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TK-10401 Cricket Troops the Atlanta Hunger Walk/Run 2019


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EVENT: Atlanta Hunger Walk/Run 2019

LOCATION: Home Depot BackYard, Atlanta, Georgia

DATE: 28Apr2019

TIME: 3 hours

LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: hot, sunny, oh, and HOT

TROOPERS: TK-10401 - Cricket, TK-32568 - LTM, Denise Dolan - Rey, David Lindabury - Tie Pilot, Chris Lewis - Shadow Trooper, Kathleen Campbell - Legacy TK, Scott Collins - Jawa, Stacy Hollinger - Biker Scout, Jake Barnes- Biker Scout

WRANGLER: TK-78789 - Rusty Nations

REPORT: We gave lots of high fives, had lots of photos taken, and made lots of kids and adults smile!

CHARITY: The Atlanta Hunger Walk/ Run is a 5k that benefits the Atlanta Community food bank and their partners.  The event is focused around hunger relief efforts in GA.

REPORT BY: Cricket, TK-10401





It's an annual "thing" to do a jumping photo at the end of the troop.  Oddly enough, it looks like I have a pair of DLT-19 stocks for legs in this shot.

There is a mirror sculpture ball that provides perfect opportunities to spot rebel ships.  Blast 'em!




The bada$$ women of the day's troop!

And a few of us couldn't resist joining in on some of the fun dancing.  Don't tell Lord Vader!


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