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Tim's Phasma Build

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I'm posting here because I'm open to criticism or suggestions. I've made a few Halo suits from Pepakura and Resin (which turned out well) and have started a Pep build of Phasma for my wife (She's 5'10"). The helmet is only half done and looking alright (will post pictures soon).


I enjoy pep builds, but we do want to join 501st, so I'm curious, because the helmet is one of the hardest pep builds I've done. I think I can do it with how it is so far, but I've had to redo a few sections. 


For the sake of time does anyone know where to get a phasma helmet that would be 501st approved? Anovos doesn't  seem to be selling them anymore and I prefer epoxy resin & bondo instead of fiberglass. 


Regardless, I'm going to do the armor with a modified TFA Trooper pep. Buying the helmet would just save me time overall. 

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Thanks for the quick reply dak,

I ordered the Helmet from the second link you sent me. 


Pros: It has a beautiful finish. Chrome is perfect even with battle damage. Is made from quality material. (I will post images) 


Cons: I'm 6'3" and the helmet is way too big. I know it comes with padding, but still it's for a giants head. So I feel like it would look too big with my armor. Also the nose piece was off center from the chin and was noticeable right when I opened box.

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I wear the Anovos, it is the same size of an Anovos TFA trooper helmet side by side. I have a ton of padding inside and I had to install a chin strap. It is very heavy. If you haven't joined the FB Phasma builders group do so, they have a list of suppliers. There are 3 approvable helmet makers. Jim Triipon, Shawn Thorosson, and Curtis Hoines.  see pic below, I am naturally 5'6" -  6' with lifts and helmet


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33 minutes ago, Captain Cupcake said:

I wear the Anovos, it is the same size of an Anovos TFA trooper helmet side by side. I have a ton of padding inside and I had to install a chin strap. It is very heavy. If you haven't joined the FB Phasma builders group do so, they have a list of suppliers. There are 3 approvable helmet makers. Jim Triipon, Shawn Thorosson, and Curtis Hoines.  see pic below, I am naturally 5'6" -  6' with lifts and helmet


Hey Misty - can you please cross-post those resource lists here?  Not everyone in on Facebook (China being the most obvious) and thus will never see that list if only there.

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On 3/11/2018 at 10:57 PM, Daetrin said:

Hey Misty - can you please cross-post those resource lists here?  Not everyone in on Facebook (China being the most obvious) and thus will never see that list if only there.


From the Phasma FB Group: an old list so prices may have increased


The Kits


Jimmiroquai (Jimmi/Jim): Jim’s helmet is $175 by itself.

Requires some modifications to remove the excess eye flashing. Shipping ranges in price since it’s shipping from the Philippines. PM Jim for a shipping quote. Teresa Nuthall, Jessica Bowyer, Molly Lewis, Jen Belgin and Laura Williams have Jim’s helmets.

You can find his work on the RPF. http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=252114&highlight=jimmiroquai

How to buy: PM on the RPF or Facebook

(Shipping may take a while)

Construction status: Message Jim

Shawn Thorsson: Resin helmet. $225 for the raw cast plus shipping. Will require some mods as well. Ingrid Moon have Shawn’s helmets.

Construction status: Active

Misty Melillo started out with a Curtis Hoines helmet (Phasma V1) but now she has an Anovos for her V2.


Jimmiroquai (Jimmi/Jim): Jim Tripon is the maker. His armor is made out of flexible fiberglass. It has some weight to it and certain pieces will flex, like the ab and calf armor. His newer kits are extremely accurate and are a fair bit lighter than some of the earlier versions. Jessica Bowyer, Jen Belgin and Molly Lewis have Jim’s armors.

Cost is laid out as follows:

Full set of armor and helmet: $980usd

Armor only: $880

Jim requires a 40% deposit to start casting the kit.

Shipping cost ranges. Message Jim for quote.

You can find his work on the RPF. http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=252114&highlight=jimmiroquai

(Shipping may take a while. Message Jim for construction time)

Phasma extras: Yes. Message Jim for info about what this involves.

