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Anyone can build a DeathTrooper set for me?


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Hi. my name is Tony and I've always wanted a cool costume set. Deathtrooper is currently my favorite. However, I have no skills in building these sets. 


 I'm wondering if anyone does this on the side for $? or know where I can find someone? 


sorry if this is not the right forum.  Thought this would be my best shot to find someone. 


located in Los Angeles. 


thank you

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thanks guys! appreciate it. I signed up for Anovos wait list. Also registered at 501st SpecOps. hopefully someone can help


I also ordered a set of the original storm trooper outfit. They are suppose to be 501 approve-able type. been sitting in garage forever., can't build it :/

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Have a look at the build threads on here, like you, I thought that I couldn’t build my armour, but with the help, advice and support on here as well as my local garrison , I managed it, yes it took an age, yes I made mistakes, but with the help of people far more experienced than me I got through...... try before you give up, you may find that it’s easier than you think.... just a thought....

Good luck with your deathtrooper

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