink changes. I simply downloaded the app onto my iPhone (also available for Android and BlackBerry devices) and had everything right at my fingertips. Maps, event schedules, speaker lineups, even a feature that allowed me to pick the events I was interested in and move them to my personal calendar! The app automatically downloaded the most recent schedule changes whenever it was opened, so I was always up to speed. Whoever thought of this was truly inspired. Many D*Con regulars I know go simply to drink, take photos, people-watch, and hang out with old friends. While I did plenty of that, I actually like going to the panels and other events – no better way to learn more about your favorite fandoms than to hear from the folks who live and breathe it.


Friday, 2 Sept (Day 1):

Today’s lineup (in addition to drinking, taking photos, people-watching, and hanging out with old friends while making new friends) – a William Shatner interview / Q&A panel, followed by an intro to the SW Expanded Universe, and a lightsaber dueling exhibition by the New York Jedi. But first, a morning shift at the 501st fan table. There are those who think I’m wasting my time actually “working” at a con (quote from a fellow garrison member: “so I see you got roped into working the fan table, eh?”) but the way I see it, the fan table is command central for the 501st at Dragon*Con. It’s where nearly every Legion member in attendance (and a good deal of fans & admirers) visits at least once during the con. Not to mention that being in the marquis level of the Marriott right next to one of the registration booths, we were occupying prime territory. Basically, the con comes to you. Plus, you get the satisfaction of contributing to someone else’s memorable experience, and you might end up being the one to recruit a few new members. After the panels and fan table duty ended, what next? You guessed it - drinking, taking photos, people-watching, and hanging out with old friends while making new friends. No armor today, saving that for tomorrow.


Saturday, 3 Sept (Day 2):

The Big Day. Today’s panels: “Meet the Stars of Star Wars (Fisher/Mayhew/Morrison/Eckstein)”, a entertaining panel with the cast of “Star Trek – The Next Generation”, an informative panel on NASA’s “Dawn” deep space mission to the Asteroid Belt, and capping it all off with the 501st Legion / Rebel Legion Mixer. But first – the Dragon*Con Parade! This is always the highpoint of my con experience and the main reason I’m willing to drive 650 miles each way in a loaded-down, gas-guzzling SUV. It’s hot, it’s early, and there’s a lot of “hurry up and wait”, but outside of a Star Wars Celebration convention, you won’t find a larger number of 501st and RL members gathered in a single location anywhere in the U.S. I got to meet troopers who I’d only known and interacted with via online forums. We chatted about trooping, armor, our families, trooping, armor, our professional lives, trooping, armor - you get the idea. Obviously I’m not the only person who thinks the parade is something special – all along the parade route, fans were packed three and four rows deep, standing on balconies, and crowded against windows. Many of them were there specifically to see the 501st Legion and weren’t at all shy about telling us how awesome we are, telling us how attending the Dragon*Con parade has become a family tradition, punctuated by the many children along the parade route watching while wearing their favorite Halloween costume. Even the local and national news outlets (CNN in particular) covered the parade. One moment that stuck out? Hearing a little girl on the sidelines exclaim “now this is a parade!” as we passed. Following the parade and panels (and some time to de-armor, get in a shower, some food, and even a short nap), came the 501st Mixer. It was great seeing old friends and making new friends in a relaxing environment, where we could kick back, swap stories, and raise our glasses. After the mixer – you guessed it: drinking, taking photos, people-watching, and hanging out. On Saturday night, the more risqué costumes are in full effect, with bustieres, fishnet stockings, and corsets being the preferred evening wear for the ladies. Definitely not a suitable environment for young children, but no complaints here. Camera ready – check!


Sunday, 4 Sept (Day 3):

A morning shift at the fan table (ugh – someone pass the coffee and aspirin), followed by some time browsing the dealer rooms (can you say “buy stuff”? I knew you could) and art rooms, and what would be the high point of the day – a Q&A panel with Carrie Fisher. For those of you who have never seen her being interviewed when the LFL censors aren’t around or didn’t catch her “Wishful Drinking” autobiographical one-woman show, the lady doesn’t mix words. Ten minutes into the panel, she had already dropped the s*** bomb twice, the f*** bomb at least that many times, commented on which fandoms were bad in bed and/or suffered from erectile dysfunction, and shared her thoughts on celebrity lapdancing. Throw in an on-the-lips kiss she shared with a random female fan, her experiences on trading choice four-letter words with George Lucas during filming, and some interesting stories on the hazards of wardrobe malfunctions while wearing skimpy gold metal bikinis (!!!) and the hour-long panel was over before I knew it. Despite the 1.5 hour wait to get in and see the panel, I would do it again in a heartbeat. After the panel and some dinner, time to armor up, hit the fan table for some guard duty (read – fan photo ops), and patrol the con, keeping the peace for the good of the Empire (read – more fan photo ops). One thing that struck me is what the FISD detachment leader referred to as the “stormtrooper affect”. What’s that? Simple, stormtroopers are most impressive when in numbers. One stormtrooper = “hey, that’s interesting”. Two stormtroopers = “that’s worth a quick photo or two”. Three stormtroopers = “can I get a photo of you guys arresting me?” A squad of four or more stormtroopers = Paparazzi City. Under those circumstances, a good handler and helmet lenses made of dark green welders shield are your best allies. Fortunately, there were other stormtroopers on duty besides myself, and we were able to successfully complete our mission that night, much to the delight and appreciation of the Imperial citizenry.


Monday, 5 Sept (Day 4):

Time to pack up, checkout, and hit the road for the 12-hour drive home. Although the con isn’t officially over until around 4pm today, somehow I don’t think my boss is going to accept the next morning “I was attending a pop-culture convention hundreds of miles away over the weekend while dressed as a Star Wars stormtrooper, and I’m pretty tired” as an excuse for curling up under my desk and sleeping the work day away. So time to get home, start some laundry, eat a late dinner, and get some real sleep. Goodbye to my weekend escape, hello to my weekday reality. Until this time next year, that is.


"Trooper Tim" was present and had his "Helmet Cam" in full effect for the Parade. To check out a real Trooper's point of view from the Parade, visit the following link:




Thanks Tim for this awesome footage!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Brian Robinson

TK-2918 "tkrestonva"

FISD Provost Marshall






Congrats to "Rick330!"


A forum regular and all-around nice guy, Rich is always willing to help out when needed. No stranger to Armor builds (Rick has built 2 beautiful Troopermaster kits for himself and an AP kit for his partner) Rich needed an ROTJ kit to round out his ANH and ESB suits. Rich invested in the go-to kit for ROTJ and got himself a very nice CFO kit. However, instead of going the traditional "Weathered Endor" look, he went a different route and is emulating an ROTJ "Deathstar" Trooper.


For Rick's amazing build thread visit here: http://forum.whitear...l=&fromsearch=1


Congrats Rich!!






Star Wars Blu Ray Release event


Thanks to "SW1" for sharing these great pics of the UKG at celebrating the Star Wars Complete Saga release on Blu Ray!
















For the complete thread which includes other UKG troops this summer, visit here: http://forum.whitear...showtopic=16789




Swag Alert! - Trading Cards and 12" Patches!


With all the excitement in trading cards throughout the legion we are happy to be a part of that by offering our very own FISD trading cards. As an ongoing run of cards you can get your own FISD card anytime you want. We offer them in quantities of 1000, 2500 or even 5000 with the ability to get 10,000 cards is you so desired. You can even order more if you run out. They are great to give out and the kids love them.


You can see the whole collection so far here http://traynichols.c...sd/tradingcards. Come visit us and sign up for your card today. Don't miss out on all the fun. Be a part of the 501st Legion and the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment history. Get your cards today.


And from Albin:


As Albin was doing maintenance on the 501st archives he noticed there are a lot of FISD cards we're missing. Remember that you must send a set to Albin as part of the trading card process. Darth Vader *is* watching, and you don't want to make him displeased.


12" Patch artwork has been approved and we're getting quotes now. Look for the sale thread to come in the next few weeeks.










Hi All,


For the very first time, Star Wars will be coming out on Blu-ray.


On September 2nd I had the opportunity to get a sneak, full viewing of all 6 Star Wars movies on Blu-ray. Yes, I am disappointed that George Lucas has once again tweaked the beloved Saga. The major thing that has gotten news media attention and every Stars Wars fan in an uproar is the extra Darth Vader dialogue at the climatic scene of "Return of The Jedi". Not only did that have me upset, it was un-necessary to say the least.