Construction status: Message Jim

Shawn Thorsson armor:

Shawn’s armor is made of fiberglass with some of the smaller bits made out of urethane resin. A complete kit costs $1965 and gets you all of the hard parts, helmet included. Shawn says the armor is best suited for those of a medium build. 5’8” and up. Misty Melillo has Shawn’s armor.

Shipping varies, depending on buyers location. Shawn is located in Northern California. PM him for quotes.

Construction time is 2-3 weeks depending on backlog.

His process can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8050182@N06/sets/72157659464323179

How to buy: PM on the RPF or Facebook

Phasma extras: Yes. Message Shawn for info about what this involves

Construction status: Active

850 Armor Works:

850 makes a basic plastic FOTK kit. Like KB, it fits a wide range of body styles with some trimming.

Cost: Base kit is $600. Phasma upgrades is $150.

How to buy: PM on Facebook.

Construction status: Active

(Helmet is not approvable.)

****All kits come with greeblies, finger armor, holsters and foot armor. Toe plates may need to be made by builder. See page for tutorials.****


KB also makes FOTK armor and Phasma kits, should be listed with Geeky Pinks thread


Soft Parts (Gaskets/Neck Seal/Belt/Boots/Cape/Belt Pouches)

Gaskets and Neck Seal:

Geeky Pink’s Phantastic Gaskets: Our very own Teresa Nuthall stepped in to make gaskets for our group. Her gaskets are extremely well made and made with much love. Most will require some modifications to get them to fit to your body but she provides clear instructions.

Teresa has a neck seal as well that runs about $45. She will take commissions for anything you might need. She’s done gaskets for Death Troopers and Shore Troopers. If there’s anything you want, PM her and she will do what she can to help. Minimal wait time for costruction.

Cost: Contact Teresa

Construction status: Active

Neck seal:

Amazon: $12-30

eBay: $15

Trooper Bay: $55

Darman’s Neck Seals: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/21385-darmans-neck-seals/

Cost: TK with velcro: $30+shipping

TK with zipper: $38+shipping


Imperial Gaskets: They make two kinds, a rubber latex version and a fabric version.

Fabric version: $150. Has the shiny look that the rubber gaskets do but is latex free.

Compression shirt neck seal: $75

Rubber version $300. Movie accurate. Will require some assembly and modification on your part.

Contact: ImperialGaskets@gmail.com

Construction status: Extreme Waitlist

FN Armour: FN Armour gaskets are pretty common but a word of caution, the FN company has had issues with recasting in the past and has been placed on various DNB lists throughout the FISD. Their gaskets aren’t very popular with many of the Phasma’s. Consider going to another maker.

Construction status: Caution

Jim Tripon gaskets/pouches:

Jim makes gaskets for his FO armors. They’re cloth and pretty sturdy.

Cost: $120+shipping

Pouches: $20+shipping

(Both of these can be included with the armor. Jim recommends Imperial Gaskets, for more screen accuracy.)

Sister Margaret’s Gasket Emporium: Sister Margaret’s works in Waves. Which means orders will be taken until slots are full and then construction will begin. This is a group of 1-1.5 so construction runs in a limited manner and as such may take some time. According to Sister Margaret’s maker, this would make a great alternative gasket maker. Orders may take 2-4 months to complete.

Cost: Monies only due at time of sale once items are shipped. Currently sets with internal ribbing is set at 255 before shipping. Without internal ribbing and instead double foam (ribs will collapse a bit but not as much) 180. Message for pictures of different styles.

Larger sizes would start at that price but wouldn't move much.

Shipping is through Fedex

Contact: PM on Facebook


Jessica Bowyer is one of our own. She makes a gorgeous cape that is screen accurate and comes in two versions. There’s the rubberized version and the canvas version, both of which can be 501st approved.

