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  1. How do you put it on? Do you use a Q-tip to do it? Or what? Also do you have the Black series helmet? Did you put it on before you put yours together or after? If you got it later while it was already put together did you take your helmet apart to put it on?
  2. Okay, I'll tell him to look into that. I might make a helmet and try to incorporate some type of AR in it, but that's another project. Just to look and get more info on 3D printing though do you have any links for it? I saw one guy in YouTube make one and it looked good. I would add like that thin cushion that you get on headphones for padding. *if I can when I make it* but overall it looked good and looks like at least a somewhat solid start. You know?
  3. Okay, so I looked at all the information everyone gave me and it was a big help. I got a lot of saving. Another thing I was thinking, what if I 3D print the armor? Does anyone have any experience in it? Also, my cousin wears glasses. How do those of you who wear glasses see out of your helmet? Do you get custom lenses for the frames of your helmet or what?
  4. I am a noob. I wanna know how to make the helmet and armor. I'm in the academy (university) and don't have many funds. So I wanna be able to construct everything. Or at least get the molds so I can recreate the armor and helmets. To simplify I need some help getting armor.
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