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Anovos thigh help.

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Good morning everyone!

Finished up my thighs this week. I’m having one issue. The left thigh. This is Anovos armor. I have cyclists thighs and really can’t do anything about trimming.







The right looks better.



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Not to worry, Nick.  Even though the ridges don't match perfectly at the join you are not that far off.  One thing I would suggest to make the gaps a lot less noticeable is to cut some scrap ABS and glue it behind them (photo 1).  If you want to go a step further you can also fill them with ABS paste.  This would take some effort, but the finished look would be much better.

In the second photo (screen used thigh) you can see how although the bottoms are not even, the gap has been filled making it a lot less noticeable.  Nice job on those cover strips!


zhvg9XF.jpg    9YTaCVT.jpg

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