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St Anthonys Fete

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EVENT: St Anthonys Fete

LOCATION: St Anthonys in Greenmount

DATE: 12/11/2017

TIME: 2 hours: 10 am to 12pm

LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: indoors/outdoors. Marquees outside. Inside with air con (in the right spot), Bright sunny warm day.

Jerry -JEZZA TK59226
Stuart -DV64 SL51164
Glen - Q TK85421
Peter -Flocky TK98311

WRANGLERS: Marie and Em

REPORT: Flocky arrived a little earlier than troop official arrival time and Stuart arrived about 10 minutes after. Phoned Marie for instruction on changing area and then went down to the church and looked at the setup. Waited for Mass to end and the arrival of Glen and Jerry. Imperial WRX arrived and we all waited for our change room to be cleared.
Upon changing and profusely sweating before troop start we entered the main stall area inside to the OOOs and Ahhhs of the crowd. Almost immediately we came upon our first little one scared of us (maybe she had something to hide). 3 Stormtroopers went outside and got some shade and had a few photos with the crowd. Many compliments on our costumes from adults. Our Lord Vader was inside mostly but came outside for a little before we all went inside to get get some air con. Crowd thinned out a little inside and we found the spot under the primary heat exchanger to keep the troopers cool. A few more photos taken. A cheeky vendor kept trying to provoke the troopers who amassed on his position subduing his cheeky behaviour. Q and Stuart left and Jerry and Pete had one more quick tour of duty before changing back to civvies. Quite a few bargains to be had at the Fete. A warm day with a warm reception.

Thanks to Em and Marie for wrangling and keeping the troopers and our lord hydrated.

CHARITY: St Anthonys

INJURIES: Eyes stinging from sweat.


HAPPY PEOPLE: Many happy people

UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A few scared little ones













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Stellar job as always Glen!

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