Here are some of the highlight tweaks that you can look froward to seeing: "The Phantom Menace" Yoda puppet is now changed to a CG version, the Ewoks eyes now blink, the new thawing of Han Solo, the now 3 stadiums long front door of Jabba's palace, the added rocks that R2 hides behind in "A New Hope", a quicker pace of the showdown between Han and Greedo, (I guess they did this so you don't have time to think about being angry that they changed it from the original, where Han is and was the only one to shoot at the table). But, one of the worst mistakes is the re-re-revision of Old Ben's Krayt Dragon howl in "A New Hope". This will be the second time that they have tweaked Ben spooking the Tusken Raiders. LFL tweaked/changed it for the '97 Special Edition, but they have changed it once again and this time they have gone too far. Ben's howl no longer has a menacing sound but is now what I would compare to a guy hollering at a wet tee shirt contest "WOOoooOO Hotties!!" I guess old Ben was at the Cantina having himself a couple of Guinness beers and was coming back when he saw the Tusken Raiders.


I could keep going on and telling you about all the things that I saw that were un-necessary changes, but I know most of you will be purchasing it on the 16th.


However, here are some of the good points to buying "The Complete Saga" box set. All six movies are in outstanding high definition - I could literally count the pores in Luke Skywalker's face. Plus, all the archived and rarities that will be in the bonus material. One of the major things for the 501st members is that there is a documentary call "Star Warriors". This documentary is about the 501st Legion and their journey to march in the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade.


Some Star Wars fans want to collect action figures, the 501st members become the action figures! A tribute to the 501st Legion, a global organization of Star Wars costume enthusiasts, this insightful documentary shows how the super-fan club promotes interest in the films through charity and volunteer work at fundraisers and high-profile special events around the world.


Not only the founder of the 501st Legion, Albin Johnson, and over 200 Legion members from around the globe are in the feature, but our own Detachment Leader / Founder Paul Hoeffer TK8020 (Daetrin) is in it as well...


This documentary is only included in the Star Wars "The Complete Saga" Blu-ray box set on the ninth disc. "Star Warriors" has a run time of 84 minutes.


Even though there are a lot of good things taken away and a lot of un-necessary things added to the "beloved Saga", there are things to look forward to on September 16th. So, if you if you have a very bad feeling about this, and were going to say "NO.... NOOOOO!" to picking up your copy of the Star Wars "The Complete Saga" Blu-ray box set, just remember that you never know, you might see yourself or your Garrison mate in the "Star Warriors" documentary.


With Unquestioned Loyalty.


Tom Gardner

TK5940 "RogueTrooper"

Tactical Officer






Ask what you can do for the FISD!


Got info? ideas? or even a theory that you think might advance the quality of Stormtrooper costuming?


Don't be afraid to post your opinion or ideas!!!


I would urge all members to take a look at this shining example of what teamwork and open discussion can accomplish!


Take a look at this new thread: The Best Sterling Templates EVER!


This may seem like a insignificant endeavor to some, but for those who strive for accuracy this is a HUGE leap forward in costuming excellency! I would ask that anyone who has the ability to contribute to this project step up and give whatever help they can to achieve the ultimate goal of creating the BEST E-11 blaster templates in the known galaxy :)


Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor

Twitter: www.twitter.com/@FISD501st


With unquestioned loyalty,


Matt MacNeil

TK-4887 "Shooter"

Public Relations Officer


On behalf of the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff.


End Transmission.








Newsletter May 2013

From the Detachment Leader
Around the Detachment
Tip of the Month
Legion News
In Memoriam

Troop of the Month

Aloha kakou,
May was a big trooping month for the 501st. On one weekend most garrisons were scrambling to get troopers to both free comic book day and the various May the 4th celebrations. While I'm a plane ride away from the rest of my outpost, I know that they busted their butts to fulfill many obligations. From following the troop report threads it looks like it was the same hectic schedule across the Legion for my fellow TKs. Congrats on a busy month making people smile at every type of event possible.
Our latest proposed CRL changes for EIB and Centurion have not gone through yet. The LMO team became swamped again in the time it took me to request the changes. Given the time span between the initial changes to the base requirements and these changes, we may have to rethink how much we want to change. Two major changes a year may only continue to cause confusion for new recruits. If we end up making all the changes I will institute a grace period for people who are in the middle of their EIB or Centurion builds to allow some folks to pass under some of the old standards  Once I get caught up with the LMOs I'll update the detachment accordingly. Please continue to stand by.
The biggest flurry of activity on FISD lately has been all the new NE builds. NE armor is the latest generation from the former maker of AM. While the origins of this new armor are totally unclear, we cannot deny that more and more troopers are buying this armor because its more readily available than other popular kits. I would like to make a formal plea for someone to compare the NE armor's size to a known kit. The two questions on my mind are a) Is this armor made for the bigger trooper B) Is the three piece construction helmet possibly made for larger craniums. Please do not spend your energy on postulating wether or not the armor has been recast. I am only interested in relative size. If any of you who own ATA, TM, TE2 etc armor and know of a garrisonmate with NE, I am offering a special FISD prize to the first person to post high quality comparison photos of armor and helmet with a table of measurements. 
On the subject of swag, we are planning a FISD coin run for later this summer.
Thank you for everything each of you does for our detachment. I know there are troopers out there not on staff making major contributions for the sake of Troopers Helping Troopers. You folks are the beating heart of the detachment and what you do is thankless, so I'm thanking the dedicated and unsung here en masse. 
With Unquestioned Loyalty and Aloha....

Eric Brager
TK-9674 "Darth Aloha"
Detachment Leader


Totals of Awesomeness as of May 31, 2013:

Centurion Awards: 2 (total 86)
Expert Infantry Awards: 8 (total 315)

Fire Team Tally: 12 total (0 new)

Attaché Tally: 0 new

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New member registrations: 277

Activity on the forums was down in April, but picked up in May, probably because it's the start of Con Season.

Reported Field Exercises: April - 16; May - 17
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Now that you've built it, SHARE IT! Create a tutorial for your fellow TKs. Don't worry if it's a subject that's been done before, just write some helpful instructions and add photos, and you're truly a "Trooper Helping Troopers." Feel free to PM me if you have an idea or need help.

Do you know of people in your garrison who don't regularly visit whitearmor.net, but might benefit from the FISD and Legion updates, as well as tips and some community-oriented fun? Invite them to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Ingrid Moon
TK-6818 "LadyInWhite"
Executive Officer


HOW-TO: Tube stripe painting with no bleed through
Want that hand-painted look but intimidated by the tube stripes? Fear no more! With this tutorial even the must unsteady hand can get the tube stripes just right using stencils!
1. First of all place your stencil where you want it making sure all edges are pushed down as smooth as you can get...


2. Second, take your base coat which will be white because that's what color the bucket is..Take it and apply a nice thin layer over the stencil..What this does is it fills in all the voids,and or open areas under your stencil..So, basically when it dries noting will get underneath it because it's filled and dried..


3. Last step is to apply the last coat which is your blue. Real easy, just add a nice layer over the white and peel back the stencil and this is your outcome..


Tutorial Submitted with Unquestioned Loyalty by
 Bob Maciejewski "BoB-o"

 Last month the folks over at Starwars.com asked fans worldwide to send in photos of Star Wars characters at their local landmarks, and the response appears to have been overwhelming. Garrisons and Squads from around the world sent in photos  which can be seen here. http://maythe4th.starwars.com/photos/
 Starwars.com thanked the Legion and its members in the following letter
A letter from Mary Franklin, to the 501st.
First of all, please share our exuberant THANK YOU for spreading the
word about the Landmark photographs for May the 4th! The response was
truly overwhelming and incredible. I’ve never seen such a wonderful
variety of photographs from so many locations all over the world
featuring Star Wars! Thank you for making that happen. It’s one of my
favorite things ever on 

Secondly, our PR team has put together a great collection of fun in
one convenient Star Wars camp packet, and they wanted me to share it
with you. Please enjoy, and if your kids and their friends use some of
these ideas, please send pictures to me. I can include some in Bantha
Tracks, like I will some of the Landmark photographs, too!

Here’s their note and the link:

Dear Star Wars Fan:

We wanted to let you know about Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars camp
toolkit, a free resource to help bring the universe of Star Wars to
life in your local camp or even the backyard! Housed at

www.StarWars.com/camptoolkit the new kit is a downloadable activity
book that has a wide variety of games, arts, crafts and trivia to help
add to your child’s summer.

We would love help getting the word out about this great resource. We
made it free so that we could get Star Wars in the hands of as many
kids as possible this year. Let us know if you can help by forwarding
on, posting on blogs, twitter, Facebook pages or including in
newsletters, email blasts, etc.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing the Force
in action this summer!

Mary Franklin.


On a side note, most of you know I am new to the role of Public Relations Officer and have huge shoes to fill with all Ingrid has done as PRO in the past. That being said, I would like to thank all of you for your patience while I am getting used to how this is all done. This newsletter is defiantly a team effort, and I appreciate the support that I have been shown by the officers, staff, and members of FISD.

