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R1 ell by shear tech

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Hi guys and girls here is my s&t airsoft conversation to the R1 e11 first I started out by stripping the s&t down all electrics and gearbox then cutting down and in half a 38.1mm pipe then making a hole for the cocking handle to fit in place and putting it all back together which wasn't the easiest thing to do. Also i had some T tracks made out of wood by a friend in the ukg which I made to fit the s&t airsoft b2d1a08d742305824147c4846b7b0384.jpgdeebc4ca2b6e33c5c08317f237050aa9.jpg

T track glued down da63ea6a2913d19b5a67a7d0ea7a9a43.pngc3b90cf89fc330da00fa9e573a16ad48.png8a6522c84151485e00acb984908dd6b9.png58e545cf4ffd84f8520ddb23afccde27.png7350930c8a234e433649d51359fcff50.png

Ali half pipe with cocking handle in place

5b846856dfa478bc30c3eaceba9f80be.png2a9b6fd70ed4112565a0cf8d46f7e910.pngmagazine cut down and fitted


Scaling of the power cylinders what I found that the real sterling is a completely different animal all together as there's not one thing that's the same on the s&t to the real sterling

Here is the two different power cylinders that I made c018626b0abf3a5da1fee56beb12d11c.png

As you can see the larger power cylinders sitting under the ones that I made for the e11 (real sterling)d810796664a3968f546a3ef579e0963a.pngthis is the smaller sized power cylinders on the s&t airsoft


Now the right size da169add96d43164e77ea5ce5ec81f75.png090195fd7deec55cf495869b265a1804.png

Then I put all the handle together and sealed all the holes and parts that would be a issue with making the moulds 27caff31731aea513f9e0c76d763f788.png3431b88487fb055552ec758e4252d4d9.png

Now the moulds being made e4def8911c712475d4199ee1b9a16d4d.png43f6286bdd073ca6c8d8a7b1c60d4f06.png7e8272ad6c8f691457ef344b9c05dad8.png

The finished blaster which I first done in resin then done in rubber and here it is 89d52bf87fd1df16a6532b05859af0cc.png



I also used the m38 scopeand counter that I use to make the the ANH e11s out of rubber


Here is the information that Henry talked about(as it was me that first put this information out there back in September of last year) R1 blaster the info in the sds powers cylinders was by me as I found the when building my power cylinders for the s&t airsoft when I scaled the sizing to that of the sds one there was only a little in the sizing and when I removed them off the sds e11 I filed down the sides it came to the right sizes and filed the back of the cylinders down and where the wires met the main body I spoke to a friend in the UKG and discussed the possibility of the T tracks as they looked very alike then I posted my findings on the ukg forum the on the shed of delights (DA props) fb page and on the shoretrooper page on fb



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Wow, this is awesome! You really did a great job on the rubber R1 E-11. It looks awesome, and it's accurate too.

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