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Spring chamber and movie accuracy (being true to the source material or giving a personal touch?)

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So a lot of builds I've seen usually go the realistic route, creating Blasters as close to the original Sterling as possible. This is my first build in preparation for the armor (mostly to gather the courage to get started) and I've tried to the best of my abilities to modify my doopydoo beyond just assembling and painting. But I'm not sure how to proceed with the spring chamber. I've bought some wire to be able to make the realistic modification, but I have this idea to just fill the whole chamber completely with a plastic pipe instead. The reason being that I'm not too keen on the realistic approach... at least not that specific part... it's supposed to be a futuristic rifle after all... secondly, if I go with my plastic pipe idea I might be able to pull off a movable charging handle, which might be neat. I know, it's possible to do a workable handle with spring and all, but I feel it's a bit above my skill level.


Now I've read the custome reference guide and the only thing stated for basic approval is:


Based on a real or replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster.


So I assume a gun with no spring is acceptable.


I would like to get some input. What is the general opinion on this? Is a bit of personal flavour to the gun accepted within the community (I'm talking basic approval here, this isn't a gun meant for centurion application) or is it shunned upon and preferably I should just do the regular spring chamber and follow conformity?



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If you have a Doopydoo's kit, the possibilities are endless...  it all depends on how much time you would like to invest, and money, of course!  Waiting on your armor kit is the perfect time to work on your blaster, and you can re-use many of the tools.  

For basic approval, an actual spring is not needed, but even though you are not headed for Centurion, you can still make your E-11 look incredible.  I suggest taking a look at Tino's E-11 finishing kit:


For the price, you will not get a better product to turn a DD kit into a work of art.  Below are a few pics of my DD resin E-11 using Tino's kit.  If I can be of any help, just ask.


lMqnCpR.jpg?1  7cCFcGa.jpg?1


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Very nice looking Blaster =) You even did that little "thing" on the ejection port, that's one of the things I will most likely opt out on in this build.

The link I will definately save for later though.


The way I see it, this build will be a "learning by doing" project, and then later down the road I might pick up a second more serious build, adding to knowledge from the first Blaster. I'm currently doing this in a one room apartment so work space is a bit problematic, which is why I don't want to drag this project too far.

Then again, so far I've decided to try and hollow out the scope for some sort of lens replica, add some better looking screws, doing a removable magazine and securing the folding stock with drill holes, so I've landed in something in between at the moment. Doing a spring is probably not that difficult, but if I do, I will definately just glue/screw it in position. That's when I came up with this alternative idea instead.


The idea would be to just fill the whole chamber with a plastic pipe, then secure the pin to a separate strip of plastic, at the moment it barely moves inside the pipe, but some sanding I think would solve that. It's crude, but a bit easier than doing the spring, and a nice touch to be able to move it. But I dunno... might just be a crazy idea and someone should talk me out of it =P


Added some pictures to clarify.


The tube would naturally be longer. I just used the part I did if I go with a spring build.







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You are right about it being a preference and not a requirement.

You are also correct in stating that the "real" blasters didn't have the spring either.


You like the Star Warsy laser gun look, and I can appreciate that.

But for me personally, I like the spring. I also like to make it look like a real world weapon.
That's why we included the spring and even the molt details in our blasters.

(if you are wondering why the scope rail and front sights are not hollow, the reason is because it's cast in rubber)


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