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To be more clear, the CRL says *nothing* about the presence of the U fabric on the sides, e.g. doesn't say that it cannot be present.  The prototype as shown complies with the CRL as I read it.  Heck, in comics they leave out the U too, so I don't see a material difference.


Here is a pix from last Celebration.  Check out the boots.


See the source image

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On 1/31/2018 at 11:03 PM, Daetrin said:


5'10" isn't that bad IMHO. The only real issue with the ebay link you have is the front flap, but to be honest if the shin covers up most of the boot, I bet it will look right and no one could really tell.  You could just cut off the rugged tread I supposed.


Thanks for the feedback, extra unnecessary added heigh I can avoid is best. I am looking for the second approvable boot and think Crow Props is going to work out for me. If they don't, I will try these when the run is available in March

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So with the boot run now live on Imperial Boots, I have a question for @Daetrin :


The current CRL for the Legacy Trooper Female shows images of boots with smooth sides, and while it states "No buckles or laces shall be visible." it doesn't explicitly state that elastic on the sides (as with this chelsea style boot) is permissible. What can we do to have this updated so it's clear for the GMLs that these boots are allowable, or do we even need to?

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Hey Katherine - I've added it for the queue of updates we want to do this month.



Since it's L1 related we'll run it by the LMO as well to ensure they are onboard.  I really do think making it simpler for L1 approvals and leaving the higher details for L2/L3 is the right way to go for this costume.  We should have an updated by end of month at the latest.

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