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New CRL models!

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OK folks,

              As mentioned previously, due to the fact that the CRLs are being updated we will be replacing the models as well to reflect the new changes as each category is completed.

In order to clarify some of the requirements, we will be adding additional photos (side views, etc.) to the existing front/back images.

Please note that it may take some time to get these photos posted on the 501st site.  Just changing the text is quite a job, so thanks for bearing with us.


Below are the Troopers who will be the new models for the first round (except ROTJ).  They have gone above and beyond with their builds, and their armor expresses their "esprit de corps".  On behalf of the entire Staff, I would like to congratulate all 3!  :salute:


1.  ANH Stunt Wayne Winfield, TK 32945  "Waynocerous"  (Centurion) from the UK Garrison


2.  ANH Hero Eric Ho, TK 77520 "Hoda" (Centurion) from the Star Garrison


3.  ESB Arthur Wong, TK 39093 "giskard8" (Centurion) from the Hong Kong Garrison


4.  ROTJ-  To be announced (awaiting photos).

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Congratulations to all of you! I am excited to see the updated CRLs! 

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