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Jeff's AM 4.5 TK commissions build (stunt)

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So after 8 long months ( thank you Covid ) BBB day finally arrived. I had originally ordered a trimmed kit from Daves Darkside but with time constraints between work and home  ( again , thank you Covid) I opted for a commission build  , otherwise it would be another 8 months before I could even get around to start working on things and I cant wait that long  :-)


Unboxing day and got everything laid out  , Dave's packing job was excellent ensuring every piece was well wrapped and taken of during transit, big thumbs up.




Once everything was laid and I ensured all pieces ( and then some) were accounted for and it was time to try things on .  After reading the directions carefully and watching some YT videos I felt prepared enough to give it a try.  I opted not to put on the bootsor the thermal detonator at this point, just wanted to get a feel for the armor.



Full understanding that  this is the first fitting and I have to get use to things , but after studying MANY builds and using the CRL as a reference I got a bit concerned , wasn't exactly how I thought the fit would go.  I talked to Dave at Daves Darkside and showed him some of my concerns and I have to say his customer service is above board , (  5 stars all the way) , after reviewing some of the pictures and concerns he is fully prepared to correct the following after I sent more measurements along with pictures to help with the details. 


I will include pictures below on my concerns and welcome comments from this team and/or recommendations and  ensure I am on the same page with other builds I have studied and followed.


I fully realize that I am not a 'skinny" guy , I am rocking the dad bod at 5'9" at 210 , but this suit seems to be 'conformed' to a 6 foot 240+lb guy , with the picture below in the garage , this thing looks huge on me :-).  Fully expected to add girth , it is armor after all , but just seems I am a "large" body into an XL size kit? wrong on this?


See pictures and comments below.



uDhmSFX.jpg  ndhh1kg.png



1) shin pieces are a bit on the bulky side , taking them in a bit and may shorten things  ( Velcro came  off on the left leg, couldn't fasten).


LTVlhs0.jpg  Lf6gCaD.jpg




2)  with the thighs , these things are HUGE on me  , he will be taking these in as well specifically the bottom part


SBhVmXr.jpg JRqm8BN.jpg


3) He wants me to send these back as well to ensure proper fit, they are a bit on the large side as well.

4) Biceps need a lot of work , very LARGE on me and push my bells out when I flex my arm. 


0zDDder.jpg  C4iVjPy.jpg



My next post I will try and seek some advice ion the chest / cod piece and helmet fit, having some concerns there as well ..





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Great news BBB finally arrived, shame about the fit but purchasing ready to wear sometimes needs some tweaks, better the armor is too big than too small, looking forward to seeing the progress

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Need some help with the chest piece and it  seems to ride up a bit interfering with the helmet. Alone the helmet fits fine with line of sight just about perfect . Once I put on the ab and the chest piece the front of the helmet seems to "sit" on the shoulder straps raising the helmet up and thus making my line of sight below the eyes ,  I am unable too turn my head side to side at the slightest degree and the area around the hovi tips will bump up against the chest peice.




In thirst photos you can see there is a bit of q gap between my chest area and the chest peice  riding up around and leaving a gap up top.




IN these pictures I am pointing out with my fingers where the helmet is hitting the chest plate thus raising the helmet , so high in fact I cant see out the eyes. Curious how to lower the chest piece so the helmet will not sit on the shoulders guards impeding eyesight and head movement, can I cut trim the top?




In this picture I am pointing where my eyes actually are , the helmet around the Hovi mics is actually sitting on chest piece raising the helmet up making it almost impossible to see out of .





In this picture I am pushing down and holding the chest piece with a fair amount of force to improve the helmet fit. I am not sure adjusting the straps that connect to the ab would help as I am pushing down with a fair amount of force , and still have a fair amount of difficulty of moving my head ad the area around the Hovi tips still hit the shoulder straps.





Side profile shot not .... 



RsMSdJB.jpg pBTTpDg.jpg

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Jeff I’m having the same problem with same armor maker , I got tighter straps which pulled chest plate down a bit but still having helmet problem how did you fix it , thank you in advance steve

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4 hours ago, stell001 said:

Jeff I’m having the same problem with same armor maker , I got tighter straps which pulled chest plate down a bit but still having helmet problem how did you fix it , thank you in advance steve

Photos may help to see what the issue is.

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