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  1. Thank you. They don't have pictures for FOTK armor but I'll message them.
  2. Yikes. Ok. Let me rethink my choice here. Thank you.
  3. I apologize if this is a sore subject. Do you guys know where I can get a set of FOTK armor? I'm in the market and I can't seem to get a clean answer about if it's available or not. Is the Anovos armor for sale or on hold?
  4. I still have two spots for the DLT-19 first run with weathering included. These will ship next Saturday. Let me know.
  5. Thanks. Actually came out much nicer than I had expected.
  6. Yeah. I'm not sure that I did the wire wrapping correctly but yes, they are droppable. I personally like that the receiver cover is a separate piece glued in place. This allows for the hollow receiver. The charging handle is pretty too. I may in the future do a version that will separate for shipping and travel it's probably going to be a bit cost prohibitive. Who knows... These are available. They will ship on Saturdays and will take 1 week to turn around. I may ship sooner but I want to make sure to give myself enough time to handle any problems that might arise. I've not made these in a while and they are about 4 times the amount of work as they were before when they were just one piece.
  7. Ok. So i've done some time and materials estimating and here's what I've come up with. DOMESTIC: Firm Rubber DLT-19 (black): $485 shipped in the continental US Charging handle will be shipped inside of the box but not assembled on the blaster Firm Rubber DLT-19 (weathered): $510 shipped in the continental US Charging handle will be shipped inside of the box but not assembled on the blaster INTERNATIONAL: As usual, I'm leery of shipping out of the continental US. I have done it on the E-11s but it's always sketchy. IF you are dead set on getting one of these blasters, I will ship to a US address and from there they can ship to you but I'm going to try NOT to ship outside of the continental US. The reason is that IF this gets stopped by customs it's just too expensive of an item to lose as well as replace / refund for the loss. We have had customers purchase and have them shipped to a friend / fellow 501st member and have them forwarded to them from there. That has worked well but please be advised, you will do this at your own risk. If a "loss" happens as a result, I will do my best to discount a replacement for you but no guarantees.
  8. I've been asked if these can be weathered. Yes. I will offer that for sure. I'm working on pricing today so please stand by on that question.
  9. Sorry for the quality-lacking photos. I was in a hurry. I'll shoot some new photos tomorrow. A few bits about this new set of molds and castings. Obviously, we are using the same rubber as we have for years. The muzzle cone is molded separately to provide a deeper, more realistic look. The bipod is molded separately, The receiver cover has been molded separately and the charging handle is molded separately. The charging handle is cast with a metal threaded insert. The gun is molded with a threaded post (10-32). This may be reversed in the future but I have to see if this will work or not. Normally, these will be painted black but this particular blaster has been painted a gun metal grey metallic to show better in photos.
  10. Hey Guys. Yeah. It's been a rough. We've both been busy. Nathan and I talked a bit and I may just resurrect this on my own. I'm working on the first pull right now.
  11. I'm getting the same results when calculating shipping to the UK. Same cost if it is shipped in a 36" long box (two pieces) or 48" long box (one-piece).
  12. The same package shipped from California to Florida in a 36" long box. Only saves $8.20
  13. The prices above are for shipping from California to Japan. The following prices are for the package shipped from California to Florida.
  14. Hi Vincent. Believe me. We'll look into it. Not 100% sure that we will be able to keep the quality level where we want it when it's separated. That's our biggest concern Another problem is that the shipping cost is the same for the blaster at 48" long or in a 36" long box.
  15. Does anyone know if this character Rebel Havoc Trooper falls under 501st or Rebel Legion?
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