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Researching Helmet mods

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Nice thread, The only thing I can add is the speed controller I used in both my TK and my Vader. I use this one. 

It's got a detached controller, but they have ones that are attached to the PCB as well. I like the idea of being able to have the fans at a lower speed indoors to keep the lenses clear, but also able to go higher speed outside. I have it mounted inside the helmet powered by this USB battery pack, the fans I use are 7cfm 5v fans for a 3d printer found here. I haven't trooped with everything in my TK yet, but it's worked great for Vader so far. the only difference right now is the fans, I have a 12V battery in Vader, and 5V in my TK. 


For microphones my TK uses the one that ukswrath sells with his hovi mic setup, my Vader uses a radio shack mic I got off ebay, it's worked great, just needs an amp. The Aker mics have done alright from what I've heard, but none of these are very hidden, so under a facemask won't work very well. I know throat mics exist, they are designed to pick up your voice from the throat so they shouldn't sound muffled unless you have something between the mic and your skin. 

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work in progress!!   Hi All!   Doing some research on helmet add-in's. Just wanted to throw together a list and see if anyone else knew of any others, or could give opinions. Not i

Heres a quick demo of my Troopacoola Digital Variable Speed system. Please note, any price listed is out of date. For upto date listings and more info, follow the link in the description Sent fr

Nice list! 

On 7/7/2020 at 7:53 PM, JZYL said:

Huh maybe. I had seen on reddit that clip on mics weren't a good idea since you're amplifying a muffle anyways. It might work for him because he is wearing a face shield. But I also want to look into things that we civilians can do too.


On 7/7/2020 at 2:21 AM, MissionTrooper said:

Have you thought about a clip on mic?  Also, look on YouTube for Adam Savage's video he did where he put a mic in his glasses.  If your brother wears glasses, that might work.


So I found the Youtube video of Adam Savage's glasses microphone

Thought it was cool and did some sleuthing to find the company, Countryman, and oof that is some eyewatering prices for mics, but it seems that they are really professional. 

If anyone is curious, the camera crew thinks Savage was using the B6 microphone as it has the smallest profile. As of this post (8July 2020), prices are $420-$565


Thanks @MissionTrooper for the tip, and I will add it to the master list. But I will leave it for others to experiment.


There is also the EMW microphone which is half the price of the B6

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adding EMW mic information
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Throwing this in here for food for thought

Article on Hamilton production: most of the cast wear their mics on their foreheads because it increases clarity. Note that not all actors did this, notably the ones that were bald.

Not sure how a mask might interfere, but it's another placement thought. 

I wear a BTS cap most of the time when I'm out (don't want to deal with sunglasses). For those unaware, it's a normal baseball/dad cap that has "piercings" on it. I've been known to hang a little lego stormtrooper or keychains on there. Amusingly, I could probably hang a small speaker from it, and probably keep some of the wiring under the hat.

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Countryman actually wrote back to me when I asked about mics that work with masks. See below

Thank you very much for reaching out to us!
We've had a few folks reach out to us in regards to a similar question as yours.  
We would basically recommend the E6 omnidirectional microphone as our microphones are moisture resistant and come with protective caps.  
Using this with a bodypack transmitter with a receiver connected to either speakers or a PA system would work well.
I also asked my other associate and she recommended staying with the W5 or general sensitivity if they have a normal speaking voice when talking to patients.  If they normally have a loud projecting voice then it may be best to go with the reduced sensitivity.
As for sanitation, using normal soapy water or isopropyl alcohol is best to sanitize the microphone.  Just make sure not to get it directly into the mic capsule.  The protective caps are easily removable and you can follow the instructions to clean and sanitize the cap.

The E6 omnidirectional microphone is still a little eyewatering but apparently is specifically meant to be more resistant to moisture and face oil. It's also very small and can stay relatively flush to the cheek. 

Personally the price isn't what's holding me back (1 I'm fairly financially stable and flush, and 2 my consider my godbrother's health worth quite a lot). It's being intimidated by all the electronics. I did recently purchase a throat mic from ixradio, and it's been really touchy for me. I don't know if it's because I have yet to find the "sweet spot" on my throat, or if my neck is too thin. Also, It turns out it has a cellphone connection, which doesn't work going straight into my Aker. After speaking with their customer service, I've ordered an audio splitter, but not too keen on all these hanging off of me.

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"I really don't have the background to navigate those, so any help or pointing in the right direction for microphones that are compatible with simple speaker systems would be great. I'd rather not have to buy a brand new speaker for this, but if I have to I will."


Head on over to my Etsy shop and have a look at my audio systems. 




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