Also if anyone sees or hears anything that you think might be of interest to this community I want to hear from you! Send me a PM. You are the boots on the ground, the tip of the spear. My door is open to you, and, we couldn’t do this without you.

Buckets off, and thank you.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"
Public Relations Officer

Honoring One of Our Own
Star Garrison and the Central Texas Squad had the honor of being requested to stand guard as our friend and honorary 501st Legion member Richard Leparmentier was laid to rest in Austin, TX. The service was filled with many anecdotes about a wonderful man's life, and there was more than one reference to Admiral Motti's experience with Lord Vader. At the end of the service, Garrison XO, William Tatsch, presented the family with an Imperial flag.
At the Casket:
Brian Jepson - TK-42170
Jason Sager - TK-4736

Posted at Doors:
Chris Berban - TK-6427
Greg Burrow - ID-3459
Joe Cygan - SL-882
Kameron Earles - TB-7045
Josh Powers - BH-15173
William Tatsch - ISB-9076
Philip Tso - BH-7974
Brett Turner - CT-5452
Bernie Wrightson - ID-78744
Liz Wrightson - ID-3144
Star Garrison standing guard:
One with the family, at the end of the service:


Great Job Star Garrison you do us proud. Buckets off!
With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"

Public Relations Officer

This month I congratulate the members of the German Garrison who participated in FedCon at the Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf May 9th thru 12th.
Great job Troopers!
With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"

Public Relations Officer

Honor, in and out of uniform.
When you're in armor, standing tall and shining bright, you make an impression - on kids, on parents, on event sponsors, on spectators. We all want to make a great impression and leave our fellow Star Wars fans feeling great and wanting more. We strive to create a positive, fun experience, in part for the fans, and in part for ourselves. Looking good, feeling good, doing good. That's why we choose the iconic white, and why we work so hard to appear our best. We are proud to be 501st Legion members and we are happy for people to recognize us.
The more we learn about accuracy and costuming in our FISD community, the stronger our opinions and desire for more accuracy. We learn to discriminate the good from the bad, and we often aren't afraid to share that new knowledge with others. It's easy to get caught up in the magic of looking fabulous.
We make impressions even when we are out of our armor. If someone curses at you out the window, and they're wearing a brand or logo, you not only begin to hate that person, you hate that brand they're associated with as well. If you're wearing your 501st or FISD jacket, and you offend someone (on purpose or inadvertently), you make a negative impression on them not only for yourself, but for the brand you are wearing. The stickers on your car, the tags in your social media outlets, and your t-shirts and patches all create associations with your behavior. If you get swept away in a crusade of looking fabulous, putting down your fellow TKs or even other fans in ... those other costumes... you make FISD and the 501st seem elitist and unfriendly. This is definitely not a perception we want or need.
You represent the 501st Legion and your detachments and garrisons, so any behavior you have while out of costume, in real life or your digital life, also affects the reputation of these organizations. So please remember to make a good impression. If you want to behave badly in person or online, be sure you won't be associated with the 501st. If you want to behave wonderfully, knight in shining white armor and all that, then by all means, flaunt your affiliation! :D
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With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"
Public Relations Officer

On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff.

End Transmission.






April Newslatter 2014





Expert Infantry is Easy
Around the Detachment

Troop of the Month

Related News
​Just for Fun

Call to arms.

There are 2526 TK's in the 501st.
There are 370 EI's  or about 14% of the Legion TK's.
There are 114 Centurions, or 4.4% of the Legion TK's, or nearly 1/3 of all EI.

Our goal is to get to at least 33% of the Legion to EI, or to about 842 EI.

In other words, getting EI to go Centurion is not the problem. Getting base TK's to go EI is.
So our push for 2014 should be to double the EI's from 350 to 700. I mean if every EI got just one other person to go EI, that would be a huge accomplishment for the Legion, especially now that LFL is starting to judge applicants for some Legion events.
 In the end it's about pride in our costume. The "backbone of the Empire" should be the best looking costumes in the Legion, no? 

With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"
Public Relations Officer

All right, we are making progress toward EIB 700. We'll need to accelerate to reach that goal by the end of the year, so don't forget to encourage (nicely) your local buddies.
Current Tallies:
Centurion Awards: 114
Expert Infantry Awards: 370

  • Will we see your name on the "honor roll" of 700 in December? Get started here!

Fire Teams: 15

  • Troop often with the same people-in-white? Perhaps you should form a fire team!

Attachés: 0 new

  • Love helping troopers in your local area? Consider becoming an Attaché!

March troops: 10

  • Don't forget to share your "field exercises" in the Field Training Exercises forum!
    It serves many purposes:
    • to inspire others with ideas for events
    • to remind everyone why we're out there
    • to flaunt the beauty of the shiny white
    • and to get the new recruits excited about their future service to the Empire
  • And who knows, maybe your troop will be featured in a newsletter!

Twitter Followers: 1412
Facebook Followers: 2468
Instagram Followers: 108
Keep up the good work, Troopers! Feel free to PM me about any of the information above, and I'll point you in the right direction.
With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Ingrid Moon
TK-6818 "LadyInWhite"
Imperial Propaganda Machine


We are enabling archiving of old sales threads. The rule will be that if there has been no reply for 90 days, the thread will be archived. Nothing will be deleted, and everything will still be readable. Roughly 10% of our total threads will affected. Doing this should help reduce clutter, and boost search engine performance as well.
With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"
Public Relations Officer

All-Con was this past March 13-16 in Addison, TX. Every year this is Star's official garrison reunion. We had an incredible turnout this year. Legion members traveling all over from TX, OK, LA, AR, and KS made it during the weekend.
Almost all of Star Garrison's Centurions were there and armored up; with exception to Travis Fitzgerald who wore his Officer and Michael McDermott who couldn't make it. Congratulations to Claire who received her 501st approval this past Friday! I believe her TK is ready for EIB. Centurion will most likely follow later.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night various after parties happened throughout the hotel. Shenanigans were had and a new All-Con rule was added. It was a random, bizarre, and legendary weekend.
The following photos below were taken by Megan, TK-63426. She did a fantastic job organizing the 501st photo shoot.

Tk-Just Approved! Charles Boyd
TK-209 Craig Zieg
TK-1247 Sam Morton
TK-4736 Kim Rennert
TK-5273 Robert Barretto
TK-7974 Philp Tso
TK-41650 Carl Luhman
TK-50111 Claire Collette Ewan
TK-78885 Eliseo Reyes
TK-7586 Daniel Nickeson
TK-3121 Tim Bell
TK-4061 Kevin Olson
TK-4796 Jason Sager
TK-42194 Scott Wilcox
With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Bell
TK-11589 "TrooperTim"

Imperial Combat Correspondent 



On June 14, Star Wars fans all over the world will participate in the first World Blood Drive. The event was inspired by World Blood Donor Day, an annual event founded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2004, and which is held every year on June 14. Like WHO, their goal is to help promote unpaid blood donations, and celebrate the generosity of blood donors.
Every donation of a single pint of blood can save up to three lives. More than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. Blood cannot be manufactured. It can only come from generous donors.

If you are a member of a Star Wars costume club, you can contact your local blood center, and help organize a blood drive for June 14. If your blood center has already determined locations for blood drives on June 14, find out if you can help promote a drive at the most family-friendly location.
If you are a Star Wars fan, you can help promote the World Blood Drive events in your area, and invite your friends and family to attend. If you can't give blood, show your support for those who can, and have fun meeting members of the Star Wars costume clubs!
Join the World Blood Drive 2014, and let's save lives together.
Episode 80 of The 501stCast is now playing! The best way to keep up with #501st news and events when you're on the go


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"
Public Relations Officer


Legion Promotional Flyers - Post em if you've got em
Some interesting join the empire flyers are being posted, you can find them here
Stormtrooper Inspired Creations
Found an interesting Stormtrooper inspired creations?, post them here
With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Glen Rhodes
TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"
Imperial Attaché

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/501stfisd
With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Sam Kisselburg
TK-85254 "Kessel Run"
Public Relations Officer

On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff.

End Transmission.






February Newsletter 2015







From the DL

In Memoriam

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Star Wars Experience in Madame Tussaunds London

Notable Troops

Advanced Tactics Awards

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First and foremost, thanks for a great year.


I would also like to thank for the nomination for another year as detachment leader. However, after 5 years of every day (almost literally) of activity on FISD, I think I need a bit of a break. Maybe do a little more travelling. Visiting the UKG last summer was great and I hope to do it again.


I'm happy with what has been achieved during this year and I truly believe that it will keep FISD on the forefront of costume quality and accuracy. Just as the over-reaching goal of 501st is. Because as great as the charity work is, and something I'm also proud of, we are still at our core a costuming club. We set our sights at making the best Star Wars costumes in the world, and act as professionals in them. The changes we have made the last couple of years I think will ensure that we stay the best.


