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My Stormtrooper Helmet scratch journey

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A few years ago i decided i wanted to build a full size stormtrooper helmet using basically card, glue, wallpaper paste, and whatever else seemed usable. I have a background in design (I did Furniture design at uni) so i am pretty skilled with my hands. I knew it would be a serious challenge, I wasnt wrong!

So i started with a small prototype I suppose, which was more really to check out materials and build methods. You can see this build here:


So then I started my full size attempt. I'll just post the images, i think they show how this build progressed. A very steep learning curve! But basically by the final pic, which was about a months work, i decided nah, i wasnt happy - and decided to start again!!

So this was attemp #1.

More to follow!

Cheers :)









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Wow an amazing amount of work, hope you have more success with the MkII

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