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Urgent Help needed: Cover strips abs supply

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I hope it is ok to ask this question here. I am in my basement right now working on my TK build. I ordered some abs sheets some time ago to use as cover strips. Apparently, I ordered the wrong thickness. It looks like I got 2.5mm thick sheets. it is too thick to follow curve of armor. My kit looks like it is 1mm thick and what I have been using up to this point. Does anyone know a place i can order abs for cover strips quickly? Or know if what store or type of store may have it in stormtrooper white? I have an FX kit so I have been using the plastic belt that came with kit, thinking I had enough.

Desperate to find solution. I have already cut calves to put together with cover strips instead of overlap method.

Maybe I am not using best search method here, but having trouble finding any threads about this.


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Hi Michael,

I think what you will find is there are different whites from maker to maker so colour matching the ABS may be difficult.

In saying that, perhaps get in contact with some of the vendors here and ask if they have any cut offs you could buy.

The link below will give you a list of the vetted makers to contact, but also reach out to Mike from Trooperbay as he also makes kits an may be able to help.

Another option would be to google local plastics manufacturers, some may offer smaller sheets of ABS if your lucky.



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