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Fuzzy paint/paint stripping

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I was steaypainting my TLJ bucket. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. But in the outcome, it the surface was fuzzy with a sandpaper texture. The surface was smooth. What causes this? Also, what is the most easiest way to strip paint from a resin fiberglass bucket? I'm sanding but it's a major pain and unsure how I'm going to get into all the nooks and crannies. Any help would be appreciated.

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Most of the time it is layers of paint not drying before others are applied or too thick coats, temperature, humidity, to dry a coat can give a very sandy orange peel look and also what type of paint you use. I painted mine with automotive acrylic as it has thin coats, dries quickly between and is a lot harder than a lot of enamels.


I use a generic paint stripper from the local hardware, brush on, leave to interact and then it's a case of using some gun cleaner/thinners and a pain brush for those little hard to get places.


You will need to wash it down with soapy water afterwards to make sure no residue remains.


Can you post up some pics. 

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