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Paypal and Chase Freedom CC


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Mods, feel free to move or delete if inappropriate

This is NOT an endorsement of Chase Credit Cards , just a reminder for fellow users that potentially could take advantage


Reminder to Chase Freedom CC holders who are planning to make purchases through PayPal soon

This quarter is 5% cashback on purchases made through PayPal and other select merchants

That means, based on the amount and the locations of both buyer and seller, this is actually an ideal time to make your PayPal purchases if you have this CC



Chase Freedom CC gives 5% cashback on qualifying transactions up to $1.5k per quarter (Source)

Paypal charges a 2.9% fee + $0.30 per transaction to use your credit card (Source)

Not that this is for USA domestic only (buyer AND seller are USA domestic)

This potentially not only gives you savings, but a "discount" at the end of the quarter.


Points of consideration

possible delays due to increase in demand, between Halloween and other holidays

don't just get a credit card to take advantage, there is always inherent risk with CC's, and impact to one's credit score


T^T Wishing I knew this before I purchased my armor kit last month, I totally would have qualified........

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added points of consideration
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1 hour ago, Harbinger said:

5% is pretty good. My CC is 2%.

So the Freedom is actually1%, but every quarter there are select types/vendors that are 5%. So it's not 5% for everything. I use a different CC my primary card (it's 2% and also Chase), but I put a post-it note on my Freedom card so I know when to swipe for the 5%. So like for example, there is a quarter where all groceries are 5%, and that's when I use it most heavily. Or when it's "streaming services" that's when I buy a year subscription to Pandora.


1 hour ago, Harbinger said:

Mod note, moved this to NCO as it not an item for sale/trade.

Acknowledged! I chucked it in sales originally because I know there were a lot of sales threads.

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