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How far is too far?

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Hi folks. So..I have a pretty old, pretty beat up old FX armour that has lived on a mannequin the past few years. Bought it years ago but never got round to doing anything with it. It'd be too much work to bring it up to clearable standard for a regular TK..or even TD..but I've toyed with the idea of zombifying it.

How far can one go with regards to damage and missing components and still get cleared? I'll need to pick up a new lid to "wreck" (the mannequin is wearing an old MR) as well as boots..but can I get away with out a thermal det for example? The OG FX one is pretty junk....


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I've always loved the original/now Legends Death Troopers. :)


I forgot where I read it, but I recall seeing something along the lines of "use common sense" when trooping a Death Trooper at an event, and I would take that to extend to how much gore/weathering/tearing apart to include.


The detonator is listed under required parts, so I'd say it's required and except for the distressing, it's the same basic requirements as a normal TK.  You could likely source parts pretty cheaply to replace the FX one.  


A fruther note about FX armor, which if you have it you probably already know,  but just in case:

Per the CRL, it states: 

FX armor may not be used for Level 3 approval.

FX helmet is no longer permitted for new approvals


But then later under Helmet requirements:

Note: The FX helmet is considered deprecated (to be avoided), though is acceptable for Legion requirements.


So... as to that, that's a question for someone other than myself.  Your GML would likely be the next stop for that one.  


Bottom line, the Death Trooper CRL is much the same as the TK CRL, just with added weathering/gore/broken pieces.  

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