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MStalkid's TLJ FOTK/Executioner build (LARGE photos)


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Just a test fit of the cod, butt, ab, yoke and chest. Trying to find the right positions for harness to ab, thighs etc.


Just what I see, the yoke front needs to come in more on the chest. The ends of the yoke are showing.

I feel the thigh and cod pieces are  A LOT better than before.


What do you all see? Let me know!






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One last real mock suit up before things get gasket velcro placements etc. Parts slid on me while I was suiting up but it looks so much better than before.





Construction wise just need to sand the helmet and shins smooth again. And final shaping on the thighs. TD cap needs extended. Aaannnd there we go! haha.

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7 minutes ago, JAFO said:

Can’t see any issues that’ll prevent you from painting. Your work will all come in the strapping emoji106.png

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Most of it is strapped up. The only thing that aren't are my thighs to my harness hangers, and all the pieces to the gaskets.


What do you see that needs fixed with strapping?

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Getting parts of the armor primered. Going to try and finish the priming tonight and start on wet sanding.

Got the designs drawn out for the last few pieces of the ax. Going to finish assembling what I can and then prime it too. Waiting on my new Disney toy judicial axe to come then I'm going to rip the electronics and use those.


Just found out I'm getting sent on the road for a bit with work so I'm trying to get as much done as I can. I don't think I can take it all with me and work on it sadly.


The goal is still to be one of the first 10 but I don't know if it'll happen with work interfering. Wish me luck. 

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Got the armor and helmet all white and pretty.


Then masked off the black. But when I pulled the tape off the black came with it. After much freaking the f*&!(@&#*&!@#*& out. I painted it by hand and let it dry.


This is the after hand painting photo. But then I have another problem. The gloss. I put on a clear coat of gloss after 6 days of the letting the white dry and 3 days  of letting the black. The first coat went on good. But...the second coat...well.....you can see.


They are tiny areas...and small. But I can't focus on anything else and they are noticeable. What are my options?


And I worked on my axe too. Yay....but this helmet is fighting me the whole way....


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42 minutes ago, First0rder said:

Nice work.  what you use for the grips on the handle? 

I cut the slots out of the pvc pipe, then made inserts that slid in the inside. It's sintra that I cut lines in with a dremel and heated so they expanded more. Then I heated and rolled it into a pipe shape and slid it inside so they matched up. 

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