Cost: Contact Jessica

Construction status: Active

Joanne Marriott: Joanne takes costume commissions and she does a little bit of everything. Her cape is gorgeous so if you’re interested in getting a cape made, give her a PM.

Cost: Contact Joanne

Construction status: Active

***Cape hint and tip*** The cape is kind of tricky, especially since many people don’t make them to sell. A lot of people make them themselves or go to a local seamstress. This might be good because it can be custom made to your measurements. There just aren’t a lot of trusted sellers out there so if you see a person selling her cape, post in the forum and the veterans may be able to give you some advice. There may be some cape patterns floating around as well, that individual makers may be willing to share with the party.


Jessica Bowyer also makes a belt that can be used to attach the boxes and pouches too. It’s a ribbed rubber and attaches with velcro. Very simple to use and works great (no clips!)

Cost: Contact Jessica

Construction status: Active

Darren Vaughan (Belts of the First Order):

Darren’s belts are pretty common with the FO’s. There are three layers to the belt: the outer is ribbed rubber, the inner is sponge rubber and the inner is webbing. Buckled together and there are chicago screws included for the boxes. It all comes together to form a fitted and comfy belt.

Cost: AU$70 shipped

Contact: PM on Facebook or email: beltsofthefirstorder@gmail.com

Construction status: Active

***Belt hint and tip*** Many people have made their belt themselves, using ribbed rubber they find at their hardware stores. That way, if you can’t get one from any of the listed makers, there are still options.

Also, self-drilling screws are a great way to mount the boxes to the rubber. Then you don’t have to fiddle with gluing chicago screws and the like.

Belt pouches:

Phasma has two belt pouches located on her left hip. They are canvas in construction. The longest one is about the size of a Samsung cellphone and is faced with chrome. The second box is relatively squat. This one does not have to be faced with chrome.

Trooperbay is kind of the only place I’ve found the belts ready-to-ship, already-constructed. If there are any independent makers, please let me know! I have these pouches and I don’t mind them at all. They’re big enough to hold my phone and Aker and some snacks, which is always a plus in my book.

Where to buy: https://trooperbay.com/star-wars-stormtrooper-tfa-first-order-stormtrooper-black-canvas-ammo-pouch-set

Cost: $60

Belt and pouches: KB and Shawn both make their own belts and pouches and are included with the armors.

Justin Lee Morrison’s Extras (holster/greeblies/belt):

Justin’s holsters and clips are very clean and well made. Fit great with the armors and he now has a way to attach blasters to the thighs, which is always handy. Justin’s easy to work with and will combine orders when needed. Turn around time is extremely quick, especially considering he’s in Ireland and shipping can be funky.

Holsters (v3, now stainless steel top) with rifle bolts. Assembled £50

Aerators (aluminium) £20 (Not necessary for Phasma’s but good for FOTK’s)

Clip set (6 large, 8 small) £20

Belt £25

All of the above in a set £100 plus shipping (and Justin will also add extra clips)

Contact: PM on Facebook

Construction status: Active


Okay boots are tricky. There’s no real specific design needed (unlike the TK’s and FO’s). As long as they’re black leather or leather-like and have no pronounced heel. Because Phasma is so tall, many Legionnaires have gone with lifted boots. These can be found on Amazon or ----------------

For now I’ll just list the first pair of boots I got, so you can see a common style and maybe go from there.

Jodhpur style boots (common TK style)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CUHT46M/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Cost: Around $60

Boots don’t have to be too specific. Some have even gotten boots with lacing. The armor will cover it and the foot armor will hide a majority of the boot. It just kind of depends on comfort for you and how tall you want to be.

My second pair of boots is a lifted pair of boots that I found on clearance on tallmenshoes. They give me an additional 4 inches in height with room for another inch lift insert. I’m not sure how stable they’ll be but my hope is that they’ll be comfortable enough for my armor.

If anyone has boot suggestions, send them my way. I’ll add them to the list.

