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How do you guys measure yourselves for these suits of armor?

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I'm 5'7 about 190 and I really wanna know how you guys measure these suits. If you are around my height or even weight please, you would be most helpful. I frequent the gym so I have large biceps so if you have a more muscular build that would help too. You boys are always helpful I'm gonna need that help again. I recently bought a 3D printer. Parameters are 300x 300y 400z if you have print files already made that would be a big help. I'm PETG for my armor. The Printer it's very detailed. I printed my leopard gecko the shield generator bunker for ROTJ and it even got the little control panel detail. Any help would mean the world to me.

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It's only very recently that some have been printing full armor, mainly Rogue One styled, I don't know of anyone that has original trilogy 3D files which are approvable.


There are a lot of helpful guides on youtube about sizing armor to a persons size


Here's one based on clonetroopers which may give you some hints


Pretty much all original trilogy Stormtrooper armor is vac formed plastic, which can be trimmed to a persons size, even those of smaller height.


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