This year we finally saw the grandfathering of the FX helmet, something that has been worked on with the upper echelons of the legion for almost as long as this detachment has existed. We also saw other tightening of CRL's and clarifications to close loopholes and disambiguates. Some might say not all were warranted. I say it's too early to tell. But I'm confident that with time, it will go down as "the right call".


Lastly, I'd like to thank my Staff, and especially Eric, Steve and Evan for handling their duties superbly, and gone above and beyond for our fine detachment.




Don't worry, I'll still be around in the future. Just maybe not daily. I expect I'll be called upon to help out with some technical stuff or other forum management. After all this time, I have after all learned how to be quite proficient with our forum software and the ins and outs of it.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
TK-2959 "Locitus"
FISD Detachment Leader



Debora Rojas DZ-13480




You will always be one of us and part of our family.

It is with great pride and honour that we enter her name into the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires. Rest in Peace and may the Force be with you always.



Richard Bonehill

On the 5th of February Richard Bonehill passed. Richard is most known for his many roles that he played in the Star Wars movies.


He played: Stormtrooper, Snow Trooper, TIE Fighter Pilot, Rebel Officer, a Mon Calamari, X-wing Pilot, Nien Numb, Ree Yees and more.

He was also an expert swordsmand and coached many actors on sword-fighting scenes.



Rest in Peace and may the Force be with you always.


Buckets off troopers.




2015 Legion Elections are coming up!


Who do you want to be in charge? Do YOU want to be in charge? What do you want changed?

This is the time to make your voice known!



  • Lockdown: Sunday, February 1st
  • Nominations: Saturday, February 7th
  • Q&A: Thursday, February 12th
  • Closing Statements: Tuesday, February 17th
  • Voting: Wednesday, February 18th
  • Voting Ends: Sunday, February 22

For more details please visit this thread.




Valentines is coming soon!

Will you be the one to make a cake, buy some chocolate, or chase after the boy that's trying to date your daughter?


Well I bellieve that Valentines is a season to express love but to me it doesn't have to be a significant other. It could be your mom or dad, sibblings, best friend, or your lover (of course), or even your cat if you wish!


So take this time to just tell someone precious to you that you care about them. Maybe do a troop and give loads to chocolate to everyone!


If you did make something valentine-starwars themed, please feel free to post it in the comments section of make a post about it!


Or....you could always celebrate Valentines like Han does:




Star Wars Experience in Madame Tussauds London


Madame Tussauds London, famous for its waxworks, plans to recreate famous, iconic scenes from all episodes of the Star Wars saga with a team of sculptors and set designers in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm.


They will feature 11 walk-in sets:

  • Cross the Trade Federation Bridge (Episode I) into Star Wars
  • The dramatic lightsaberduel (Episode I) between Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul
  • The fiery lava landscape of Mustafar (Episode III) featuring Anakin Skywalker as he lifts his lightsaber in his fateful duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • In the cantina bar (Episode IV) with Han Solo
  • Tatooine landscape (Episode IV) featuring C-3PO and R2-D2
  • The flight deck of the Millennium Falcon (Episode IV) with Chewbacca
  • The Death Star protected by two Stormtroopers (Episode IV)
  • The swamps of Dagobah (Episode V) featuring Yoda
  • ‘I am Your Father’ scene (Episode V) with Darth Vader
  • Jabba’s Throne Room (Episode VI) featuring Princess Leia, Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb (and Han Solo frozen in carbon)
  • Death Star Throne Room (Episode VI) featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader locked in battle as evil Emperor Palpatine looks on





Find out how they made Yoda here <-- (link)

More information at starwars.com.


I'm not sure what you troopers will be doing but I know that I'll be saving my hard-earned credits to make a trip to Madame Tussauds London this coming May!



Do you want to build a snowman~~~?


For the 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces’ 11th Brigade moved 3,500 tons of snow to make ice sculptures. No, not snowmen...but rather tribute sculptures to best of the Imperial Army and our Lord Vader. Lord Vader will be pleased! Don't mention this to the Emperor. They didn't build one for him. Our beloved empire might get jealous.






See more pictures here!



With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Evan Loh
TK-24127 "evan_loh"
FISD Deputy Public Relations Officer



Star Wars stormtrooper charity walker Scott Loxley saved from potentially deadly snake bite in north Queensland by iconic armour

Stormtrooper armour is hopeless against lightsabers - but it is good protection against the venomous snakes of north Queensland.

Scott Loxley, who is walking around Australia dressed as an "elite soldier of the Galactic Empire" from sci-fi franchise Star Wars to raise money for charity, says the iconic armour protected him from a king brown snake bite this week.

The 47-year-old set out from Melbourne on the 15,000-kilometre journey in 2013 in an attempt to raise $100,000 for the Monash Children's Hospital.

He reached Queensland last month, following the long journey across Victoria and South Australia, up the Western Australian coast and through the Top End.

Scott had just left Yalboroo, north of Mackay, on Wednesday when he came across what he thought was another dead snake on the road.

But that snake turned out to be a king brown, he said, and it was alive and well.

Scott, a former Army soldier, used his official Facebook page to share the story of his encounter with the "vicious" snake.
"He's lunged at me and bit me but the good news is the armour, he bit me in the shin, the armour actually protected me and stopped the bite," Scott said.

Thankfully, the force of the bite was not enough to penetrate the armour.

"I could feel the teeth on the plastic scraping but the armour actually stopped something," he said.

"So all those people who rag on the old stormtroopers, 'you know, the armour doesn't do this, it doesn't do that' … it stopped the snake bite and probably saved my life today."

According to Australian Museum, king browns, or mulga snakes, bite savagely and may hang on and chew as they inject their venom, which is highly toxic and can be expressed in enormous quantities.

Scott said it was the first time a snake had bitten him on his journey, although he usually catches taipans and western browns to eat.

To date, Scott has raised close to $47,000 for the hospital.




With Unquestioned Loyalty,
GLen Q Rhodes
TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"
FISD Imperial Propaganda Machine Team




This month the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate:


Expert Infantry Badge Award:



James "mr_hair" TK-46800

Pete "Zaphod" TK-31415

Simon "sim" TK-77177

Artie "Artstar" TK-10251

Rick "Starfox2010" TK-12177

Christian "CRISTONAMO" TK-31501

Nathan "N8dog" TK-27667

Ian "Sith Lord" TK-11409

Jason "It's_a_troop" TK-11128

Scott "Tusken RTT" TK-24241

Pete "Robo Tarot" TK-11721

Clint "cm235i" TK-16311

Michael "Trooper Mitch" TK-12169 (2 EIBs and First German INC EIB!)

TY "Pencap510" TK-55239

Juan "iconoclasta_88" TK-8800

Amir "ANHnutter" TK-55007

Tony "ukswrath" TK-10116

Q "gmrhodes13 TK-85421 (3rd EIB!)

Pelayo "Bierzo" TK-96007

Hideki "Milo" TK-77525

James "DarthDadio" TK-76626

Rowan "zebedee" TK-12111

Christopher "DarkOrder66" TK-69770


Centurion Award:



Q "gmrhodes13 TK-85421 (2015's first Centurion!)

Michael "Trooper Mitch" TK-12169

TY "Pencap510" TK-55239

Tony "ukswrath" TK-10116


Stand tall and be proud of what you have achieved troopers. You will now be deployed into the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Advanced Tactics Roster. Make us proud troopers!


The FISD is always looking for new applicants for our Advanced Tactics program so please do not hesitate to apply if you meet the standards! Our Deployment Officer and armorers are here to help and guide you through to success!


Feel like your armor is up to standards and worth of recognition? Apply for the Expert Infantry Badge Program now!


Want to go the extra mile, raise the standards of Stormtrooper armor, and be the envy of your peers? Apply for the Centurion Program now!


Note: Applicants need to be EIB approved before applying for Centurion.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Evan Loh
TK-24127 "evan_loh"
FISD Deputy Public Relations Officer




For you perfectionists out there a unanimous cry of terror has been heard whenever the word "TK EARS" is seen or heard. In the past we have ackowledged various tips of how to deal with ear gaps. But we also encourage and ackowledge new tips in a never ending struggle to improve our TK standards. And so for the tip of this month we would like to feature our very own Gaz's ear trimming tutorial!


Below we have a teaser of the amount of effort put into making this tutorial. We hope you have fun trimming our ears!






Get you FISD Racing t-shirts here!


Please note that this run is open until February 14th only to detachment members and staff who already own a TK costume.


Details are in this link!




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Instagram: www.instagram.com/501stfisd
With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "evan_loh"
FISD Deputy Public Relations Officer

On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff,

End Transmission.

