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TheRascalKing's ESB Anovos TK Conversion Thread

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6 minutes ago, TheRascalKing said:

I mentioned this to @Oztrooper a while back and I believe he remarked that this is actually accurate - ears were paint and don't need to match the decals exactly. You can kind of see it in this shot that the ears are a little darker, if it isn't just the light. I wouldn't trip on it and the DOs didn't at Centurion when I applied.


Cool cool. Either way I'm repainting since I'm not happy with the ear paint the bucket came with. I actually just spoke with Mike at Trooperbay a few minutes ago and he said he's actually mixed a little bit of Testors 1110 blue in with the 1138 gray to achieve a closer match with his decals. For kicks and giggles I may try that just to see how close I can get. Worst case I'll just go with the standard 1138 gray.

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