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  1. TK 11250 requesting for Stormtrooper access, please. http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24997
  2. APPROVED!! TK 11250, reporting to the First Order for duties. No sanitary ones, please. I still need to polish my armour up and fix some minor cracks here and there. Also, have to fix my blaster.
  3. Hi! I've been a very dirty Sandtrooper for a year now. I can finally wear a clean armour! As seen in the pic, I am a TLJ FOTK.
  4. Just bumping this post as I'm hoping it will be transfered to the TLJ build as this is not a TFA build. Also, I am close, just painting and cursing as the paint either runs, I get orange peel, or more cracks appear. My target is to finish this before May 4.
  5. I know it's been a while since I last posted. My armour is finally ready to be painted!! Originally I was supposed to have it done by an auto painter from our garrison but he's been swamped with work. The money I would have paid him, he would donate to the garrison. Since he is busy, I will paint it myself as can't wait with the tons of troops lined up for May. I decided to use the Rustoleum Pure Glose White. I have a few questions: - What's a good clear coat I can use with the Rustoleum. I want to protect the paint armour as much as I can. It would be nice if it is polish/wax friendly. -If I do a clear coat, should I sandpaper the paint coat? If so, with what grit of sandpaper - For the 2 front belt boxes, what is the thickness of the white part? 3/16"? I know these are 2 toned - black and white. For the black I will use Satin Black. Or should I use Matte Black? Lastly, if someone can transfer this thread to the TLJ thread, it would be much appreciated as this is a Last Jedi build.
  6. Unfortunately I can't do that with my yoke since I "blocked it with a piece of metal. I'll try to find another way! Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. I'm really close in finishing my armour. I was hoping to know which black paints (glossy, satin, flat/matte) were used to paint the different areas of the helmet (visor, teeth, etc.). From what I see, around the lens (visor) is glossy black, teeth are matte black, and the mesh and the stripes are satin black. The parts that I am not sure are the trapezoids. Are they glossy or satin? Also, would it be possible to know how the lens is attached to the interior of the helmet?
  8. Hey, just curious how you attached your lens to your helmet.
  9. Since I have a break next week, I can hopefully finish up my armour to get it ready for painting. I also hope to have time to work on my blasters. I bought a 3D printed F-11d but I am not that satisfied with the quality that I need to smoothen(?) out the 3d fibers and repaint it. I also need to replace the screws for the ones used in the screen versions. So... does anyone know where I can get the hardward and decals for the F-11d? I tried reaching out to Max in these forums but never got a response. Also, I am going to repaint the Nerf SE-44C and place that in the holster. Yes, I know it's small but it's a good weapon to hand to kids for photo ops. Plus, in some cases, I will carry some darts in the pouches so I can play with them. It would depend on the troop.
  10. Getting close!! Did most of my straps and snaps. Had to try on the armour so I know where to put the last straps on the shoulder to the bicep pieces and where to put the velcros to attach the gaskets. Just have to finish the belt pieces and glue the "card swipe" pieces to the shins, then it's sanding and priming time!! Oh yeah, have to attach the lens to the helmet too! Did anyone put any straps to the spats part to attach to the shins or don't need too? Also, how do I raise the shoulder bells? It sits a bit low compared to the yoke.
  11. Been a while since I posted but I didn't make much progress. I made snaps and glued them on different parts. I shaped the cut up biceps and thighs and will glue them back together overlapped. Our garrison had an armour party last weekend so that's where I made some progress. I haven't started painting yet. I cut the forearms and used fiberglass to put them back together. I didn't have extra abs to use as cover strips. Did some bondo and sanding too.
  12. This is going to be my nth time saying great job! I just have one comment, or even a topic for discussion, is that the gap between the torso and cod/butt pieces should be covered by the belt. As you know, I'm still in the process of building mine but I plan to put 1 snap outside the cod piece and one outside the butt piece where the belt will snap to. In theory it will help cover that gap. Another option is to place a snap front and back but underneath the torso and use either a webbing or elastic to snap it to the belt. My main goal is to keep the belt as close to the torso as possible and hide that separation between the torso and cod and butt pieces. Anyone have other cool ideas?
  13. Great job! I sooo want to get mine done but I still have a long way to go. Started gluing in snaps! Our garrison has armour parties this weekend, so hopefully I can accomplish a lot in the 1.5 days.
  14. So is it flat/matte, satin/semiglossy or glossy?
  15. Where are you connecting your bicep pieces? I see snaps in them?
  16. BTW, I noticed the forearms are way off from the screen used ones. But did anyone cut out a hole for the black strip near the elbow or did you use the decals?
  17. Not much photos and not much progress. I was surprised to see some people who started a week or 2 earlier than me finish their builds already. Wow! I was busy this past few weeks and cold, rainy weather doesn't help! I finally bought elastics and webbing so I can start making snaps. I finally got my gaskets resized but the tailor did a poor job as he or she didn't really cut out the excess material but just folded them in. So they are still bulky. But at the least it gave me the opportunity to do the dreaded thing... cut up the pieces so they fit better. Sorry I don't have more pics than that. I am going to do the overlap on my biceps and thighs. But I have a question to those that did it. Did you glue them on or use velcro? I know to use velcro for the shins but the thighs and biceps too? If you noticed the thigh, I outlined where I am going to cut to make them a bit more screen accurate. It will also help a bit with mobility. How are the biceps attached? Velcro also and to the gaskets? Hopefully I will have more progress this weekend and the coming weeks as I really want to get this done for the premiere! Roughly 4 more weeks!
  18. I sand everything by hand. You don't have to sand much initially as the armour is pretty smooth. The most I'll use is a block so the sanding is pretty even. Also I don't really trust power sanders because you don't want to accidentally sand more than needed. On my armour at the least, some parts are thinner than others. They are not even all around. And a brief update (pictures to come), I had my cloth gaskets resized and started trimming the shin parts (which broke my lexan scissors). I have to buy another "industrial/model" scissors to start cutting the biceps, forearms and thighs. Any recommendations for scissors aside from the lexan?
  19. Can anyone tell me the height of the end cap of the TLJ Thermo Detonator? In other words, how much do I cut off from the spray paint cover?
  20. Awesome job so far!! I'm waaaaay behind! It doesn't help to live in an apartment in the middle of the cold season/s. My girlfriend doesn't want me sanding in our place. I'm taking notes on your progress as I may use a similar strapping system, including the magnets. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the finished armour.
  21. True! I forgot to mention the resizing of gaskets first! I may have those done professionally as I do not have a sewing machine handy.
  22. Did an initial sanding and started cutting out the eyes and stripes from my helmet and pill boxes on the chest and biceps. What else can be cut out to be covered by gaffer tape or fabric aside from the center chest piece? Also, just curious if bubble lenses are more screen accurate than the lens that Jim provides. I'm deciding whether or not to buy bubble lenses or not. BTW, I accidentally dropped my helmet and there were a few cracks at the back of the head. I managed to fix it with some bondo but it's still uneven. So I may just bondo the whole back side and try to smoothen it out. Next step after cleaning up the holes is to start cutting up some of the pieces for resizing as they are a bit too big for me (biceps, forearms, thighs, calves, and abs... pretty much most of the pieces. ) I'm 5'9" average build so the pieces are loose.
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