March Newsletter 2015




In Memoriam

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Memoirs of a Stormtrooper

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Throughout human history, every generation has produced both pioneers and heroes in each of the world’s societies.

Some are brash and outspoken, others, quiet and introspective. Some are adventurous and bold, others, artistic and humble. Some are intellectuals, and others are warriors. Rare indeed is the person who is all of these things and rarer still is the person, who is all of these things and manages to influence humanity on a global scale.

Leonard Simon Nimoy was indeed, all of these things, and his influence exceeds any geophysical border placed upon the Earth. As fans of any of the universes that comprise the Science Fiction genre, his recent passing saddens us. His legacy will live on in many ways. Ways in which many people are truly unaware. In his honor, I ask that you take the time to learn a little more about the man we knew and loved simply as “Spock.â€



Have a look at his wiki page: http://en.wikipedia....i/Leonard_Nimoy

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"
— Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy) February 23, 2015

With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
FISD Ambassador




Mary Franklin Leaving Lucasfilm, Joining Reed Pop


Anyone who's been to a Star Wars Celebration knows just how fantastic they are. This is due in large part to the efforts of one woman, Mary Franklin. Mary, who joined Lucasfilm in 2001, is leaving Lucasfilm and going to work for Reed Pop, who she has been working with on the last several Celebrations (including the upcoming Celebration Anaheim happening this April 16th-19th).

Former Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm and owner of Rancho Obi-Wan, Steve Sansweet broke the news on his Facebook Page, posting,

"Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to my good friend Mary Franklin as she moves on from Lucasfilm and goes to work on the east coast for Reed Pop, which runs Star Wars Celebration under contract--so she still will be intimately involved with the event while working on Reed's international pop culture conventions.

I am so proud of the fact that I hired Mary in 2001 and that she far exceeded everyone's expectations from the first day--and remains a passionate Star Wars fan. From cattle herding, penguin wrangling, weight lifting, commercial fishing, and public relations to director of events and fan relations at Lucasfilm, it's not a cliché to say she's done it all!"

Source: Steve Sansweet (Facebook)

With Unquestioned Loyalty,
GLen Q Rhodes
TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"
FISD Imperial Propaganda Machine Team



"I never connected to science fiction films because they were so plastic and unreal." - Roger Christian (when discussing Star Wars with George Lucas)


Well Star Wars definitely didn't feel plastic and unreal. Roger Christian (film director, art director, and production designer) was responsible for giving life to the sets of Star Wars: A New Hope and Alien.

In contrast to the clean and slick look of sci-fi movies during the 70's, Roger injected into Star Wars the used universe atmostphere that Star Wars and Alien fans have come to love and celebrate to this day. Roger also pioneered a slow motion filming technique in Black Angel, a short film that accompanied Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back screened in the cinemas. This technique was later used by George Lucas for a scene of Luke Skywalker in the swamp planet Dagobah.


Read on to find out what parts went into the interior of the Millenium Falcon, the history of the Lightsaber, how the E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster was made and more!


IPM: The atmosphere set in Star Wars was counter cultural to what was the norm of "futuristic" or space operas. Rather than the pristine clean look, George Lucas went in the directional creating a "used universe" which was a term coined by people. You had a major influence on creating that atmosphere. Was it entirely up to you when you designed the props and sets like the interior of the Millennium Falcon that resulting in the rustic feel? 


Roger: Yes. When I first met George in Mexico working on Lucky Lady, we spoke about Star Wars. I said that I never connected to science fiction films because they were so plastic and unreal. I saw space ships like used cars dripping oil, that had been repaired and were old and used. A combination of a very small budget, that I couldn’t make any props or weapons, and certainly not enough to dress the sets led me to invent the technique of buying airplane junk and any old calculators and other junk, and miles of drain piping allowed me to create a used and real look, especially when dusted and aged down. This was George’s vision and so he encouraged all my suggestions to create like this. He showed the crew Once Upon the Time on the West to get the dusty western look, combined with 2001.  

I took a leap of faith as I had never dressed sets like this, and bought a huge amount of airplane scrap and began with the Millennium Falcon cockpit and the hold where the chess scene takes place. Once I had layered the sets like a submarine and aged them down, George knew I was on the same path and shared his same vision, that everything should look real and not designed as a sci-fi movie.  


IPM: You mentioned that the E-11( Stormtrooper Sterling) was the first thing you made. We know that concept art, and the final image that we see on screen aren't always the same thing. When you were first tasked with arming the Imperial Stormtroopers with what became known as the E-11. Did you immediately have an idea in your head? or did it go through several incarnations to become what we saw on screen? 


Roger: The Stormtrooper's E-11 was the first prop I made on Star Wars. All we had was a script to go on, and Ralph McQuarries paintings. I particularly disliked the weapons in Sci-Fi movies before Star Wars, plastic guns that beeped and never looked like they were real or could fire. I went to the gun hire facility and asked them to give ma an old sterling sub machine gun as I loved the shape. I had T-strip rubber and superglue with me and stuck it along the barrel to change the shape. Digging around I found a box of army surplus sights used by the army, these were from a M-38 tank I now found out. I liked the fatter profile so stuck it on the top, and to change the perception of the gun, Bapty’s gave me a small ammunition clip instead of the standard long one. Voila I had a Stormtrooper's weapon that could actually fire blanks, and would give a nice discharge of flame and smoke. This made it real to me, especially its weight and being able to fire, suddenly the Stormtroopers had a weapon that looked like it meant business.





IPM: In the prop making community we have what we call "found parts" which are essentially real world objects we have identified that have gone into the making of a movie prop. One example is the M-38 tank scope being used as a sight for the E-11.
You mentioned you made the E-11 with super glue and rubber T strip. By T-strip did you mean those strips that went over the gun's barrel and vent holes? What were the origins of the strips that went on to the barrel? 


Roger: It was a coil of draft excluding rubber material. I cut to lengths and stuck down the barrel and also used it on the laser sword handles. I have some made exactly as the one I used to make a few laser swords.





IPM: A number of blaster in Star Wars had their sights/scopes backwards as to how they were used practically. Was this an intentional design choice? 


Roger: Yes, I preferred the look that way, as it helped changed the look of a real gun into what I wanted for the Star Wars universe. Old and real and used and never drawing attention to itself.





IPM: Could you guide us through your process of how you turned a camera flash stick into a light sword right from when George asked you to build one.  


Roger: The light saber was the holy grail for Star Wars  I realised and like Excalibur I knew it would be the iconic image for the film. It took me ages to find anything suitable, The Special Effects head made some that George rejected as looked too dull and torch like. One day in a photographers shop we rented cameras and equipment from over the years, the owner told me to look under the shelves when I kept bugging him for anything unusual I could find. I found a dusty old box, hadn’t been opened for years, and there inside were about 5 or 6 Graflex flash handles. When I held one I knew I had found the Holy Grail. It was heavy and just looked as I imagined the laser sword from the script and Ralphs painting. Rushing back to Elstree studios, I stuck the same T-strip along the handle to create a handle with superglue again. Then I had a strip of bubble like material that exactly fitted the clip part of the Graflex and that went in there, this was from an old calculator. I had chrome tape and that went round the barrel to hide the Graflex name. I showed George who loved it, and approved it on the spot, and asked me to place a D-ring clip on the end as this was going to Tunisia for the first shoot, to hang on Luke's belt.




IPM: You also built the comlink that C-3PO and Luke used to communicate. How did you come to design a comlink with the aerators?  


Roger: I was showing John Barry some plumbing fixtures with a trap for a set he was designing when the call came for me from the shooting floor. George needed a communication device really fast. As the call came through I was opening part of the trap and the aerator dropped into my hand. Destiny had struck. I rushed to my office and stuck a small ring on it and took it to George. He looked at it and placed it into a Stormtrooper's hand and voila filmed it.





IPM: Could you list some sets and props that you were particularly proud of? 


Roger: The laser sword stands out of course. Luke's binoculars I was particularly proud of as difficult to make something that would look real. I personally take pride in the E11 Stormtrooper's gun,  I love the look with the costume, I think I scored with it and its special as it was the first thing ever made on Star Wars, and George then knew I was on exactly the same page as him for the film he wanted. Also Hans solos gun, and R2D2, beginning with the wooden mockup we made at Lee studios long before the film had the green light from 20th Century Fox 


IPM: Your body of work in the industry has given us so many worlds that are a captivating blend of function and fashion. When working on a project, do you strive for a look that "feels" appropriate to that project, or is your goal to craft a world that is functional viable regardless of the "look"? 


