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Teddy Bears Picnic at the Zoo 2018

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EVENT: Teddy Bears Picnic at the Zoo

LOCATION: South Perth

DATE: 11th March 2018

TIME: 10am to 2pm


TK85421 - Q - gmrhodes13
TB13310 - Liz - Liz
TB20074 - Wayne - Whereswa11y
TD84001 - Tahlee - Tahlzy
TD84000 - Kevin - DARTH TROOPER
IG21897 - Johnathon - ImperialKanos
TI86557 - Jason - Volksjager
TI59226 - Jerry - jezzapm
TI98311 - Peter - Flocky

ID36267 - Luke - Gyurizon

Flocky's youngling.

REPORT: Well it looks like the curse of rain at the Zoo has broken, a lovely cool wind blowing for most of the morning but as soon as that dropped off it was hot. Many of our troopers getting into the spirit of the Teddy Bears Picnic bring either a teddy or a stuffed toy (damm that noisey Porg)

To start the day we split into groups with our dark forces heading off to roam and our white troopers hanging around the front entry. We noticed that an Ewok had infiltrated the lines and tried to camolauge itself as a biker scout, but you really can't hide all that fur, the kids did love her though. At one stage we where asked to head out to entertain the crowds outside who had been waiting in line for hours to get in to the zoo, Plunk and I spending an hour and 1/2 walking the lines, dieing of thirst we headed back in for some refreshments once the lines had dropped.

A short break then as our dark forces returned we decided to head out once again, a walk around the park this time then only to get stuck in the middle of the park in full sunlight, again dieing of thirst we tried to head back to the change area, but as usual it was slow going.

Another quick refreshment break and out again, I did notice our dark forces heading back to the change area then I lost our sandtrooper, with the crowds still wanting photos I trooped on with Liz in tow wrangling.

This time it was a walk around the outskirts of the park and even this was slow going, I lost count of how many times I heard "look it's a stormtrooper, oh and he's got a stromtrooper teddy how cute".

With the sun beating down and the headache every increasing it was time to head back to the change area. Our members bags where there but they had disapeared so we had a refreshment break, packed our cases, waited a while, with no-one returning we headed out to the car to drop off our bags but most importantly to find more medication. Returning to an empty change area and the rest of the members still MIA we decied to go for a walk and in the hunt of icecream, great timming as Trisha the elephant was doing a walk around the park, not doing too bad for an old girl either. We continued the search for icecream and luckily found a stand with only a few in line, Liz decided on a rainbow paddle pop and I had a golden gay time, (yes it was my first time). In search of some shade we ran into a few members of PAC and had a chat then Liz recieved a call from Jerry saying everyone was leaving, we finished our icecream and bid farewell to the members of PAC and headed home. 'See you all later'.

INJURIES: None that I was aware

CASUALTIES: None that I was aware

ARMOR REPAIRS: Tore a patch off one glove, things have only lasted 6 years, suppose I can spend the $2 on another set


UNHAPPY PEOPLE: Only the occasional crying youngling


















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I know those Troops in unspeakable heat - way to tough it out Glen

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