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2 eBay E-11 Blasters. Need advice.

Waya Chetan

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Found 2 potential blasters on EBAY and figured I would come to the experts to determine if either was worth purchasing 

1st one is a modified Rubies blaster... https://www.ebay.com/itm/114360824279


And the 2nd.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/333452459381

Any and all advice appreciated.

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I have a really nice E-11 from QuestDesign which was for getting approved, and I have a Rubies mod and re-paint made by a friend which I prefer to bring to troops because I don’t worry about anything happening to it, and it’s lighter. Just something to consider.

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Hey trooper,

Really depends how accurate you want it to be. The toy blasters don’t look very realistic, so could detract from the overall illusion of being a “real” trooper in the eyes of the punters. If that not really your aim, the toy ones are fine.

Otherwise, resin blasters, such as DoopyDoos or Quest Design are certainly much better quality.

Rubber ones (like Sheartech) are also more realistic than the toy ones and are very rugged.

I’ve read loads of people talking about their concerns over trooping a resin (more detailed) blaster. So far, I’ve had no issues trooping with mine. Mine is heavily modified but troops brilliantly. As with the armour, I just look after it and all is well. :-)

Best wishes

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