Roger: Both really, go hand in hand. Alien when I created all the interiors for the Nostromo, I think we got that film bang on, and audiences excepted that film as 100% real, and that was our goal, combined with creating a space tug as Ridley called it. My preference is for functional reality always, as then audiences buy into the film and aren’t distracted by looking at a created artificial world.  


IPM: With Disney taking the reins of Star Wars, would you consider returning to once again lend your vision to the look and feel of the franchise? 


Roger: Absolutely, I love this world and every day either crafting the world for George on a New Hope or Directing 2nd Unit on Return of the Jedi and Phantom Menace was pure joy for me however many hours we worked or in almost unbearable heat on the Phantom Menace, I would relish every moment.  


IPM: The film Black Angel was recently discovered and then digitized so many can view it easily. It was a boon for many who watched it for the first time when it accompanied Empire Strikes Back as the short opening film. Going back to when you were directing it, it was mentioned that George wanted it to have the same feel and tone of Empire. What did you do to make that happen? 


Roger: I was deeply influenced by Kurosawa and the way he set his drama of the Samurai’s against dramatic landscapes. I had written a medieval type of fantasy to make as my first short film as a Director. I loved King Arthur and myth and legend, and also like the way Tarkofsky the great Russian director made his films to connect to the sub conscious. I went to Scotland where I knew there were amazing landscapes and was drawn to Eileen Donan castle  as the perfect romantic image of a legendary castle. I took a gamble and went at the edge of winter when the skies are incredibly dramatic. I had a crew of nine and 4 actors. Short ends of film from Empire Strikes Back given to me and faith, as budget was a measly twenty-five thousand pounds. I had enough film to shoot one shot often and they had to cut to the next. I did slow down the fights by step printing and George used the technique for a fight in empire Strikes back. The film influenced John Boorman who had me show it to his creative crew on Excalibur and told them it was exactly what he wanted.  

Now because of Game of Thrones the genre has become so popular that we are deep in development of my original epic, graphic novel style idea. A very down and dirty epic that we are filming this year. Carnaby International in London, the sales and distribution company I am making it with, will launch a crowd funding campaign at the end of march for development funding to get art work and visuals as we enter prep, and Titan Publishing want to make a graphic novel of the script as well. Exciting, dreams coming true after 34 years...



Roger Pratt and Roger Christian shooting Black Angel


IPM: Where can we find Black Angel? 


Roger: It is on i-Tunes, under films and shorts, Was number one for a few weeks, and remember to set your clocks back 34 years as it was made long ago, and also is just a glimpse of an idea, like a sketch. This new feature is down and dirty, ultra real and set in an ancient world much as Lord of the Rings was set. My Nostradamus producer is producing., and we will bring that same feel to this.



Black Angel poster


IPM: You've worked closely with Scott on Alien and George. How was working with them like? 


Roger: Both are great visionaries and both made smaller independent films so understood the process of getting it onto the big screen and making the world and universe real. It requires this kind of independent thinking from a Director, not afraid to follow their visions without a massive studio behind them as was the case then. Also both are dedicated family men and that is important in keeping them grounded and also their focus was always on the film and the team making it and not on ego.  George maintained that only five people actually stuck by his side through the making of Star Wars, and I was one of them. It is becoming more and more known how many of the crew were against us, especially the lighting cameraman, and we stuck to our guns and kept our heads down and made the film we wanted as best as we could with such a small budget. Same with Ridley. 20th Century Fox were deeply worried about making an R rated Science fiction film, and we had 6 million dollar sonly to create that entire film with. Again we just got stuck in as I relished every day. After getting the look of the Bridge and the sets correct, I went on as Standby Art Director by Ridley's side throughout the making of the film. The air conditioners blowing the sheets of paper in the opening shots around the Nostromo was myself hiding under the set blowing the paper with a hair drier. I thought how to do it on the moment when Ridley needed some movement  in those travelling shots, so that was the fastest way.  



Roger Christian and George Lucas on set of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace


IPM: You mentioned filming archive footage on your role in making A New Hope. Could you tell us more about it and when we can expect to see that? 


Roger: I have just been flown to Skywalker by Disney to film my role in the making of A New Hope. We filmed John Rinzler and I looking at the weapons in the archives. I was filmed with Joe Johnston who I hade never met yet we shared a common bond of working on A New Hope in almost impossible conditions with a very, very, low budget.  I am also consultant to the BBC who are making a 90 minute Documentary on the making of Star Wars and its huge influence in Britain, not just on cinema but culture and even making Science Fiction attractive to audiences , that had never related to it before. So many milestones were changed by Star Wars culturally and those changes revolutionised the world. George hit a pulse that was missing for audiences, just as King Arthur had at its time and other great myths and legends. 



It has been truly wonderful to know what went on behind the scenes and set before Star Wars came to be. We are really greatful for your contributions to Star Wars.

Thank you Roger!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Evan Loh

TK-24127 "evan_loh"
Public Relations Officer





This month, we're debuting a new column in the newsletter.

In this column, we will be highlighting trooping events of FISD members. As this is a new column, we might change it up a bit from time to time to keep things fresh, but leading off in this first installment of Memoirs, is Snaps, TK-51500, sharing his personal perspective as he looks back on his first troop and shares what (besides the obvious) made it so memorable for him.


Here's Snaps' entry, the first of many!



My first mission was the Walk for Children's Tumor Foundation at Sharon Woods park in Cincinnati, OH on June 22, 2014. I'd heard your first event would be the most memorable and it is! I went into this event excited but nervous. Excited because I got to finally wear my TK armor for more than a few minutes. Nervous because it was my first event but also I'm naturally shy and not really into big crowds. I kept praying that none of my armor would fall off and, it being summer, that my bucket fans kept working. One other trooper came out and I figure with him there, I can follow his lead.

It was still early when we got there and got suited up so there were only a few people. I was thankful for that but I noticed them looking at us. I remember thinking “oh great, what does it look like with a Stormtrooper and an AT AT driver walking down the path? Did I forget my helmet? No, I had my helmet on. Am I holding my blaster backwards? Nope.†And my favorite thought...â€did I zip my pants? Wait, Stormtroopers don't have zippers...phew!â€

As the people started rolling in and coming up to us for pictures, I decided to take my own lead, give the kids high fives, walk around and interact with people! Something so simple, couldn't believe it took me a bit to do it. After doing those things for a while, I noticed my nervousness was gone and I was more relaxed than I had ever been before. I wasn't in armor. The armor was part of me. I was excited for all the kids and even the adults. Adults excitement surprised me the most actually. My thoughts turned to the parents and kids, dealing with something horrible and here they have smiles on their faces looking at me, telling me about their action figures, favorite movie, etc. One point, my handler tapped my shoulder and said these two girls have been following me around afraid to ask for their picture taken with me. Another time, I was walking and came to a cleared area to see a girl in a wheel chair with a huge smile and waving at me. Another kid kept hiding, or what he thought was hiding, to see if I could see him. I always did and pointed at him. He'd laugh and run off. A couple of parents would bring there little 1 or 2 year old up and the look of wonderment in the kids eyes. The parent would give me a high five and seeing that, the child would do the same...

While I don't doubt we have all seen and felt the excitement from people, that first mission couldn't have been any more eye opening for me. I knew I'd be proud of myself, stepping out of my own little world. In the end, I was beyond proud! Proud I decided to join the 501st because I learned what we can do. It wasn't something I had read about anymore. Proud that I got to help kids and adults forget about real life, even for a couple of minutes. It wasn't about being excited to wear a costume anymore. It was about what I can do as my alter ego...and it continues with each mission I do.

From a little girl telling me she wasn't scared of me because she knew my blaster wasn't real to a parent showing their 1 year old how to high five to a girl in a wheel chair smiling and waving...I always see them when looking at my helmet sitting on the shelf.

Troop on!

Steve Langenbrunner
TK-51500 "Snaps"

Many thanks to Steve for his contribution this month, if you'd like to have your look back at your first troop featured in a future "Memoirs of a Stormtrooper" send a PM to one of the IPM Staff members and let us know! All TKs are encouraged to share. This is your Detachment, and the Newsletter is your IPM at work for you!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
FISD Ambassador




Misting up the lenses inside you helmet can be treacherous when trooping.

Have you ever wondered why it occurs? Well it's a result of the temperature and humidity inside the helmet being higher than the outside. Sweating increases the hot air and the interior becomes saturated with moisture which then condenses into mist, resulting in a rescued trooper from the crowds.




Throw in some electrically created air flow and viola no more misting or fogging But what if those batteries give up mid troop? Well here's some home made remedies I've been experimenting with on various troops.


Washing up Liquid soap - use a small drop of the soap on a soft cloth and apply it to the inside of the lens then let it dry and buff gently. This works the best in trials so far as a TK.




