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KW Designs Legacy Female


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I see the CRL for Legacy Female at: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Legacy_Trooper_Female


I saw this KW Designs Legacy Female posted on OfferUp: https://offerup.co/JpJO64JFjcb


I'm tiny at 5'3 130 lbs so a suit built for someone 5'8 and 165 lbs is too broad in the shoulders for me without major rework like Cricket has done. I'm interested in whether this is an approvable kit, and if it is whether it's worth pursuing. The back plate looks like the B version in the CRL. It's unclear if the pipe-like piece at the bottom is a thermal detonator or not. I recognize it would still need a helmet.


There's some yellowing present on the chest and cod pieces. Has anyone tried this technique to reverse ABS aging? Seems like a scientifically sound approach, but one post doesn't make me a believer yet.




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Unfortunately our link to "OfferUp" doesn't seem to be working.


As long as you have adjusted the armor to suit your frame/size and it still looks like the CRL references then there shouldn't be an issue for approval. I would confer with your GML (garrison membership liaison)


Yellowing doesn't seem as common these days, some older threads on the subject







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