The bits and bobs

So if you’re like me and live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, this costume can be kind of tricky to put together. I got a lot of stuff on Amazon and eBay because it was cheaper than driving to a city an hour or more away and run the risk of the stores there not having what I needed. I’m just going to list some of the things I’ve had questions on over the past year and go from there! You know the drill-if you think of anything you want me to add, let me know! Or if you have any questions, ask and I’ll try to find the answers and get them here.

Sound system:


I think most people go with Akers but I found this little guy for relatively cheap and it works well. I just keep it in my smaller belt pouch and it fits perfectly.

Wireless mic:----------------------

I love this wireless mic. It works great and it’s one less thing I have to have on my head! Syncs up great and works perfectly with my sound system.

Hearing system:

Enviro Kit is a great little trick. My handlers call it the Diva Hearing Aids. Jessica Bowyer brought this to the group. What it is is a set of tiny mics that you place in your bucket and it’s connected to an audio feed that you can connect headphones too. It’s a great system and if you’re like me who is already HoH it’s a good trick to have in a visually impaired bucket.

Cost: $80 +$17 shipping anywhere in US or Canada. Shawn Preston is the builder and he has everything on hand to make it. If you want to wear it with headphones he’ll give you a discounted price.

How to contact: Reach out to Jessica Bowyer. She’ll get you set up.

Helmet lens: I am currently using the lens that came with my Jimmi bucket. It works pretty well but it’s getting scratched up so I will eventually have to replace it. Jessica told me to get a welding mask shield. Seems like a great thing to have on hand.


Extra fingers:

My fingers broke the first time I wore Phasma so I needed a Plan B.

I got mine from Jim Sleeth. They’re resin cast, extremely sturdy and very easy to modify.

Cost: $30 plus shipping.

Contact: starbuck@gate.net

KB Props and Shawn make replacement fingers as well. Contact for cost and shipping estimates.


Fans are pretty essential for this costume. And pretty much any helmeted costume. If you’re interested in an already assembled setup, check out Troopercoola. They make custom fan setups and have a lot of different options.

Cost: Varies

Contact: Troopercoola


This is all personal preference. I did the one piece bodysuit for a while and hated it. It made going to bathroom difficult, it wasn’t comfortable and after 6 troops I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m currently wearing an underarmor compression type shirt and some high waisted yoga pants that are extremely comfy and make emergency bathroom stops easy.

If you’re going for movie accuracy though, then Stormtrooper Undersuit might be for you. This is the suit that was used in the movie and it’s a thick spandex with the glossed upper thigh. It has a crotch zipper as well, which might be handy for the guys. Maybe not so much for the ladies.

Cost: £49.99

Where to buy: https://www.stormtrooperundersuit.com/star-wars-first-order-stormtrooper-costume-armour-compatible-bodysuit-undersuit.html


A blaster is not required to be approved of course, but it really is cool to have when you’re in the armor.

I believe most people have the Heston blaster. There’s a lot of options for this blaster and price varies depending. You will have to chrome it yourself and if you want to be extra fancy, you’ll have to tint the chrome gold.

Where to buy:--------------

Cost: $175+

If you have the ability and a 3d printer, there are free stl files on whitearmor for the F-11. Will require some work on your part but could be fun!

http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32544- (you’ll have to be a member of the forum to open the link)

There’s a lot of other makers on etsy but I am not sure about their quality or their ship times. So proceed with caution and make sure to do your research.


Spear: (TLJ)

JJ Industries is currently knocking out some great spears for current and future Phasmas. Luke offers a raw kit and a polished and finished kit as well.

Current pricing breakdown:

- £90 Raw Kit
- £120 Mirror Polished

- £20 Padded Case & Polishing cloth

- £25 UK - Parcelforce Express
- £30 Europe - DPD Express Classic
- £40 USA - DPD Air Classic

pictures can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/rm9P0do

Visit his page for more info. https://www.facebook.com/JJIndustriesUK/

Did you get your kit from another maker not listed here? Be sure to let me know so that the rest of the group can find them!

List is subject to change.

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