Toothpaste - Squeeze a very thin layer on the inside, then rinse it off gently with a damp cloth and dry it with a soft cloth. Worked a treat but I found it a bit smeary with my vision, prob better on glass lens, cameras etc


Shaving Cream - Squirt a small amount on micro fibre cloth and rub it over the inside of the lens then let it dry. Buff off any residue and it works for 2/3 troops. I found that it does run off in extreme humid conditions




Baby Shampoo - Apply as with the washing up liquid. Works perfect and lasts as long as it lasts. Also comes in smaller bottles. Choose the non-fragrant version


Potatoes - Slice a potatoe and rub the raw bit over the lens; let it dry then buff it with the micro fibre cloth. I found this worked perfectly the first time, however the lens needed completely cleaning before before I could apply again.


Commercially available anti-fog sprays - But they don't seem to last the length of a full days troop, needing several applications throughout the day.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Clive Barzilla
TK-73511 "Ninjabiscuit"
FISD Imperial Propaganda Dept.




Last month Snaps (Steve) started a thread entitled "Story Behind Your Nickname". Amazing how some nicknames came to be!


"Thought it'd be interesting to find out the story behind your nickname....

Mine is I started off as slangen, parts of my full name. But I wanted something easier and better. I asked a buddy of mine for help. As a joke, he suggested Gee Buttersnaps that was used as a nickname in one of the episodes of show called Psych. That's how Snaps came into play. My first few troops, I had problems with the snaps in my shoulder bells to biceps so that made Snaps even better on top of it was short and simple like a lot of clone trooper nicknames."


"I've been accused of having a silver tongue when it comes to public speaking and selling people things but I've never been accused of just selling people crap or simply being a yes-man or simply saying what someone wants to hear. I'm honest to a fault.

I'm a heraldry student and have some formal training from the Scotland College of Heralds. I can wander through heraldic devices for hours looking at how many ways people found to say 'we's better than you yo!' and i carried that into a minor in art history with a focus on Inuit sculpture (arctic Canada specific) and propaganda artwork psychology.

As a fan of dungeons and dragons i have always played bards. of smart fighter. a wizard once. a cleric once. i helped write second edition and 3.0 and 3.5 and worked summers for the major players at Gencon and Origins and in January at a convention called Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne.

I also like Shakespeare and wrote a soliloquy to a girl i liked once.

At the Interactive (costumed) events i coloured my Bard characters hair silver and had green contacts to go with the elven ears (half-aquatic elf bard) and introduced the writers of the Forgotten Realms to 10 000 gamers at midnight in Indianapolis at the opening of the new convention center. there are embarrassing pics online still i am certain.

All that said...i'm a Bard. also a druid but that's not involved. When someone sent me a note addressed to 'the sylver tongued bard' i shortened it because it seemed right.

All *that* said, I'm horribly shy, learned to read very late, am dyslexic when it comes to simply mathematics, served my country as a long distance shooter and medic, openly admit i have self esteem and depression issues especially the last few years...but i can hide all that behind the Sylverbard. And I'm going back to school at 46 to become a full Nurse.

Sorry to be verbose. And boring."


"I carry my nick since first grade, that would be forty years now ...

Good god, really?

I was as thin as a beanstalk, so I was called "bohne", which means "bean" in German (like Tex "bean" Avery, famous cartoon director). When I entered university I dropped the "h", for whatever reason. I sign my work with that name.

And, yes, I have heard all the funny English variations of bone ...

I am known as bone to friends and family and also my mother uses that nick. Only exception are my wife and daughters.

Being a graphic- and comic artist, it is quite useful to have an uncommon name that sticks.

So, no skulls and bones, more of a vegetable."

To read more the thread can be found here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30172-story-behind-your-nickname/

With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Glen Q Rhodes
TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"
FISD Imperial Propaganda Machine Team



With the nature and activity level of the community that we have here at FISD, Trooper of the Month is a wide-open consideration with the publication of each newsletter.

It is very rare that someone does one thing that simply sets him or her far above the rest of the Detachment in some way. This month one of our members just so happened to catch the attention of the IPM as leading the charge in a very “Troopers Helping Troopers†way.



Our Trooper of the Month for March is Snaps (TK-51500). During the last month, he volunteered to assume duties as an FISD Attache and is one of our newest members of the team. He was a staple of positive energy, he posted a great troop report, he welcomed every new member to the forum with a friendly and positive attitude, and gave us the single most viewed “Off-Topic†thread in the FISD in about a year and a half. The post, entitled “Story Behind Your Nickname†helped many of us here get to know each other a little better and grow a little closer in some ways. The thread is still active and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Congratulations Trooper! Don’t slow down now, and thank you for everything that you do for the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
FISD Ambassador




This month the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate:


Expert Infantry Badge Award:




Centurion Award:




Stand tall and be proud of what you have achieved troopers. You will now be deployed into the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Advanced Tactics Roster. Make us proud troopers!


The FISD is always looking for new applicants for our Advanced Tactics program so please do not hesitate to apply if you meet the standards! Our Deployment Officer and armorers are here to help and guide you through to success!


Feel like your armor is up to standards and worth of recognition? Apply for the Expert Infantry Badge Program now!


Want to go the extra mile, raise the standards of Stormtrooper armor, and be the envy of your peers? Apply for the Centurion Program now!


Note: Applicants need to be EIB approved before applying for Centurion.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,
Evan Loh
TK-24127 "evan_loh"
FISD Public Relations Officer




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FISD Public Relations Officer

On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff,

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September Newsletter 2016







From the DL

From the PRO

Around the Detachment
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Greetings Once Again!


I want to start this edition of from the Detachment Leader with a heart-felt thanks to everyone here that has been doing what you do, to make this Detachment the best place online for Stormtrooper enthusiasts to hang out and share things.  Like any other year, this one has already had some crazy twists and turns that have impacted what we're doing, but at the end of the day (as I've been told) it is the friendships that matter.  I like to think of the FISD in that regard, a great big group of friends hanging out.  Online.  I hope that all of you feel the same for the most part.


Kudos Are In Order!


Again, kudos to a number of members of the community here, as the Battlefront Shocktrooper CRL was green-lighted and approved for Legion approval as a new to the Legion costume on 15 August, 2016.  There was a great deal of collaboration and cooperation by many people, on many fronts both in the forums and behind the scenes, that made this newly discovered dream become a reality.  Like so many things, there was a bit of friction along the way, but in the end the FISD now has 13 Legion costumes to manage (with number 14 presumably following in the not to distant future).  Thank you again, to everyone involved in making it happen!

What are you new folks learning about the Legion?

This is something that has been popping up in discussions among active Legion members in more than one Garrison, as I understand it, quite frequently lately.  Although it is not specifically an FISD thing, I'm going to take a moment here to promote the Legion at large to you.  

This is not simply people in plastic and leather (that's an entirely different club), as I sort of mentioned in my first paragraph.  This is a global organization of Star Wars costumers, who have come together under a common banner and been recognized in many official ways by Lucasfilm as being an actual part of the Star Wars universe.  I hope that everyone takes that fairly seriously.  We are allowed to do the things that we do, because of how we do them across the globe.


While we are here to promote and help you with all things Stormtrooper, I feel that we have a further, and perhaps more important obligation as members, to ensure that you are learning about the 501st Legion itself as a result of your interactions with us here.  So, I encourage all of you to take a few moments to read through a few documents, starting with the Trooper Survival Guide.


This doesn't need to be done all at once.  In fact, it is probably better if you take these one at a time, and review them so that you are comfortable with them.  Next, go to the Legion's home page and click on the "About the 501st" drop-down link.  There, at the bottom, you will find "Operating Guidelines."  Spend some time with those documents.  Go and watch "Star Warriors" on YouTube.  See if you can find "Heart of an Empire" someplace, and watch it as well.

Next year will be a significant one for all of us in the 501st Legion.  August of 2017 will bring about the 20th Anniversary of the Legion, and of course, in May we will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars.  

This is really something amazing that you are all either already a part of, or may be thinking about becoming a part of in the future.  Know what came before you, learn the stories, and the significance of all of it.  I believe that you'll be happy that you did, when all is said and done.  

The Most Awesome Thing About Most Successful Organizations Is The People


So, yeah, I've been pumping everyone's tires a little bit with this particular edition of From the Detachment Leader and there's a very specific reason for my doing so:  It is good every now and then to stop worrying about the day to day activities, hit the pause button, and let the people in your organization know that they're awesome.  

I personally appreciate and am thankful for each and every one of you, and what you bring to the table here at the FISD.  It has thrived for more than a decade now, because of the people.  It will continue to thrive, because of the people.  It is the best Detachment in the 501st Legion, because of the people!


Thank you.


You're all awesome!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
Detachment Leader




Don't forget to write your very own story in our Trooper Log competition to win an autograph from Brian Muir!


