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Phasma's Quicksilver baton screen accurate stl files

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Well Since I couldn't find Phasma's Baton I made one. I chose to do the collapsed version, its still a work in progress. But it should Be a screen accurate as you can get without casting the OG prop. Its 24.5 in in total length and a 3/4 in dia. If you find this is wrong, If you have better info please let me know So I can correct it. Happy printing.




Edit Updated the Baton it now 4 parts and will fit most printers, YAY. Have fun!

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updated files
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Looks good. Is it meant to be built in parts?  I can't quite tell, but it looks like the cut-outs should be more rounded on the edges?


See the source image

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I can put a rounded edge but I dont think that is accurate.  I was going off this which is the actual prop.  But I would suggest that when preparing it, that you take off the edge of the cut outs just a touch.




It is designed to be printed out twice as a half and then to use finishing nails as guild pins. This is the not extended version of the baton. And as I was finishing I realised that its too big for most 3d printers. So I am go back and cut it in half and add in some more holes for guild pins.


I might do the extended version in the future but I like the ideal of this one for trooping.

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