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Any ideas what I did wrong?


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Howdy! So, I got my first costume, a TFA TK, cleared a few months ago after lockdown started, and popped it in storage for when the world opens up and we start having conventions again. Alas! I took it out the other day to find this:



It looks like the colour/texture from the cloth I had wrapped round my armour pieces has imprinted on it. And it's not just this one piece, most of the armour has something similar. And nothing really had any weight besides the armour itself and maybe one other piece resting on top.


It's one of Jimmy's fibreglass kits, with primer, paint and lacquer on it. The primer and paint both had at least a week to dry before the next layer went on. The lacquer had between a couple of weeks and a few months between going on and getting put away, so I'm confident it must have cured in that time... I think!


Does anyone have any ideas what I did wrong? Was my lacquer too thick/thin? Did it not cure properly? Was it a mistake to just store it in cloth and I should have added more real padding like cotton wool? I don't want to start fixing it until I know how to avoid this happening again!


Thanks guys!


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I think you nailed it, the paint may have not been fully cured, or at it didn't have the correct amount of hardener in it. 


Most likely it will have to be buffed out, or in the worst case sanded and repainted.


I personally wouldn't use cheese cloth or anything with a harsh texture to it. More importantly ensure the paint is fully cured by performing a fingernail test (find an unseen area and see if you can press your fingernail into the paint). Fully cured paint should be difficult to press your nail into.


Lastly, store your armor in a cool environment after fully curing.


Also, when stowed don't allow high points from other sections to rest on long flat areas like the Chest and back plates. These areas are the most commonly seen so you want to protect them to most.


Hope this helps  

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I encountered some bleeding from some soft fabric pouches I made to protect my armor, I made them in black fleece material as I thought they would be nice and soft, never thinking the material would bleed, but weeks later I was checking the kit for our next event and opened to find some edges and corners had a small amount of black on the armor, I was lucky enough that I had applied about 4 coats of clear so used some cutting compound and managed to buff them all out.


I then proceeded to purchase white polar fleece and started making the pouches again.


You may be lucky and be able to polish the mark but worse case scenario would be re-paint like Tony has suggested.

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