  •     Write a short story involving yourself (a Stormtrooper), a Star Wars character, a new made up character, or even all of them together! Darth Vader must be in the story in the form of a cameo, protagonist or even an antagonist.
  •     Word count: no minimum. Maximum of 500 words.
  •     The background story or premise must be followed. (Should add that the background is in no way part of the 500 words)

Participation is open to anyone but the FISD Staff Members.

Timeline: The competition begins in earnest on 17th August 2016 and shall end on 17th September 2016. The winner will be announced shortly after and the story showcased in the following month's FISD Newsletter.

Prize: Upon winning, FISD VIP (and also a member here) Brian Muir will mail his autograph directly to you! Fun fact for those of you who are not aware, Brian Muir sculpted the helmet and armor of Darth Vader, the armor of the Stormtrooper, as well as various props and characters throughout the Star Wars Saga.



In the month of May this year a poll was made that asked three questions:


Which armor do you like better? First Order or Empire? What Armor are you Wearing? What FO TK Are You Wearing


Go to the page linked below to find out the results or if you haven't already answered the poll do add to the results and share your opinion!




*Do note that you would need 501st access in this forum to view and participate in the poll.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave (evan_loh)"

FISD Public Relations Officer






The FISD is currently looking to fill quite a few positions in the Imperial Attache program, and is looking for qualified people to fill them.  Our main goal is to have at least two in every Garrison, and at least one in every Squad and Outpost.


Some of the main missions of this program include:

1.  Being a liason between your unit and the FISD, keeping us informed of news, updates, etc. of things happening in your area.

2.  Being active on the boards (both here and on a local level) helping new recruits, answering questions, welcoming new folks to the FISD.

3.  Assisting and encouraging both new and approved members to reach EIB and Centurion level.


The qualifications are:

1.  Have official status as a full, active 501st Legion Stormtrooper.

2.  Must have built your own armor.

3.  Be in good standing with the FISD and your local unit, and not under any disciplinary action.

4.  Be an active participant on the FISD and your local boards.

5.  A suggested level of EIB or above.



1.  In addition to the title FISD Imperial Attache, you will have access to the Imperial Propaganda Machine area of the FISD - the same area as the photoshop team (Combat Photographers) and other extended staff in order to share ideas, information, file reports, and ensure any best practices are shared among the entire team.

2. Access to the Attache Headquarters section-  To discuss things related to the position.

3. Access to merchandise for Attaches only, (patches, rockers) etc. to wear proudly.  


To see the Attaches in your area, or if it needs one, a list (in progress) of all Garrisons/Squads (Outposts coming soon) can be found here: http://www.whitearmo...st-in-progress/


So, if you enjoy helping future, new, and present TKs out, have a good working knowledge of armor, and are interested in joining up, just post on the link listed below with your qualifications and reason(s) for wanting to be a part of the program. We will review your post, and get back to you as soon as we can.  If you have any specific questions, you are more than welcome to PM me, and I look forward to welcoming you to the rank of Imperial Attache!

Click here to find out more!



With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Joseph Pedigo
TK-10963 "justjoseph63"

FISD Amabassador



Rouge One Troopers


It’s an exciting time for Star Wars fans, with new movies and media scheduled to come out frequently in the next few years.


Every new piece that comes out is another opportunity for more of the cold, shiny plastic we love so much. With Rogue One due out at the end of 2016, we’re already seeing some people putting together new suits for both the Shoretrooper and Deathtrooper.


Whitearmor member Jimmiroquai is working on both Shore and Deathtrooper kits at the moment. His tailor sewed some soft parts based on World War II-type patterns. He is sculpting helmet pieces as well as the rest of the armor for both types of troopers and the prototypes are looking really nice. He did sign ups for a first run, and the wait list filled up in just 12 hours. You can check out Jimmy’s thread an all the progress on both troopers here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38197-jimmiroquai-rogue-one-builds/


Mitcheg1 has also got a thread going about the Deathtrooper. Greg’s got a good list going of where to get individual parts, with lots of pieces yet to be tracked down. His will be a good thread to keep an eye on if you’re interested in starting a Deathtrooper. Check out what he’s got together so far: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38135-rogue-one-death-trooper-build-thread/


Darren from Purgeworx has got a Shoretrooper bucket in the works. It’s over on facebook, so you can hop over there if you want to check it out. As of now, he’s not sure about the size of the runs he’ll be doing, and is planning to probably ship just within the UK. You can check out the main Purgeworx page here, and click around to see all the other cool props they’re working on, too: https://www.facebook.com/Purgeworx/?pnref=lhc


There seems to be a little contention about which detachment the Shoretroopers will end up in. They could go to Special Ops, Pathfinder, or possibly elsewhere. It’s been determined that Deathtroopers will be a part of Special Ops. I’m looking forward to seeing what whitearmor members end up doing with these new troopers! If you’re working on a Shoretrooper or a Deathtrooper, share your progress!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Alison Machado







Murray Symphony Troop July 9th



More here: http://www.whitearmo...symphony-troop/

By: Aron, TK, 91091

Visiting the NASA Booth at Comicpalooza



More here: http://www.whitearmo...ooza-pic-heavy/

By: Jack, SkulShurtugalTCG , 69004

Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Family BBQ



More here: http://www.whitearmo...ion-family-bbq/

By: Glen, gmrhodes13, 85421

Birthday Party For Autistic Child



More here: http://www.whitearmo...hild-seneca-sc/

By: Bryan, trooper96 , 14082

Relay For Life Southend -on-Sea



More here: http://www.whitearmo...-sat-30-jul-16/

By: Pete, nosamp, 7414

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Glen "Q" Rhodes
TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"
Imperial Propaganda Department




One of our very own members have decided to take a big leap in his life: a decision that will change his life forever.


We are talking about our very own Derek TK-26212 . After months of preparation and communication with the help of Southern California Garrison and the Rebel Legion, Derek set up an "ambush" on his girlfriend that would lead him to ask her for her hand in marriage. We'll let the video below do all the talking from here on!










With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave (evan_loh)"

FISD Public Relations Officer



This month the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate:

Expert Infantry Badge Award:


Chris Bell "bells0" TK-83115

Hunter Nelson "HunterDisarm" TK-81457

Preston Christman "Pretzel" TK-91488

Jim Moser "MoSc0ut" TK-50899

Joseph "justjoseph63" TK-10963

Dave "Skorpion1974" TK-14274

Walt Warner "FireTrooper911" TK-52860

Sebastian Depaola "sebadepa" TK-31124

Christian Meyer-Zurwelle "Novak Dimon" TK-21518

Tom Alford Finnegan "YIYO" TK-28125

Reno Rodriguez "TK11369" TK-11369

Victor Martin Guzman "Traumtrooper" TK-19811

Jack Sauder "SkulShurtugalTCG" TK-69004

Carlos Mendoza "Solcar23" TK-5924

Dale Evans "Squaddiechef" TK-23812

Tom Rogers "TK-Tom" TK-19764

Chris Johnson "gromitsdad" TK-71430

Theo van Geffen "ScaryGuy" TK-31026

Brian Payne "Darkpain714" TK-50976


Centurion Award:


Gary Crowell "TK-22019" TK-22019

Joseph Chan "tk4949" TK-4949

Hunter Nelson "Hunterdisarm" TK-81457

Joe Marzocca "The Chief" TK-98239

Steve Tennison "Chip" TK-24271

Samuel Ibon Solórzano Rodríguez "Hades" TK-24637

Sebastian Depaola "sebadepa" TK-31124

David Qian "JodoYodo" TK-30307

Jerome Fabry "Yooda2004" TK-41274

Fernando Sánchez Llorca "Lord Darzu" TK-71987

Joseph "justjoseph63" TK-10963 now with three Centurion certificates! ANH Stunt, ANH Hero,and HWT Centurion. Kudos for all the hard work!


Stand tall and be proud of what you have achieved troopers. You will now be deployed into the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Advanced Tactics Roster.


May you be an inspiration and beacon for aspiring troopers who want to look the best!


Make us proud troopers!

The FISD is always looking for new applicants for our Advanced Tactics program so please do not hesitate to apply if you meet the standards! Our Deployment Officer and armorers are here to help and guide you through to success!

Feel like your armor is up to standards and worth of recognition? Apply for the Expert Infantry Badge Program now!

Want to go the extra mile, raise the standards of Stormtrooper armor, and be the envy of your peers? Apply for the Centurion Program now!

Note: Applicants need to be EIB approved before applying for Centurion.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave (evan_loh)"

FISD Public Relations Officer



Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter!

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st
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Instagram: www.instagram.com/501stfisd



With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Evan Loh
TK-24127 "Holnave (evan_loh)"

FISD Public Relations Officer


On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department,

<End Transmission>

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